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  1. Thoroughbred Horses

    I met a tb stallion at Claiborne with the name Horse Chestnut, he is from south africa. I personally own Wannagetlucky and used to own Irish Mud Run. Another horse I used to own had some interesting names in his pedigree, such as Jim, Porterhouse, Miscellaneous, those crack me up! I love looking at thoroughbred pedigrees just to see the names sometimes. {spelling errors}
  2. ** Happy Birthday Silverdreamer3 **

    aww thankyou everyone, I had a birthday party on friday so today I am just relaxing a little.
  3. Flickr? Who Has It?

    I have one I like it for viewing pics as the quality isn't lowered like pb does. edited cause I just looked at your pics,, very very nice!
  4. My Neighborhood

    wow that is nice there! so much more to do and see than where I was up north. I love your cats too! I have always had a soft spot for the fluffy ones.
  5. Swine Flu Vaccination....

    I don't get flu shots either but my daughter who is 2 has an appointment for tuesday. I don't know if the office will have it or the regular one as I heard there have been shortages.
  6. Dreading Birthday...

    aw I am sorry! I hope this year goes good for you. Wanna meet and shop for bargains at the big tack sale tomorrow??should be lots of fun with the rain and mud and too many people lol.
  7. Small Acreage

    I have 3 on one acre and have it spilt into two fields/paddocks. My total land is one acre so the horses have about half of it maybe abit more since I have them in the back yard too. As long as the horse gets excerise and can at least trot around some it should be ok. Of my three two like more room and one is happy just walking around eating or standing there being lazy so it depends on the horse how much room they "need".
  8. Michaela & The Giant Pumpkins!

    they look great! your daughter seems to love them too. I would love a couple of seeds! I had a pie pumpkin come up this year in the compost pile where I threw out a pumpkin last year but next year I would like to plant some things on purpose lol.
  9. Equestrian Modesty

    I have a good friend who is much like you, she only wears skirts in the old fashion styles. Have you considered learning side saddle? Wear what you want and in case the horse isn't used to it go slow and allow them to adjust and get used to it. I have never been hit on for wearing breeches but I don't wear them in public.
  10. New Here, Pics Of My Herd

    he was going to come home next month for a week or two but that fell through so now he is looking at visiting in Feb. He also goes to Iraq in March but is eligible to retire in 2 years so not much longer. I don't know that place, looks nice in your pics though. I am still really sad they tore down the stables on Riley. Such a loss.
  11. New Here, Pics Of My Herd

    thankyou! Chloe is a deaf doll for sure lol. Betty was going to be a brood mare but failed to concieve on 3 tries then she got hurt and is recoving from a secondary injury. Non injured hind strained a tendon from bearing all the weight for too long, and Lady is 22. I am hoping to show her next year. I did take her to some hunter shows last year and she did really good. But since I have moved back to Oregon again and my husband is over seas I don't have anyone to watch my daughter so I am unable to ride right now. Showing for that reason also is out [Me Cry] are you boarding at the same place as Gabi or somewhere else? if you see her say hi for me please!
  12. New Here, Pics Of My Herd

    Welcome back!! aww Fancy looks so nice all grown up! I still remember her as a baby. Redman looks great very cool to see him still around. Your daughter is soooo Tall! has it been that long? My horses were next to yours back at Riley. I had to sell Dreamer but still have Lady and 2 new ones. I also have a daughter now and she is 2 and 4 months one of my fav pics of Chloe Betty and of course Lady
  13. Would You Try ...

    It was on the menu at several places in Italy but I could not try it. Just seemed wrong. I would only try it if I was homeless starving and it was the only thing the shelter or a kind soul had to offer.
  14. Aqha Owner Transfer Question

    I wouldn't think vet records would work for that. Example being person A could lease horse to person B for 2 years and B would have vet bills for leased horse but not ownership.
  15. Omg...the Unthinkable Has Happened..

    wow very scary, such small holes, I wasn't expecting them to be so small. I fear for my horses as I have one neighbor that becomes very violent when drunk. The barn is 20-30 feet from my bedroom window and I keep it open a crack to hear better at night.