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  1. My Time Here Is Over

    Change of the admin. Your join date was well after that.
  2. My Time Here Is Over

    Same here. Course they changed so often it was hard to keep track. Honestly? As much as I'm upset about the treatment of members here (and yes, I remember way back to the beginning of this admin) I think I just have to say whatever. Because for me the enjoyment of this site was destroyed during the changing of the guard. I no longer enjoy it here and I'll just finally remove it from my bookmarks. I figure it's the best way to get along.
  3. 4h/pony/club Leaders

    Well you could always draw up behavior contracts and have each child and parent sign. Keep it on file. In fact, discuss this possibility with the agent and what they feel would be appropriate consequences. Use the progression of consequences religiously. Do not get frustrated and jump to the worst on the list when a warning or written apology would do. Then, when something finally does come up that requires a firm hand or suspension from the group you have documentation to back you up. I figure once of this would likely be enough to stop most of the junk, at least in front of you. The thing is you have to be consistent, and firm. And any helpers need to be the same way. Honestly most parents respond to clear systems of behavior management just like their kids.
  4. 4h/pony/club Leaders

    A basic set of clear rules and consequences needs to be established before anyone does anything. Without these guidelines, and knowledge of what exactly will happen if they break them, children tend to get squirrely. Parents also need to be aware of these procedures and should, ideally, sign or give some form of formal acknowledgement that they have been made aware. If authority is not given to all adults working with the children then they figure out who exactly they can treat like poo and get away with it. You saw this pretty clearly and you can imagine how quickly you'd lose other helpers if this happened when you were the leader.
  5. Whoo Hooo I Did It

    Massage Laws Who did the email come from? Because if it's the college/agency that trained you it's not enough in Ohio. Not trying to be a killjoy, just trying to keep you out of the State Vet's gunsights.
  6. Duck Confusion.

    Just call them Dazed and Confused. And yes, all my poultry "experiment" in both directions. Is odd, but they're happy so I leave it at that.
  7. 1 Year Of Experience Required....

    Got a temp nursing agency around you? They may not hire CNA's as most don't, but they often know which facilities are in the worst shape staffing wise. If the facility needs people badly they tend to scoot right on past the required experience.
  8. Who Believes In..

    It is and it isn't. There are generalizations of paganism, like there are generalizations of Christianity. Add into that there are reconstructionist and neo versions of darned near every variation. Paganism tends to be very simple and very complicated depending on your personal views. Here is some general information: basic info. I don't generally like them because of what they leave out and assume for all, but it gives a general idea.
  9. Who Believes In..

    Paganism is defined as religions other than Christianity, Judaism, or Islamism. There are probably hundreds of variations and specific focuses found in those religions.
  10. Any Advice?

    Find something made of stainless steel and "wash" your hands with it. Pretend it's a bar of soap and rub, rub, rub under the water. Smell will be gone very fast.
  11. Uh Oh Drunk

    Oh poor Tuck. Heal up quick woman! [Huggy]
  12. Counseling Resources, Suggestions?

    Oh I saw you were in AZ. AHCCCS is Arizona's state insurance for low income and noninsured.
  13. Counseling Resources, Suggestions?

    If he qualified for AHCCCS there are many, many professionals that can help him. If you check with the health department they often have lists of groups and resources. Also a lot of halfway houses and crisis groups have free or sliding scale resources.
  14. Who Believes In..

    Ok, the problem you're having here is that your question was phrased rather vaguely. There was some implication that you indeed subscribed to this belief set and understandably people were somewhat confused by your approach to this discussion. Basically the way you phrased this you're very lucky you didn't get the "what are you smoking?' reception. Now if you want to debate the validity of such groups or their beliefs there is probably a willing group over on the debate board. Just come prepared with facts, links to the information you are presenting, and an opinion or other information you want to discuss. So far, they've been really nice.
  15. So I Have Made Me A Website.....

    The word progeny is misspelled on the home page. And it might just be me, but I second the more space between lines towards the bottom of the home page. Otherwise is verra nice. :)