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  1. Feeding My 30 Years Old Mare For Winter

    have u tried soaking her feed? Our 32 yr appy get's 3 meals a day all soaked to a mash and besides being say backed vet says he's in awesome shape. We give him alfalfa pellets, senior Dynasty pellets, and beet pulp, msm, and Vit C all soaked in a mash, his weight his weight stays great and hubby stills takes him to fun shows good luck it's hard to find something that works for our old fellers
  2. Bug Repellant On The Trail

    yep bounce sheets work good especially for the horse flys, rub the horse entirely over his body with them then tie them on his headstall, back saddle, just aywhere, works pretty good around here
  3. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    good luck double on the horse eeyore, i hear ya on pymts, be glad when ours is paid off, I'd like at least a shower in ours but we camp even less than you's so prob just keep what we have
  4. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Hey, long time, been reading your posts, yea the rain has ben horible, but sounds like ya'll are strting to get some riding in. We had a great time at Big Piney, river was up flooded the lower campgrond but we finally got to cross on the 8th day. Double, hope you find the horse your looking for - Ahhh retirement that sounds so aweome, good luck to your hubby to eeyore - looking for another trailer huh?? I'd just like the shower part but ours serves it's purpose so will prob keep it. Glad Jewels is still doing good for you Hey to eeryone else don't really know you's but Hi anyways. Gotta get busy
  5. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    hey double - yea long time, you know we gotta quit saying this and just do it haha, yea he still has Cash, so is Flash gonna be back 100% on the trails for you? hope so.hope you's have a great new years also
  6. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Sakura. That is you that has your donk up for sale on cl. Oh my me and my friend were talking this morning about her and how I want her soooo bad but I already have 1 to many that hardly gets ridden. Why u selling her? Hey everyone Double. Sounds like flash is getting better? Eeyore. That is so cool jewels is loving her job
  7. Suggestion For Rescue Horse Diet

    Try soaking the beet pulp with the senior feed (and ditto on the NO sweet feed) maybe she would enjoy a warm mash, just a plain salt block, and all the good hay in front of her 24/7 and lots of time and patience those rehabs take lots of time, got any pics to post?
  8. How To Identify/how Old Is This Saddle?

    I have a black saddle king if Texas saddle, sooo comfy wouldn't take anything for it, jack gave me info on it few yrs ago, made in the 60's, it's a heavy one but I love it
  9. Glamour Photoshoot With Wolf

  10. Never Heard Of This Saddle

    Anyone heard of Thornton Trading Co Saddles. Number on it is 746 Jack?? I will get pic's just test rode it, high back very comfy saddle, my palimo has lost muscle on his topline, therefore higher than usual in the withers and this one fits him like a glove. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Never Heard Of This Saddle

    Thanks Jack will do that!!
  12. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Skunks ewwww Getting packed up leaving for Big Piney Sunday morn, would be leaving Sat morn but 2 yr old granddaughter has her 1st dance recital this year, so excited for that although dunno how much she will do, going thru a shy/sassy spell right now haha hoping it stays cool for big piney this year, last yr was brutal hot. Everyone have a great weekend
  13. Good Sr Feed.

    Congrat's on taking such great care of your guy. We have a leop app who just turned 31 and he cannot chew hay at all anymore has no back teeth left at all. We give him Beet Pulp, alafla pellets, rice bran, and Dynasty Senior all soaked to a mash, he does great on it, with the exception of being sway backed he looks pretty good.
  14. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Double dang sorry u had a mishap with sugar hope u heal quickly hot tub sounds really good. Yes barry still rides sugars twin haha. Great horse. Eeyore. Wow baling hay already good for you's we still have quite bit left from last yr so were still ok. Howdy to you others
  15. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Double, so sorry to hear about midnight , Whiskey is 31 now as of May 5th and he's still going just doesn't look the best. Hugs girl - eeyore - what a scarey thing to go thru with yours, i say this every year but hoping to meet up sometime with you's and ride, I got me a mustang gelding in November and he is just awesome. Hope everyone has a great mothers day
  16. Ticks! Help!

    Ha yea Frontline couldn't think of it last nite, I've been using the 8-1 and so far so good
  17. Ticks! Help!

    I've been working on getting them off my Mustang, he was virtually COVERED everywhere with them (he came with them when I got him) anyway my farrier said he always uses hair spray - my vet said to try diluting prenythrim 8-1 and rub it all over them, or that stuff you put on dogs on the back of there neck (just had a blond moment and can't think of the name of it) and he even suggested instead of trying to smash them have a jar of alcohol out at the barn to drop them in. Good luck mine have been a nightmare
  18. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    double - so sorry to hear about flash hopefully at a recheck then maybe something could be done. Picked me up a mustang from Raymondville, MO couple weeks ago, 12 yr old from Nevada, have had him on 3 trail rides so far and no prob what so ever, only quirk he has is not standing at the trailer tied, has pulled away twice but I've got a way to cure that (hopefully) so me, Debbie, and a faew others with mustangs are going to put them in the parade of breeds at the Horse Fair in march in Springfield Ya'll take care
  19. How Much Beet Pulp?

    We use the beet pulp on our 30 yr old appy - this is what he get's 2 X day all soaked: 2 qts beet pulp 2 qts dynasty senior 1cup rice bran 1 cup alfala pellets besides being sway backed this keeps him at a good weight for a 30 yr old. He's missing quite a few teeth but still manages to chew some hay and does fine on pasture. Good luck I know it's frustrating keeping weight on them.
  20. A Trail Ride

    Great pic's as ususal Grouchy - hey the 9th pic is that a mustang? Looks like he's got his branding on his neck.
  21. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    double wrote - Did you ever think of just a burlap bag filled with cans or small rocks? This made Sugar go crazy. HAHA We had to do that at the club couple yrs ago and my easy going laid back Reno came totally unglued on that one, I finally said forget it cause he was gonna put me on the
  22. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    squarehalts - i will be there the 1st shfow but will be working, we have to work this yr 1 nite in order to get our points - not like I ever get any tho - hehe but we can try and find each other. eeyore - I remember my g'pa had a studebaker - Wow memories double - me and barry rode sunday at a friends in there pasture - had a really nice 2 + hr ride up and down hills and creeks, horses got a good workout and were quite frisky cause it was definatly pretty cool
  23. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    square halts - I'm down here in Carlinville, where u from? Have to look for you, 1st show is April 30 eeyore - yea Barry did go a few times more than me, I was gone I think or doing something. W as good to see you tho
  24. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    The girl with the trick horse is Bianca Massa from New Douglas, Il she is in our fun shows at Gillespie, I believe if you go to you tube and type in Skippy the trick horse or something like that it shows her doing it. eeyore - good to see you sorry I looked dazed (or something) was thinking you were someone else double - glad you learned some new things.
  25. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Sakura - I've got a pony I've been thinking of selling if I can convince myself. She's 19 this yr, looks Hakney just the cutest Bay. Long thick mane/tail. Doesn't like fun shows but she's a heck of a trail pony, just have no one to ride her, not sure if grandson will start riding her this yr or not. She has been foundered off/on but right now she is great been on grass hay all winter and doing great. She get's handfull of *pellets* so she can get her supplement twice day. Her name is Scooter. I'll talk to my kids and see what they think.