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  1. HELP (slight vent) PIC

    Well, I started out saddleseat when I began to ride. So I HAVE seen people use them. I switched to hunter jumpers just because I prefer the general way of going. Draw reins are like any other advanced training item. In the right hands, they're alright, but in less experienced hands, they can create a whole mess of problems.
  2. Look here. The next grand prix jumper

    Very cute horse, love the song choice! <3
  3. just some cute pictures of my little man at a show :)

    Beautiful horse! How old?
  4. Slightly Old Pics. Critique?

    Yeah, after the video was made, we fixed it, though probably should have fixed it before.
  5. Fantastic Ride Tonight

    Congratulations! Don't you love it when rides go well? I always think "wow, I actually AM getting somewhere..."
  6. Slightly Old Pics. Critique?

    bump. Anyone else?
  7. Slightly Old Pics. Critique?

    Ah, it's okay. I do the same thing, unless I already know.
  8. Slightly Old Pics. Critique?

    P.S: I'm sorry I didn't mention it before, but the horse is a mare.
  9. Slightly Old Pics. Critique?

    ^^And an off-horse (is that even a word?) pic. I know, no stock pin. It wasn't a show...I was just riding in my coat to break it in-was fairly new at the time. Okay, you can post about how bad I am! Just kidding. But I'm glad I've improved since then. ETA: I have no idea why I look that way in those pics. No influence on the horse at all! [ 07-16-2007, 07:47 PM: Message edited by: roselanesaddlebred ]
  10. Slightly Old Pics. Critique?

    These aren't terribly old. But not extremely recent, either. If that makes sense? Anways, I thought it be fun to post them so I could get a good chuckle. Critique, be as harsh as you want to. Don't critique the horse unless you really want to... Sorry that there are so many, and that they're from a video. ^At the walk. (The reason why I don't have a visor is because the dogs chewed it up.) But it's okay-it's not my show helmet. ^^^Trotting around ^^Cantering MORE DON'T POST!
  11. 5 more weeks till college cap chat!!!

    Fun! I'm still waiting for my application to "process" and then get my acceptance letter. I can't WAIT for the equitation classes.
  12. Any Illinois Riders out there?

    The stable directory search actually doesn't work on my computer for some reason....
  13. Recent Photos for Critique

    PM pleease!
  14. random bareback pictures

    Cool, looks like alot of fun! Your horses are pertyful... Never have ridden in my shorts before...
  15. Tips on relaxing while riding?

    Are you sure you're not roaching or hollowing your back? I used to be a tense rider, AND hollowed my back at the same time, without even realizing it. Sorry, I probably wasn't any help.