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  1. And those same kill buyers that made a better profit on horses sold to rescues for two-three times their probable value in the current market because they sold to rescues silly enough to buy a lame pasture ornament for $1000-$1500? I think kill buyers are staying right along the lines they did before. I dont know how many times Ive seen a rescue silly enough to pay that much for a pasture pet that is going to cost oodles more money than a decently healthy horse for a quarter of the price. Its been ridiculous, especially lately.
  2. Us, Horse Slaughter Ban Lifted

    A bit random, but very related: PETA approves of the ban being lifted: http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2011/1130/Lifting-horse-slaughter-ban-Why-PETA-says-it-s-a-good-idea
  3. Us, Horse Slaughter Ban Lifted

    THIS is my biggest beef with rescues. WHY on earth would you take $1000-1500 and pay a known KILLBUYER who is advertising that so-and-so horse will be shipped to Mexico at this time... and buy a one eyed, three legged 26 year old Draft mare that is going to eat you out of your home and cause need for more donations and only ever good for a pasture ornament? That crap makes no sense to me. The meat price for that horse wouldnt have gotten near $1000 so lets just give him a nice profit so he can go buy five more horses to scam people out of a good chunk of money by playing on their heartstrings. Ive had a 8yo TB gelding who is GREAT on trails and has potential as a low level eventer/jumper (his fault? He's a hard keeper) that I cant GIVE AWAY right now and these people are paying a few hundred for PASTURE ORNAMENTS?! See bolded below... Will the current generation move to a lifestyle without meat? No. Never will that one happen. But I know of plenty of younger people that dont eat meat because it "upsets" them to think that theyre eating a dead animal. Or because meat eating is far less healthy than a vegetarian lifestyle. I know kids that have never had a pet because animals are disease-carriers. or dangerous and not "meant to be pets". So their little plan is coming along, one way or another. Propaganda BS at its finest. I dont think their mark is too far off. a decade, probably not. A century... I dont see that as being impossible. Not that it matters, the world ends in 2012 anyway folks, what are y'all worried about
  4. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/29/horse-slaughter-ban-lifted_n_1119518.html Sorry if there is already a topic on this, this is the first Ive heard of it today.
  5. Rest In Peace, Hickstead

    He's right around 16hh... most of the shows he's been in had him listed as either 16hh or 15.3hh. He also looks small, very fine. And his rider isnt that tall himself. Alot of jumpers are over 16hh and look gigantic, though many up and coming horses are on the small side.
  6. Highschool Art Projects

    Do you have pics of your current works? I dont have any pics of my old high school things... I did an AWESOME drawing of my cousin when she was little-little, but my aunt has that. I do a bit of digital painting now... working on more realism. http://equestrianohsix.deviantart.com/
  7. War Horse Movie Trailer Just Released

    Oh, that looks like it will be really good. And a real tear jerker LOL I agree - someone has figured out theres a market for horse movies - They are increasing number lately.
  8. Howrse

    >>Still relatively new How do you have no use for companions? Id gladly take it though, the caterpillar looks so neat <3 Deslumbrar
  9. Personally... I dont want a diamond ring. Cubic zirconia is just as pretty and I can spend those thousands on my horses - or a different dress, in the wedding situation! LOL
  10. Howrse

    I added a few more of y'all - if anyone wants a long term job, Id LOVE you - forever and ever and ever! offering top pay and no takers for almost a week now?! Aggravating lol
  11. Howrse

    Bumping... Im having too much fun on the game lol
  12. Ive never seen this before so I felt like posting might be a good idea until I get the vet out. On one hand, I want to call it an emergency (as Ive never seen this or dealt with it at all), but I think I might be overreacting as the mare does not act as if she's in pain. Her appetite is normal, she's behaving completely normally, except holding her tail a bit higher (why I noticed - she's been a pasture puff except for ponying around small kids and being a general pet.. I dont do a whole lot with her tail very often). Background: '89 Quarter Horse mare, previously used for 6-10 years as a broodmare. I've owned her for 5 now, never bred her. Her last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage the winter before i bought her. I was told it was an "unidentified virus/bacteria" that caused her to rapidly drop weight and lose the foal. She had a casliks so that was pretty probable as you could tell it had ripped open and been redone, it was no longer a straight even line like most casliks are. **PROBLEM: Her vulva is definitely swollen. She has discharge, clear-ish with a red tinge. She does have poor conformation concerning her vulva, her anus is very far behind it in placement. BUT, she's also had a caslik since before I bought her. I would have called a vet out on emergency when I found it if she were acting oddly... but as she doesnt seem distressed, I thought it ought to be okay until the week. If anyone has a differing opinion on emergency/not emergency, let me know please. Ive never seen/heard of this before, having only had geldings before her.
  13. Spark People

    I looooove FitDay.com But its more diet tailored - though it does have a pretty good activity chart
  14. Personally, if you have the means - I would keep going as long as he seems perky and willing. Your posts imply that he is alright - even if he is losing some flesh and is a bit swollen. Hopefully he will stay that way, and the loss of tissue is just part of healing.
  15. Even More Pics Of Viola

    Be careful with the fish oil amounts... too much fish oil can actually lead to very, very thin blood and that obviously has some risks to it. I honestly have no idea how much a cat can tolerate, I cant imagine it would possibly be any more than a human.