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  1. Christmas Parade Pictures!

    [Yay] so happy you were able to go to the parade Horses look so cute - glad they behaved and you all had a good time! Now you can start to think about the next parade!! cj
  2. Parade Ready Appearance?

    just remember not to put snow flakes where reins or breast collars would rub them off -learn that the hard way LOL thats why I stick with the butts!!
  3. Parade Ready Appearance?

    [smiley Wavey] Just brush and curie as much off as you can - remove any spots on light colored horses - I wash the legs off with the hose and rub dry -- then deorate them for the holidays - the dirt doesn't show as much!!! Here in Western New York we do a Holiday Parade the weekend of Thanksgiving - still mud to contend with most years along with some snow. Just remember most of the others in the parade will look just the same as yours!! I buy the craft paint at Wally World and stamp snow flakes on their butts,Ponta is grey/white so he gets red & green snowflakes, Kaylo is sorrel so hers are white. braid tails & manes adding red, green & white ribbons and little bells, big red bows in tails and on front of breast collars. Red & green sports boots. Have made up ribbons of bells and tied around their ankles, glitter on hoofs Hubby and I try to wear red & green holiday sweaters ect. I also put a piece of matching xmas fabric over the saddle pads. We try to make sure all our tack is clean, matching and correct This has won us a couple trophys for our barn deco have fun cj
  4. Horse Owners With White Horses!

    LOL !! never posted a picture before - hope this works cj
  5. Horse Owners With White Horses!

    [smiley Wavey] Hey 16 my Grey gelding Ponta looks alot like yours!!! Its a fight to keep him clean - my mare is sorrel and I always wanted a different looking horse - until I got Ponta!!! here in Western New York winters are cold and lots of snow - so he stays pretty decent looking as long as there is snow - but once the mud season starts.....ugh!! We don't show - so he doesn't have to be spotless. Curry and brush everynight keeps him looking not to bad -- but then I think he poops just so he can lay in it!!! good luck cj
  6. Nw Pa People...

    [smiley Wavey] Hey is this a Good tack swap to go to - its almost a 2 hour drive for me - just wondering if it would be worth it to get some gals together and come down So its Sunday at 10am thanks cj
  7. I Am Buying A Horse!

    Congrats!! I waited 40 + years to get my first horse- I was 43, had her for 10 years and boy has she taught me alot!! Since then we have added her full brother to our lives -We were finally able to build a barn and bring the critters home this last month. best of luck to you cj
  8. What Do You Pull Your Trailer With?

    We have an 04 F350 dually diesel to pull our 3 horse slant Kiefer Built trailer works wonderful - love it, its the only truck & trailer I have ever had so I don't know any different yet - But hubby says its all good!! cj
  9. Home From Congress With.....

    HGJ - beautiful mare!! cute puppy Pink - thats cool - do you ever ride in Allegehny or up this way - let me know maybe we can meet up
  10. Hello From Upstate New York

    Hi I'm from the Southern Tier of NY - just out side of Jamestown anyone close cj
  11. Home From Congress With.....

    Hey Pink Tractor I'm just outside Jamestown New York are you far from there??? cj
  12. Names

    [smiley Wavey] Horses were already named Kaylo Star - after my grandmother Katherine & grandfather Milo Wish Upon A Star - Ponta thier great great grandmother Star (can't remember her full name) was my grandfather's mare Dogs we have had Tokey - beagle, Shenna, Brandy, Bo, Damon & Lancer all Dobies, Koby (named after the basketball player) gordon setter/mix - we just had to put him down last week after 13.5 years Cats - we have had Sammi, Simon, Sarah was 23 when we lost her last summer , Spike was Sarah's son - currently all we have is Sonic - named after my favorite place to eat!!
  13. Has Anyone Tried The 'hymalayan' Salt Licks

    My two would not touch them - even tho they both love the reddish mineral ones from Tractor Supply. A friend and I both bought them at a local horse show- her horses would not touch them either - we both ended up giving them to her goats - they loved them cj
  14. Allegany State Park Ny Ride July 2010

    what - I go to Florida to see our new grandson and you all bail!!!!!!!!!! so who is coming???? Besides Zinge & I??? It must be we smell - I promise to take a shower - really I will and if the cooking is a problem - I won't do that either!!
  15. Allegany State Park Ny Ride July 2010

    [Me Cry] AWWW Charmer - I'm going to miss ya hope you have a great trip your going to miss the wonderful Saturday Night Buffet!!!!!! [ROTFL] maybe next year we can plan to come your way take care cj