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  1. Come Look! Critique Please With Cool Pictures Too

    She's cute, I like her!
  2. I Got My New Mare!

    Congrats on your new mare, she's lovely!
  3. Pictures! And Lots Of Them

    All of your horses/ponies/donkey/animals look so well cared for and are in excellent condition! They are all gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Clinic Pics!

    Lovely pictures! Both of the horses are gorgeous and well groomed! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Lesson rates??

    I used to teach at a barn. We charged $30/hr for lessons. $5 of each lesson student went to the barn owner for the upkeep of the arena. If she is making $60/hr $15 per student doesn't sound like too much for the use of the arena. For $30/hr lessons though it seems high..depends on what she is charging for lessons, I would assume. But I do agree, SOMETHING should be going to the upkeep of the arena for the use of it.
  6. Horse training contract?

    Does anyone have a generic horse training contract?
  7. PICS!!!!!!! of my babies

    Look at the doe eyes on that chestnut! GORGEOUS!
  8. Can People Handle # of Horses...

    Most horses could care less if they are being worked. Sure they enjoy interaction and being groomed etc, but I don't equate a horse that is ridden excessively with a happy horse. As long as they are fed, vaccinated, trimmed, wormed, and well cared for and groomed, then they are obviously well cared for and probably VERY happy!
  9. Jazz foaled! Link to pics,,

    Well the mare is colicking this evening. Owner is walking her, we have banamined her and the vet is on call. *Sigh*. Please send your prayers. The colt is doing really good momma just needs to work through this.
  10. Veggie oil VS Corn oil?

    I've never fed veggie oil? I have fed corn oil. I work them up to a cup a day in their feed. Does wonders for their coat too!
  11. Jazz foaled! Link to pics,,

    Thanks for all the suggestions. After spending an hour with him with the vet I think this name suits him very well: Beathoven's Justa Rowdy Redhead AKA Rowdy Red, or Red, or Rowdy It seems to be growing on me. All is well with mom and baby. His IcG levels will be back tomorrow. But she doesn't expect a problem. He's doing very good and the vet can't believe how big he is!!! I was already asking the vet how soon we can geld him lol!!! She laughed and said it's a good idea, and as soon as they drop (possibly as soon as 6-7 mos) she will be glad to do the job! She is happy to have a client that WANTS to geld a horse and not keep it's jewels just because it was born with them! She thinks he's going to be big. I agree...
  12. Jazz foaled! Link to pics,,

    Also I really need help! I was thinking of calling him Beathoven's Rocky Maestro but looking at him he just doesn't look like a Maestro. The other name I was thinking was Beathoven's Rock 'n' Roll, but he doesn't look like a "Rocky" either. Dad's name is Beathoven, mom's name is Rockys Justa Gizmo. Something related to music would be nice..but would like to incorporate but mom and dad's names a little bit...any suggestions?
  13. Jazz foaled! Link to pics,,

    My friend's Paint mare finally foaled last night at day 361! The colt is mine (in exchange for board). He is a beautiful red head with a perfect blaze and two tall hind socks. He is very long legged! Pictures of him, as well as mom and dad are on the site as well. Please note, my friend BOUGHT Jazz pregnant, we didn't breed her. She has no intentions of breeding in the future, she wanted Jazz and didn't want a foal, so we struck a deal. Here is.."Nameless"...
  14. Need help with rescued horses

    I just got a Saddlebred rescue mare in...she was from up that way before she made her way down to Florida...perhaps could be the same person? PM me.
  15. Pictures of the rescue mare

    It was such a shock to see her next to my fat, healthy horses. I mean...compared to "the cow" and my "old guy" she looks like you could knock her over with a feather. Hopefully this is what she will look like in a few months time with love and care and lots of good feed and vet care.... As fat as the other two out here hopefully! (Of course..she's due anyday now so she looks overly fat!)