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  1. non horsey parents, what to do?

    Thanks for all the help! and by the way, because a couple people mentioned about is personality... this horse has a heart of gold. By being around him you would never guess he was so sore and uncomfortable. Hes never grouchy and comes trotting over to anyone he sees and he is WONDERFUL on trails. He is most happiest on the trails. Alot of horses in his condition would be miserable but he is a pretty happy horse. If you ask him to do something he tries his heart out even though it might hurt. He has trouble bending but he tries he just relies on you for a little extra support. And as far as getting the dentist and chiropractor out: -My trainer has a very good chiropractor and Im going to her barn to have my horse done even though my dad wont pay. Its $90 a visit but im going to pay it because i want my horse to be as comfortable as possible regarless of if he is for sale or not. -And he has a parrot mouth or parrot jaw or whatever its called so that causes him trouble flexing. ALSO!!!!! I took alot of the advice and sat my dad down and gave him all the facts and statistics and he agreed to advertise him for $500!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! [ 12-16-2006, 10:08 AM: Message edited by: Nicole L ]
  2. WARNING: THIS IS LONG! BUT I REALLY NEED HELP!!! My parens dont know anything about horses and we are trying to sell my horse I hd a really bad trainer when i bought my horse (we bought him to jump and i had never jumped and she wanted me to train him to jump... not a good idea right? yeah.) well my barn owner was looking into buying him and hd a vet do a very detail exam and this is just some of what she found wrong with him: -hip problems -back problems -neck problems -arthritis in his fetlock -teeth prblems including much more... in order to make him comfortable it would take routine injections, physical therapy, and chiropractic work. aka $$$$$$$$$ that is pointless to spend if weare going to sell him anyway. well clearly my barn owner decided not to buy him! and i dont blame her one bit. If i knew this when i bought him, i would have never bothered I want to give him away for FREEEEEEE because clearly that is what he is worth The only problem: my parents pay for everything that has to do with my horse b/c im only 15. We paid $3,000 for him and we knew he ahd the arthrits, but i trusted my trainer and she said it wouldnt effect his jumping at all, and it does b/c he hates jumping because it hurts him. Our board is $500 a month (it usually gets down to about $250-300 b/c i work it off at the barn) but there is no point in paying that when hes not worth anything and i dont want him anymore. I knew when i wanted to sell him it would be hard to get $1000 for him but my dad is a business man and says NOOOOO we are making a profit off of him nad selling him for $3500 i got him to drop the price to $2500 and he wont go any lower. He says once people see his personality they will think other wise, but he refuses to accept the fact that no one wants to pay that kind of money for a lame horse regardless of his personality. I dont know what to do and my new trainer is trying so hard to help me but she knows that i cantgetmy dad to budge I NEED ADVICE!!!! PLEASE HELP!!! ETA: we did have a pre-purchase exam on him when we bought him and the only thing that showed up was the arthritis. But according to this pre-purchase exam, the problems she found have been there since his racing days. Hes an OTTB and only 7 years old and never should have raced due to his conformation not being suitable of a race horse. and finding a home isnt the problem, its getting my dad to let me give him away or atleast as $1000 [ 12-14-2006, 03:32 PM: Message edited by: Nicole L ]
  3. Art Deco....

    my trainer has an art deco baby shes working with and trying to sell for someone... hes, lets just say... a bit of a handful
  4. Question for those who have children or are teens

    I started at 14 and watched a 2 year old and 5 year old 2 days a week. And I watched them if there parents wanted to go out nad i would watch them form anywhere to 2 hours to 6 or 7 hours. I also babysit alot for family good luck winning your debate
  5. getting your friends a job.

    Im never gonna do it again!!! I got one of my really good friends a job at the barn where I work and board my horse. Now this is the best job any highschool student could eveer ask for...we can work WHENEVER we want to and how many hours we want to, we could work 1 hour one week then 20 the next week if we truly wanted to and my barn owner/boss doesnt care , plus we get paid $8 an hour, its the easiest job too... well my friend wanted a job there so i got herone and she worked there a month before she STOPPED SHOWING UP!!!! and she wants to get a job at this cafe doing dishes and she still hasnt bothered to call our boss. my friends excuses are, its to far away she lives right down the street from me and its only 10 minutes from our houses!!! next, she says that she doesnt want to work that much b/c its too much with school and she gets home to late we get home usually around 5 or 5:30 (we always work together) and also she says its too many hours but when she gets a job at a cafe shes gonna have to be working 4 hour shifts that dont get out until 8 or 9 at night but the thing that gets me the most is the fact she never called our EMPLOYER to tell her shes quitting she just stopped showing up and its been a month!!! so after 2 wks i asked her if she called our boss (who is one of he nicest people i ave ever met) and she said she lost the # so i gave her both numbers then last week i asked her agian and she said she was sick the whole week so she hasnt... then she says... get this ... "Don't you think she got the hint by now??" This is my face literally my reply to her " Oh, I know she got the hint, its just the fact that she is your employer that you need to call her and tell her you are quitting!" then she says... "Well can you tell her for me?" my face is, yet agan, yes you guessed it... and my reply "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Its not my job to tell someone that YOU quit, thats entirely your job." has she called yet?? NOPE OF COURSE NOT!!! Im sorry its so long!! thanks for reading!!! anyone ever gone through this? ETA: fixed errors [ 11-14-2006, 03:46 PM: Message edited by: Nicole L ]
  6. blood clots in the legs???

    how serious are blood clots in the legs??? my farriers wife called last night to tell us that our farrier is in the hospital because he has blood clots in his legs... I know it must be serious b/c well, he is in the hospital, but i wanted to know how serious it is... This guy is the NICEST guy, he comes out to my barn to do only one horse (mine, all the others get natural trimming) he knows what hes doing and is the best farrier in our area, ((were gonna have a hard time finding a new farrier... but thats besides the point!)) when my mom talked to his wife last night my mom asked how she was doing and is wife replied "I'm drinking." I feel so bad for him, he works really hard. They were saving up money to buy a nice big peice of property to have some horses and things, but now thats gonna be postponed for a while
  7. bumper pull vs. gooseneck

    Im just curious, in YOUR opinion which is easier to pull, a bumper pull or a gooseneck trailer?? no reason for asking, again, im jusr curious
  8. Bo's girl- yeah im selling him , i will miss him but hes just not the right horse for me anymore... felda- no i havent bought another horse yet we are debating wether we are going to lease or buy next (most likely buy b/c there arent any good lesson facilities in my trainer isnt at a lesson barn she ahs her own little 4 stal private barn on her property)
  9. we are trying to sell my horse, hes awsome blaah blah... he woiuld make a good lesson horse for beginners or intermediate riders on the flat but cant jump b/c he has slight arthritic changes.... well i bought him when iwas with my old trainer and we paid $3,00 for him but at the time i thought it was a great deal b/c well you know you tend to trust your trainer and thats what she said... we knew he had the arthrits... well now that i found a new trainer we decided to sell him and he is oly worth around $1,000 and we would be lucky to get $2000 BUTTTTT!!!! my parents arent horse people and my dad only looksat it from the business point of view... he want to make a profit and sell him for $3,500... I have told him repeatedly hes not worht that hes barely worth 2k but he wont listen!!!!!! i finally got him to let me reduce the price to $2500 and when it comes down to it... if we tried to ell him for the price my dad wants then it would end up costing more with board being $500 a month!!! It just makes more since to sell him for cheaper and not have to continue to pay board, farrier, vet and all the other stuff he will need if i dont enjoy riding him anymore!!! Thanks for reading i just needed to vent!!!! Does anyone have any experience like this or any advice for me???? that would be well appreciated!
  10. im selling my horse b/c hes not cut out to jump. Hes wasome and i love him but i can live without him and i LOVE to jump... well my horse has arthrits in his front fetlock and it clearly hurts him to jump and he cant make tighter turns needed on a course... He wont even go over a ground pole, and we think its b/c he is afraid it will hurt his arthrits (we as in me and my trainer)... so i had a long discussion with my trainer about my goals and everything with horses and came down to selling my horse as a beginner lesson horse or trail horse b/c he is awsome on the flat and is good on trails BUT my BO wont stop trying to convince me not to sell him and its getting on my nerves!!!! she thinks hes awsome and she had wanted her hubby to buy him as a trai horse but her hubby has a busy job and doesnt have time to get into horses. Well i have told her many times our reasons for selling (he cant jump b/c of the arthrits, i would rather jump, and it wouldnt kill me if i had to live without him) I need a horse with more experince to jump with b/c i need more experience with it. and neither my trainer or i want him to jump b/c of the arthrits.. well my BO took it upon herself to tell her friend about him so she can tel lsome hunter/jumper woman she works with to buy my horse b/c SHE thinks he would make a great jumper with some training *WRONGGGGG we even have the vet say it wouldnt be the greatest idea to jump him b/c he is clearly in pain when he does. and she keeps telling me that its not the fact that he cant jump its the fact that i cant teach him to jump. and she keeps telling me i should send him to be trained to jump so i can learn on him.... Is it just me or did i make it perfectly clear ELMO SHOULDNT JUMP!!!!!!
  11. This is crazy, you should try it!!!!

    it worked for me! thats cool!
  12. This is crazy, you should try it!!!!

    it worked for me! thats cool!
  13. I have been looking into the jointed stirrups like these: jointed stirrups are they any better then the regular fillis irons? [ 10-27-2006, 08:55 PM: Message edited by: Nicole L ]
  14. Good Saddle Brands?

    i have an m. toulouse sellier and i love it. M. Toulouse, i dont believe really its really that "well known" but its the same quality and price of the higher end saddles. and as far as pessoas, they messed up one of my trainers horses backs (no lie, i was there for the whole recovery process) it took 2 years of special chiropractics before he was back to normal again good luck on your saddle search!
  15. Removing a tick???

    My horse had a tick on him and I dont know how to remove them! (don't worry the BO was around to take it out ) How do you take a tick out, ive heard your not supposed to pinch them and make sure the head doesnt break off b/c it will stay in... but how do you go about doing it?