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  1. What Kind Of Horse Or Pony For A 4 Year Old?

    I love Qhs for kids but personally I would never put my 4 y/o kid on something that is too much taller than their head height at the whithers. No matter how safe, horses can and will do things that will unseat a young child. In the ER any fall from a place higher than your standing height will get you an alpha trauma status, and for good reason. You are much more likely to have life threatening injuries when falling from that height. I have seen WAY too many kids fall off dead broke horses b/c of unforeseeable circumstances. Such as when an energy company helicopter flying at tree level came over the tree line and right on top of the arena on the other side filled with kids. Many kids fell of horses that were thought to be completely bomb proof. Every single horse in the ring ran. If you wouldn't drop your kid from that height then they shouldn't be on that size horse IMO. A great temperament provides safety, but not as much safety as limiting the potential harm from a fall to begin with. I would make around 12 hands my height limit and look for a pony that has been passed around a lot in your area. The kind that everyone knows and loves and has stories of riding. These ponies stick around because everyone knows they are well broke, safe, sound, and they never go up for sale long because the locals are all over them the second they are offered up.
  2. What Is Flax Seed Used For?

    I get the Horseshine at TSC too. It is stabilized so you don't have to worry about special storing, soaking, or grinding like I have heard you need to do with the unground flax. It just seems easier and is very inexpensive. A bag lasts me about 3 months and I like that you don't really have to worry about dosing because you cant really over do it and you can use as little as is effective (I use somewhere between 1/4 cup and a cup once a day depending on how I am feeling, what time of year it is, etc.).
  3. Horse Narcolepsy?

    Small~ I dont think it is EMP. That was what jumped to my mind first as well. Right after she did it the first time I started doing neuro challenges on her. She has not exhibited any other neuro type signs. She is fine as long as we are moving forward. She isn't stumbling when ridden, and can walk easily with someone trying to throw her off balance through tail pulling, shifting weight, changing speed and direction quickly, etc. She just doesn't seem to have any of the weird uncoordinated symptoms that generally go with EMP. Spotted~ She might not be getting enough sleep. Although she is in the pasture with one very docile gelding and they seem to get along well, eat from the same pile of hay, etc. Zanit~ My horse doesn't have any soreness, and is bit closer to falling over (probably because I am on her), but other than that your video looks just like what my horse is doing. My horse doesn't have problems at shows so I am guessing it isn't the heat or sun. What salt do you use? My horse has a salt block available all of the time but maybe she is not getting enough of some essential mineral.
  4. What Is Flax Seed Used For?

    On top of the benefits to the coat appearance it chemically changes the structure of the hair and dramatically help some horses that have sensitivity and susceptibility to skin reactions caused by fungus and bug bites. I used it on my horse who had contact allergies to certain plants in the field and bug bites. She was also super susceptible to fungal infections. Without flax she would be covered in welts from bug bites, get weird hives on any part that touched the ground if she laid down in the pasture, and had crazy bad scratches and other fugal nasties. The flax stopped it all. I used the Omega horseshine as it was easy to feed and a minimal amount (1/4 cup a day) did wonders. Flax also has strong general anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used to reduce symptoms from inflammation related conditions, such as arthritis, in both humans and horses. It can be used in dogs as well, but omega 3 from fish oil is a more readily usable source, and thus works better, for arthritis treatment in canines. Another note, corn is a strong supporter of inflammation (very high omega 6 to 3 ratio) so you do not want to give corn or corn oil to your horses if you care about inflammation. Vegetable, soybean, safflower, sunflower, and cottonseed oil is the same way. If you are going to go with an oil top dressing canola has the lowest 6-3 ratio I have found (and it is the same price as other cheap oils), but using flax (or flax oil if you need a sticky top dressing) will address most of the reasons you would use these oils to begin with better than anything else. I swear by flax.
  5. Would You Take Back A Cheating Spouse?

    I didn't ever say I advocated staying in an unhappy marriage for the kids. I guess I am alone in believing that you could be happy living with someone and raising a family without being in a romantic relationship with them. I mean people grow up in arranged marriages all over the world and have raised families from them for thousands of years. Did everyone in the 50s have terrible childhoods when just about every other husband on the block was having an affair the wife knew about or at least suspected? I think it's a bit romantic and naive to act as though only true love can bring about a healthy child. In fact I know many couples who put their relationship ahead of their children and can tell you that those kids know that they are not their parents primary focus and not in a good way.
  6. Would You Take Back A Cheating Spouse?

    Do you have children? There are far worse reasons to stay married than that you get along and can raise a family together. I am pretty sure trying to raise 4 children close in age alone could be an equally if not more awful way to live. Again, it all depends on the circumstances. It isn't hard for me to see having a family with your effective best friend while keeping your sex lives apart and away from everything, but maybe that's just me. At this point in my life I definitely value the stability of my family more than I do my sex life.
  7. Horse Narcolepsy?

    Recently, whenever standing still for more than a few minutes at a time my horse is falling asleep. Not like normal dosing. Like lays her head completely on the bit (english bridle with reins around the saddle horn), closes her eyes completely, and within a minute her knees buckle and she almost falls completely over. It would be funny if she weren't getting so close to actually almost falling on the ground. She will do it repeatedly if you allow her to stand still for any length of time after her doing it once in a session. She isn't dosing and just stumbling or catching herself as I have seen horses do before. I think she is actually completely falling asleep. I have had a trainer and a few other horse people watch her and they all say they have never seen anything like it and that she seems completely asleep when she almost falls. I am guessing just taking the looped reins off the saddle horn so she can't lean on them and has to hold her head up would stop it, but has anyone seen or heard of anything like this before?
  8. Not Registering A Registerable Horse/pony?

    To me not being registered tells me that the horse was either bred by a backyard breeder who really didn't put much in to the process or by a pro and they are trying to hide something. If the horse is obviously grade quality and not registered I really don't mind, especially if it is a mare and nice horse in training and temperament. I would rather have grade quality horses cut out of the registrations to increase quality in the registries while also offering somewhat nice grade horses to the market. Its all in what you are looking for.
  9. Would You Take Back A Cheating Spouse?

    Definitely. Some people have relationships that are not truly centered around their sex life. Think of people who have open relationships. Or politicians where both the wife and husband have been having affairs for years. Some times a marriage is more about the business of running a family (or an actual business) than it is about the sexual relationship between the husband and wife. And sometimes not. It all really depends. For me personally I think I would either kick my husband to the curb and never speak to him again or spend the time until my children are grown trying to get along but having separate sex lives. I certainly would not continue a sexual relationship under any circumstance. I would never trust my health to someone who wasn't faithful.
  10. Why?

    There are many couples who want to adopt perfectly healthy blond-haired, blue-eyed, babies right away with no complications. Any situation involving fostering, minority races, health problems, mental health problems, multiple siblings, etc. are not "ideal" and those kids will as likely as not age out of the system before being adopted .
  11. Since we are using anecdotes as fact, I will step in here: I have a cousin with high functioning autism who has unpredictable extremely violent fits. I have no reason to believe that he would not do this to an animal as I have seen him punch a child (10 y/o) out of no where (he's in his early 20s). I believe that subjecting an animal to someone who is know to have uncontrollable violent reactions is unnecessarily cruel to the animals. Just because they will take that kind of treatment doesn't mean they should. I mean my horse would let you stand there and beat her all day with a whip but it doesn't make it right for me to use that as a training method on her. I didn't take tokens statement as referring to all DD persons, but to most horses in therapy programs. I don't think that it is unreasonable to expect that throughout its life a therapy horse will encounter at least one individual (probably more) who is prone to violent fits and takes it out on the horse. One would hope that an instructor would excuse that individual from the program (this would make it the same for the horse as being an lesson horse who had their abusive rider excused from the program). If, however, a program thought that they could help the individual and allowed the abusive behavior to continue with the hopes of some rehabilitation for the rider at the expense of the animal's physical safety and mental security, I would find that unduly hard on and extremely unfair to an exceptionally minded animal.
  12. The Supreme Court Judged Yesterday That

    For those asking how this is going to lower the cost of care: the answer lies in encouraging preventative medicine and in turn preventing the uninsured from using emergency services as primary care. It is a lot cheaper to treat strep throat at the office then treat the kidney failure caused by untreated strep in the hospital. Medicare is not going to get better. We really need a single payer system, that would lower prices significantly. But at least this legislation will prevent millions of working uninsured to put themselves in bankruptcy by not preparing for the inevitable health care crisis. Saying you can't afford insurance is just ridiculous. If you can't afford insurance, how do you plan to pay for 200,000 worth of cancer care? Oh yeah, well the government can just pick up that tab for you by compensating the hospital for their loss. That is so much better than having you get a yearly physical that may have detecting things early enough to avoid all those costs...right? Insurance rates are going to go up regardless. They should go up less due to this legislation, but you never really know. I highly doubt they are going to voluntarily lower their premiums no matter what happens. They will use this legislation as an excuse to raise prices, just as they would use something else as an excuse if we didn't have it. Thankfully the law now requires that a minimum of 80% of their revenue actually go to providing care, so they have to either charge you less or provide you with more care. They don't get to just charge you what ever they want and then not cover you, like they have had license to do in the past.
  13. Animal Breeding.

    Your a lucky girl. I wish mine would all of that!
  14. Animal Breeding.

    See I am one of those who would buy a golden doddle. I like both pure breds but prefer the larger size of the cross and that the extreme parts of the temperaments of both breeds seem to be brought down a notch. The golden doodles I have seen make better pets than most of either of the purebred counter parts I have seen. Isnt breeding a great pet a good goal for a dog breeder? Considering how many people buy dogs exclusively as pets it seems like a good enough reason to justify doing it. If I can get a standardized look, temperament, and size that I prefer for a pet dog why shouldnt I be willing to pay as much for a crossbred pup out of two exceptional purebred parents as I would for a pure bred?
  15. Clipping Advice

    Personally, I would clip his legs, jowl, and any face white up to a week before. If you are going to completely shave out his ears they can be done early as well. Everything else I would do day before at the earliest. I always do muzzles day of.