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  1. May Photo Contest

    Here is baby "Luna" at only 3 days old.
  2. Arthritis In Knee

    Thanks for the input dapplefred! So, another vet in the area looked at the radiographs and thought that he might see a fracture in the uppermost joint. Your thoughts?
  3. Arthritis In Knee

    Here are the other X-Rays I have: Anteri is only stalled at night and is out everyday with access to the barn. She is pastured with our two other horses, a Morgan gelding with OCD in his stifle and our 31 year old pony gelding. I retired her from showing about a year ago as she clearly never enjoyed it. I would love to be able to take her to expos in the area to promote the Andalusian breed and possibly give beginning riding lessons as she is great with people. She is not a work horse and I do not need her to serve a purpose. I just want her to be happy. It has been very cold this past week and I'm sure it is not helping. What about liniment, knee boots, etc.? Are they useful or just there to make owners feel better? Thank you so much for your input!
  4. Arthritis In Knee

    Last week, I unfortunately discovered my 12 year old mare has arthritis in her left knee. (I think she has minor arthritis in her right knee as well.) She is currently on MSM and I am trying to order her Glucosamine. I am very interested in how other people might treat Arthritis in their horses. When we had our vet out, he pulled her shoe(against our wishes) and when we called our farrier, he was out of town. She got an Easyboot but was extremely lame until our farrier came out a few days later. During that time, her arthritis got very inflamed and the swelling has not gone down since even though her lameness has. She has natural balance shoes with pads as well as very short toes. Today, she is happy to trot and canter but still is not completely sound. This is my first go around with arthritis and wanted to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions. I don't have all the funds in the world but am willing to work my butt off to make her comfortable. What should I be doing to help her out? Below: a poorly shot photo of her lumpy knee. Below: Her X-Ray from last week showing some of the bone spurs in her knee.
  5. Bunny Help...update!

    Rabbits are very prone to paralysis as mentioned. There are plenty of owners who have a disabled bun and have no problem adjusting to take care of them. The hard part is deciding the quality of life. If the rabbit is happy, there is no reason not to just help him stay comfortable. A parasite, E. Cuniculi, attacks the nervous system and often causes paralysis. It is usually treatable with fenbendzalone(Used as a horse wormer). Good luck!
  6. Official August Photo Contest

    1) Movement: Panda 2) Artistic: Figurine 3) Sillyness: Anteri 4) Summer heat: Armani LFA 5) Liberty: Phoenix 6) Horses Human Bond: 7) Extreme Action: Talisman 8) Black & White: Ansia 9) Horse and animal: Austin 10) Horse-Horse Bond: Smarty & Gator
  7. This Or That

    Quarter. Andalusian or Lusitano?
  8. Can Someone Help?

  9. Camera People? Help?

    I too have the Canon Rebel XS. I Love it. I currently use Canon's EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM. It's been great to me and it was something I could afford.(Little over $600 if I remember correctly) It was a huge step up from the kit lens and I use it for almost everything. (Even for the rescue rabbits) You can go to my website in my sig to see the pictures I took with it.
  10. It's kind of a super wide-screen. However, Youtube just makes it look like a small rectangle. [Duh]
  11. Edit Picture?

    I had a little more fun with it.
  12. Now, I got bored and when that happens it is straight to editing something. Video or photo, I just get the urge to do one. So, I went ahead and took some videos from my collection and I tried to make something out of them. Now, you guys know what is good and what is not so I was hoping for maybe just a little feedback? ( I like comments, especially saying how awesome I am. Even though it's never good for my head size.) Link ( Finding music is always hard for me and when I found this song I had to use it. [Crazy] )
  13. Can Someone Please Edit This Pic For Me!

    Could I use this as an example of my editing work?