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  1. Hello Oldies!

    Gosh.. I haven't even been on here to lurk in over two years..
  2. Post A Picture Of....

    I have two rats. Nimh Lola ..and I have two dogs, and two cats that live back home with my parents Lady Bad Boy Zoe Murray
  3. Class Schedule?

    Oh my goodness, I graduate college this month. 15 days. [shocked]
  4. Show Me Your Cell Phones.

    iPhone 3GS.. I love it.
  5. Mini Witch Hats + Delicious Treats = Cute Pictures!

    Thanks guys! Jenna.. bunny sounds so.. sweet. Hah.
  6. Mini Witch Hats + Delicious Treats = Cute Pictures!

    Haha, Jenna.. they're rats. =] You can do most anything with them! Lol @ Richard the steer. I bet he was cute. Any animal named Richard has to be cute. =P
  7. Tag! You're It

    I'm in. I won't be able to really do anything till middle of next week though.
  8. I just had to share these pictures. As long as they had food, they stayed still enough to keep the hats on. My mom and I were tripping out as I was taking the pictures. Anyway, while I have the stage, I'll post some more random pictures.. This is Carlos. Ralphie! And the rest are of the babies that are on the nutrition project I'm helping with. Russel. Richard. All 30 of them! You can only see the first few, so use your imagination.
  9. All Darn Kinds Of Pictures. Bewares.

    How cool! ..even for spiders! =P
  10. I Suppose I Should Update Myself?

    LOVE your college theatre pic! ..And I pick 3 & 4. =]
  11. Romeo-rubadub-can-do Pictures!

    I just love Romeo. He's gawgeous. =D
  12. Paranormal Activity

    Thanks for the link, Emily. That was interesting. =]
  13. Post Pictures Of Your Pumpkins!

    I haven't carved anything this year yet.. but I have a couple from last year..
  14. All Darn Kinds Of Pictures. Bewares.

    We get those orb spiders all the time back home! Most of them are white or yellow with the black spots. Have you ever seen the red ones? They are pretty cool. I have only ever seen one. I love the "oh Lord" picture of Faith. That's great. I love Colonel and Zak!
  15. Paranormal Activity

    I don't know if anyone is still interested in seeing it, but I saw it last weekend. I love horror movies..and am rarely scared, so this wasn't too impressive for me. Most everything that was in the trailer were the "jumpy scary" parts. The ending was pretty disappointing.. I think if you scare easily, or are easily freaked out then you would enjoy the movie. =]