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    Riding, reading, shopping and hang out with my friends
  1. today has been a great Sunday Family time and food can't go wrong :)

  2. vegetable soup & cornbread

  3. Cooking super for Charlie, Hunter & Nate

  4. Well my trailer is moved and as soon as i get power i can unpack fun times

  5. It's goig to be along day

  6. Well im fixing to get my crochet things out and get to work

  7. Hopefully 2011 will be better then 2010

  8. I Need To Vent

    Well today has been a really bad day. I have been sick for a while but have been going to work doing my work and what everyone asked me todo. I even would work for someone if the asked me too. My computer messed up sunday when i was working and messed up something i was doing for work. Well told the supervioser she did not say that i would get in trouble well i did and that is why they let me go. it so stuipd i feel like they were tring to find a reason to let me go. Why i dont know. Well with all this im not sure how to pay my bills. But the good news is that i am giong back to my home town to live with my family. Sorry about the spelling...and thank u for listing....
  9. Giving Horse Ace Before A Ride

    i agree with you about the ace for what you were doing..i use to run barrels when i was younger and to trail ride my horse bc he was such a hot head we had to give him a lil ace to keep him calm bc he was realy barn sour and we tried everything with him before we started giving him ace but like i said it was only enought to take the edge off of him and for no other reason then that. Even with the ace my horse was still a hot head but not as bad but it did get to the point were we didnt have to give him ace to trail ride bc he learned that he could be calm on a trail like he was when i worked him around the barn. I never given him ace while competing and i dont think that is right.
  10. Oh Yea Happy Dance

    Congrats i can not wait to see pics.
  11. Saddled And Bitted Up Pistol Again

    Great Pics
  12. Would You Roach Your Horse's Mane?

    Every summer i roach my geldins mane now since he has gotten older. it dose help him alot i have noticed but when i showed him i keep it short so it was easier to deal with and i didn't worry about it . But really it is to each there own in older horse that are not ridden as much it dose help with the heat some.