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  1. Home : News : Local News FLOOD WARNING School Closings Alert UPDATE: More than 20 horses missing in Fultonham Reported by: Katherine Underwood Email: Videographer: M. Jackson Print Story Published: 9/02 12:35 pm Share Updated: 9/02 11:29 pm UPDATE: Just like millions of people along the east coast these 22 horses in Schoharie County did everything they could to escape the wrath of Irene. They ran to the highest spot and tried to wait it out and then the water rose and it was too powerful and it swept them down the river, Neff said. Leland Neff said his farm on Route 30 in Fultonham was under several feet of water in some spots. He calls his horses family and says he chose the bloodlines, raised them and taught them to jump. Two days before the flood, I said to myself very proudly that I had created my dream, he said. Since Sunday he's been chasing that dream, a tireless search over 100 miles on foot and horseback. Hoping to bring all of them home. He's confident the horses could survive the swim but they could be up to 50 miles away. What is disturbing is when I saw the amount of debris, huge trees and what could have hit them, Neff said. Still he's searching and with the help of people across the country he is still hopeful his beautiful horses will make it home. It's like losing the future, Neff said. For updates you can click here or visit a Facebook page that has been set up as this search continues by clicking here. Slideshow A local man is looking for help in finding 22 horses that went missing following Hurricane Irene. Leland Neff, of Fultonham has been walking more than 40 miles a day searching for his 22 Thoroughbred stallions, mares and foals. He believes that the horses could have been taken down river, but at this point he is no sure where they are. If you see or know of anything, you're asked to call the following numbers: Leland Neff at (518) 827-8767 or cellphone: (757) 652-0327. Email: For pictures or more information about the missing horses click here. For updates you can click here or visit a Facebook page that has been set up as this search continues by clicking here.
  2. Critique My Pony!

    So, does anyone want to critique this little guy? I can get better pictures if you need them. Thanks!
  3. Critique My Pony!

    I know this isnt a series of front, back, and side shots, but what do you all think about this pony i bought at a local auction? Hes part appy, that i do know cause he has a spotted lower lip. Hes 14.1 hands, and hes 12 yrs old. I thought he looks like hes crossed with morgan.
  4. Hind Leg Conformation On My Qh Mare?

    Yes, this is somewhat what i was looking for. I am concerned about her hind legs from the hock down as she seems to be under herself quite a bit. She is going to be a trail horse only.
  5. First off,i do know how to take correct confo pics but i have no one to do so for me while i hold the mare. But i thought that maybe i could get some critiques on my mares hind leg confo. She is Skips Social Flower, just turned 4 yrs old. This is the best pic i have for her having her legs lined up but its from the side. I just need some ideas as to what everyone thinks about her hock angles. Thanks!
  6. Hard To Catch And Dangerous

    I have a QH mare that has just turned 4. She has always been very quiet and sweet in the pasture. I could always go up to her and catch her with no problem, i could just take hold of her halter and lead her into the barn. Recently, the weather has turned chilly and windy and for two days now, i cant catch her. If i do manage to get near her, and get hold of her, she will pull away and take off and if i persist in trying to catch her, she will run past me and turn her butt and kick out a me while running by me. I have started using a leadrope again to bring her in and that helps somewhat but she has tried to pull it out of my hand and take off. This behaviour is totally new and took me by complete surprise and i almost got kicked in the head. Today was only the second day shes tried it. The first day, i took her out to the arena and lunged her with a good workout and she was better but today she started in again. She is fine any other time and is good to handle once caught and rides really well. I know this is a respect issue and id like to nip it quickly before it becomes a habit but im stumped as to how to correct it without getting hurt as i am now a little leary about approaching her in the pasture. I dont know if this would mean anything or not but this mare is a line bred Skipper W all the way. She does have a quick temper and is stubborn sometimes but has mostly up til now been very managable and easy to work with. What is the best way to correct this respect problem?
  7. Keeping Water Tanks Ice-free

    I have a water tank that i keep heated with a heater but my horses cant get to it. I use that water to fill their buckets from. I have a circuit breaker plug in on it so i cant get shocked.
  8. My First Registered Qh

    It will be interesting to see what color she ends up as. She might just stay as grulla only with a silver factor or be silver frosted. Regardless, i love her color and she is beautiful! Best of luck with her!
  9. My First Registered Qh

    Mias Mom: I live in the Norwich, NY area. Its about 40 miles straight north of Binghamton. You are a little further north than i am, about 3 hours away from me. Dondie: Yes, i do love this breeding line! Your Faith is beautiful too! Is she a grulla or is she going to be a gray? I love her color and she has that same beautiful head and build as mine does. I am very excited as this is my first show quality registered horse! Ive been working with her on verbal commands for w/t/c on the lunge line, since i think she has had minimal lunge line work and was mostly round penned. She is learning very fast and seems very smart and wanting to please me. She loves it when i praise her for a good job. Shes a really affectionate little mare too.
  10. My First Registered Qh

    Thank you all for the info! I dont know whether she was shown or not but i would seem to think so. May have been just some small local shows. But someone took the time and effort to train her into a nice frame. she has a beautiful headset and rides really slow and steady with a loose rein. She maintains her gaits well too. I havent ridden her myself yet but i have had a friend ride, my son rode her and my boarder and her little girl did. She is very calm and easy to ride. She had shoes on when i got her, so i assume she was ridden quite a bit. I lucked out with her as i bought her from a small local two bit dealer who buys them from the local auction. How a horse of her caliper ended up at a small town auction is anybodys guess. She just fell through the cracks somehow. I bought her mainly for trail riding but i may show her in the future when she matures more. I love her to death already!
  11. My First Registered Qh

    This is my new 3yr old QH. Her name is Skips Social Flower. Her sire is Mr Skipper Depth and her dam is Skips Tender Honey. She is trained for western pleasure. Could someone please tell me what the horses in her bloodline are best known for so i know a little about what i bought? I dont know much about registered horses especially QH. She is a very well mannered very sweet and quiet little mare.
  12. My New Mares Pedigree?

    I just bought a really nice 3yr registered QH filly. I got her for a real good deal. She appears to be well trained in western pleasure with a nice head set and nice slow easy gaits. I dont have a really good pic of her yet but she is almost 15 hands and is a sorrel with a blonde mane and tail. Very sweet easy going horse. Since i know almost nothing about registered horses, i was wondering what activities her breeding line is best known for. Are there any famous QH in her pedigree? Thanks Here is the link to her pedigree: I couldnt figure out how to make this link clickable so please copy and paste it. Thanks!
  13. Western Pleasure Questions?

    I am new to western pleasure and i have a few questions. I am purchasing my first western pleasure horse and hope to show sometime in the future. First, i was looking at some of the western pleasure horses on youtube and i noticed most of them have a low head carriage with a straight neck, but theres also some that have a beautiful headset with an arched neck and higher head carriage and they also move with more animation. The horse im purchasing has a nice fancy headset like these and has a nice slow jog and lope. Being new to showing western pleasure, is there two different types of pleasure horses or classes? Also, do they always have to have their manes pulled so short? Or can the mane be left long and fancy braided? I also noticed that most of the horses are taller than mine. Mine is 14.2 hands. Is there any preference to size by the judges? What type of bit is required for the western pleasure classes? What would be the best class for a novice to enter in a show? My horse is only 3 yrs old so i dont think shes had a lot of experience either. She is a registered QH. Thanks for any info!
  14. I deleted my topic because i didnt like the accusatory insulting tone that was used. I understand there are a lot of people here with a lot more experience than i have but i do not appreciate the insults and the belittling!! No one likes being insulted and made a fool of when they just asked for some decent advice. You have no right to judge me and the way i am around horses when you dont even know me or my circumstances. I was not chased by this horse. If everyone would go back and reread my post and not read stuff into it, they might understand where im at with her. Honestly, some people have a worse personality than this mare ive got! And no one likes a know it all attitude!!! And as for beating this horse, there is no way i would consider doing that! Its more than likely thats how she got this attitude in the first place, if shes been like this with anyone else! Its not the advice i was given so much as it was the whole nasty tone of it that bothered me. There are ways of advising someone without being nasty and making a fool of someone you dont even know! Im all done here and wont be back!
  15. Beware......photobucket!

    I also got a virus when i was just on photobucket. I dont believe its the site itself but my anti virus warning popped up when i moused over some of the ads. The virus i got was one that downloads a lot of popups. My antivirus program deleted it. Try not to mouse over any ads on the site and make sure you have the popup blocker on.