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  1. DeviantArt.com has online contests. You could also try looking in your newpaper or online for art contests in your area. If there's an art group in your area they might be able to tell you when the local art shows are.
  2. Wood Burning

    Love the picture frames hanging from each other! I don't wood burn but ideas: small, fun, ID type tags to clip onto a halter or bridle or key chain with a small design (heart, horseshoe, flower, etc, Garden signs, plaques for the barn, a kitchen, etc.
  3. My Art Challenge

    Nice work! I'm in the hope to get all of my back logged work done category
  4. Digital And Hand Drawn Art

    I agree, Pintobeans, keep going; I've always loved your art! Ok, it's been AGES since I've been over here. Last year was just a bad, brutal, ugly year and I'm glad it's gone with hopes that this year won't be so terrible (we had a death in the family, had a few crisis' in a a couple good friends' families, had a horse have to be put to sleep, the list goes on....). I need to get more recent pics into the computer but these will have to do for now. Oh!! And I've been making jewelry (dang, it's addicting to make!). And a peak at the jewelry: this is a pair of amethyst earrings ETA....can't forget the horse themed necklace. Sterling silver, the snaffle bit links and the horse pendant are all hand done by me.
  5. Charcoal

    You're doing great on it! Just remember to spend the kind of time on the belly and legs that you spent on the heads. Like she said above: more shadow definition on the belly and legs, and remember that they are light colored horses. Also, turn the art upside down while working and looking at it if you find yourself feeling blocked on something. Sometimes a new perspective will help you see what needs to be changed.
  6. Bad Facebook....baaaaad!

    Then there's Petville, Mafia Wars, Pirates, Castle Age, Country Story, Country Life, Island Life, Island Paradise, Bejeweled, Restaurant City, Roller coaster Kingdom. I know I'm leaving more out. ~sigh~ I think I need a support group and some therapy. The thing that keeps me coming back to Farmville is that they keep adding more cute stuff! You can now get a horse stable which helps get some of my horses out of the pen and makes me look like less of a hoarder, and during Christmas they had Clydesdales and for Vday they had a little pony with pink mane and tail and they just released the grey horses and pintos. I have a feeling they will do stallions and foals next likethey did with the cows. dqRuffian: if you want to add me for Cafe World on FB look me up (Rachel Mracek). I've already gone crazy with adding crew for Pirates and Mafia Wars so there's always room on me ship for one more. Arrr!
  7. Bad Facebook....baaaaad!

    But it's fun! You can design your dream farm alot faster and easier than in RL. You knooow you want to. lol That's my reasoning on not wanting hubby around. if he annoys me I couldn't gripe about it if he was going to see it. Gotta be able to vent now and then.
  8. Big Time Virus Alert!

    Eeep! This is making me freak out a little! Anyone know where it's coming from?
  9. Bad Facebook....baaaaad!

    I'm smart enough to not have hubby on FB with me. hehe! Spots, I'll corrupt you enough to get you playing the games on FB one of these days. You can't resist forever! lol
  10. Horse Trailer Accident In Redlands, Ca?

    The first link is not the same accident (2006) but the last link is the one I'm referring to and that's the only info on it that I've been able to find. I had just finished watching Avatar at the Kirkorian in Redlands yesterday but was a few miles up from where the accident happened. My mom was heading the other way to go to her house and passed it. She was telling me today that there was at least one horse trailer that was facing the wrong way and had wondered what happened. I'm hoping someone on here knows. I hope the horses weren't hurt or their driver.
  11. Yesterday there was an accident involving a horse trailer that was T Boned by an out of control car. Apparently, CHP requested Animal Control to come out and administer tranqs but they never showed. Anyone know of this accident and if the horses and people are ok? No other news is posted for it.
  12. Great News

    I'll ditto the part of not being able to post what I think about it all. Too much vulgarity.
  13. The Bronc's Right To Work

    I've never been involved in any behind the scene stuff for rodeo but my mom's mare that I grew up riding on was once used as a bronc in rodeos. She certainly wasn't a rank type of horse but she could let it rip when she wanted and her daughter inherited a very athletic buck. Funny thing with my mom's mare: you could press your hand on top of her croup while riding and get a crow hop out of her. She still had some of the bucking training left in her. But she was such a smart horse: the smartest horse I've ever had the pleasure to know and ride. She could undo her latches if they weren't horse lip proof and would always check the gates to see if they were locked properly. If they weren't then she'd let herself out. She always chose her own path when trail riding on steep trails if the trail was wide enough and always picked the best footing. And she always tested the rider. If you knew your stuff she would test you harder but was always gracious and gentle with kids on her back. She lived to be 40 yrs. old.
  14. Britain's "missing Top Model"

    I love it! Hoefully designers and others in the fashion industry will also use normal sized women for their ads. I'm appalled that a girl wearing size 8 is considered "plus size" in the fashion world of models. What a warped sense of beauty!
  15. Climate Change Coverup?!?!

    I hadn't heard about these discoveries with the false facts and deleted emails. But I have, for a long time, questioned the whole Global Warming theory as well as the new and "improved" evils of carbon dioxide theory. It just doesn't make sense, especially when we don't have any evidence to show what the temps where 1000 yrs, ago. And carbon dioxide is used by plants to we should be seeing a boom in plant growth or something. Anyway, it's all a bunch of propaganda