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  1. Tall Boots

    I'm looking into buying new tall boots. I have the Ariat Heritage ones, I bought them like 3 years ago. I don't know if they're any different now, but mine just feel cheap & tacky to me. So I'm just going to go out and spend the money and buy some decent boots. So I would like to know your personal experiences with any brands/styles? What would your dream boot be vs. your within reasonable price range boot?
  2. Stirrup Irons

    I currently ride in the Herm Sprenger 4-F System Stirrups. I've had them for a while now, and I feel like they're too flexible for me. When I try to put my weight in my heel, I feel like I'm losing my base of support. My heel tends to come up & my back tends to round over fences. I'm not blaming this all on the stirrups, but it seems they may play a part. So I am looking into some new ones. What kind do you use/prefer? Why? Thanks! :)
  3. Horse Show Yesterday... Pictures - Video Added First Post

    He sure looks glad to be out there! I'm not going to critique, but anyone who can keep a horse that happy while doing their job is doing something right. :) I love to see that.
  4. Hunter Pony Prospect-pictures-

    Cute pony, can't tell much from the pictures besides the fact that she is obviously adorable. Update us with some riding or free jumping pictures when you can! [Angel] Duke. [Huggy]
  5. Winter Weather Riding Blues

    This freezing weather is driving me insane. I miss my horse so much. I can't ride her because it is so cold out. Now I can rough the cold, but when my field consists of either an inch of ice or three inches of mud, there is no riding to be done. [Me Cry] On the plus I graduated early from high school and my last day was yesterday. Unfortunately, I have nothing to do all day in this nasty weather. I'm in a desperate search for some type of working student position locally. Surprisingly I found 2 ads last night and already got responses to my e-mails, which is very exciting! Then again, I'm a little torn. I wouldn't mind having nothing to do in a couple months when the weather is warm and my grandma is finally retired at age 66 and can ride with me everyday! But I should be realistic, I will still have time to ride even with a full-time job. Barns have to be closed at least one day of the week.... Right?? [bat Eyelashes] So good & bad. Good to be out of school, bad that it's freezing and I can't ride and my horses look like obsese water buffalos, bad to have nothing to do all day, good that I might get lucky and find a horsey job. How is everyone else doing? Anyone stated second semester yet? And I DO NOT want to hear ANY complaining from you gooses south of here whining about your 50 degree weather! :tongue9:
  6. Ideas For Jumping Courses In Small Indoor Arena, Video And Pictures

    I think I know your horse? Lol. Sorry. What is her sire's name? My friend who lived behind my grandparen'ts house had an arab named Dancer who looked a lot like that. She moved to NY a while ago, and I don't know what she did with the horse, but I'm just wondering if that could be her.
  7. 3 Storms In A Week Cap Chat

    I'm all snowed in. And it's really depressing cause I don't get to ride my horse since I don't have an indoor arena or a heated barn. So I miss her dearly, but I just cannot find reason to go see her in the freezing cold just to be pummeled with begging for treats and then brushed off 5 mintues later for the hay on the floor. Luckily our snow didn't start until late last night so I got to get out to my other barn to ride some and lesson. I hope the roads clear by tomorrow morning because I'm supposed to be in a clinic at 9am tomorrow. The snow is horrible here and I'm stuck at home baking cookies, brownies, and horsey muffins. It took me an extra half hour to get home from my friend's house last night, and I left right as the snow BEGAN. It came down so fast, I didn't even know where the road was. This morning I tried to take my car out, and got stuck at the end of the driveway, so I'll be waiting a while to leave again, lol. I'm pretty much done with Christmas shopping, which is good, because I'm pretty much out of money. Hmm. Maybe I'll brave the roads and visit my horse. Or maybe not, since I see a car in the ditch right behind my house.
  8. Softening Up Leather

  9. Softening Up Leather

    I bought my saddle about 2 years ago. It's a less expensive kind (Sorrano, from Libertyville Saddle Shop). And well the leather reflects this a little bit. I know I can't achieve the quality of some of the super nice ones, but I want to try. I never really took care of it the first year I owned it. I started oiling it a lot last year... for about a month [bat Eyelashes] . Now I clean it with whatever tack stuff we have around the barn (glycerine, amerigo, ect) about every time I use it. But how can I get that leather soft and supple? Any regiments or products you love?
  10. This Weather Is Insane Capchat

    I am definately missing my horses with this freezing and snowy weather. I don't have an indoor at home, and I'm too afraid to ride in the snow a lot because my horse slipped on the ice and fell over once. It's too cold to just go out there. And I don't want to work her up to a sweat because I don't have a heated barn for her to go back into. I really really miss her though, and I feel like a worthless horse owner with her sitting out in the pasture getting fat with her friends for the next few months. Luckily I get to go out to the barn today for my lesson and to ride a few. Mmmm heat & indoor :) But I only get to ride twice a week now And for the question about Verizon phones... NO. There are no good ones. I broke mine a couple weeks ago and I've been feverously searching for a new one for Christmas, and there are no sweet ones. I settled on the Chocolate 3.
  11. Websites That Sell Used Tack

    I was looking around that site and they have lots of nice stuff. How reliable is it though? Any experience? Is there any kind of scoring system or way to track down the seller if something goes wrong, like ebay? [Question]
  12. Heating Tack Rooms

    My barn has heating in vents run by a furnace. At home, I use a space heater in my tack room, which is very small and insulated. I turn it on when I get there, ride, and it's warm when I get off. None of my horses are stalled 24/7 so they wouldn't die if there was a fire, and my grandpa's shop is in the barn so he can keep an eye on it. I turn it off and unplug it when I leave.
  13. Into The Land Of Leasing

    Would this be covered by insurance?
  14. Into The Land Of Leasing

    Thanks. Does anyone know of any equine insurance companies or where I can find some? I have never insured a horse. I could ask my trainer though. And I think 6-8 weeks is good for her, she barely even needs that with regular turn-out. I do not think my farrier would do it because he is old and we can barely get him to come do ours, but I think I would definately ask for the farrier they plan on using (maybe proof of services somehow?). And I'll be sure to make them use the same vet, which shouldn't be too hard, I'm pretty sure everyone in this area uses the same one.
  15. Into The Land Of Leasing

    So I have decided to try to lease my horse out because she is kept at my grandparents and I do not have much use for her since I ride at a stable most of the time. Also, we have no indoor, so she is especially unused in the winter. I have a basic idea for the lease... Off-property - take to your barn. Farrier - paid by lessor, must be done every 6-8 weeks. Vet- paid by lessor, she is currently UTD, so they would really only be paying if she was injured, or if they kept her long enough for her to need her shots again. They can do whatever they want with her as far as showing goes. I would want to be notified if she was ever relocated. I would want to be able to check on her at least once a month, and I would want the right to take her home if she wasn't being properly cared for according to those guidelines. What else should I include/expect?