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  1. Mathildas Foal Watch- We Have A Foal!

    Here are some new pics of baby Anne. Shes doing really good, loves running, she runs everywhere, Mommas got a little infection, so were going to go inside her today and clean everything out, so hopefully that will go well. Anyhoo onto the pictures
  2. Mathildas Foal Watch- We Have A Foal!

    Thank you all!, well momma and baby anne are doing good, we finally got her named, I really like simple names so her name is Anne or Annie. Shes doing awesome, shes quite a talker always whinnying at the other horses and at Mathilda, shes really active to, running around in the turnout pen, shes just awesome!!! yay!!!
  3. Mathildas Foal Watch- We Have A Foal!

    yay! new pics from this morning
  4. Mathildas Foal Watch- We Have A Foal!

    WE HAVE A FOAL!!! born this afternoon at around 6:30, Mathilda gave birth to a little filly, we havent thought of any names yet but both mom and the baby are doing quite well. When she first started foaling we realized that it was a red bag delivery so we quickly ruptured it and not long after this little one was born red bag- we have feet!!!!- welcome to the world little one- and the little girl herself
  5. now I aint no professional but I would love peoples opinions on these three photographs I took of my mare Mathilda. thanks for the future replys
  6. Midnight Foaled!

    Oh my goodness thats one fancy boy you got there, im horribly jealous lol
  7. Cheyenne Foaled! Pepsi Foaled Too...

    oh my goodness that little face is just precious, I want to squish it [Crazy] jk jk seriously shes beautiful
  8. Annie Foaled! ** Two Week Old Pics**

    omgoodness! he is absolutely gorgeous, maybe if i brought Mattie in her to see your foal then she would foal [Duh]
  9. Mathildas Foal Watch- We Have A Foal!

    Pictures her hiney with the supposed mucus plug at the bottom her tail withe the stuff in it which i was so lucky to have grabbed her udder and the stubborn old goat herself so there ya go!
  10. Mathildas Foal Watch- We Have A Foal!

    No foal yet [Me Cry] but I think Mathilda lost her Mucus plug today because I went to check on her and she has light pink stuff in her tail and on her vulva,and its also very loose and stretched, her milk has turned white, and her bag is HUMONGOUS! and its hard. her belly is quite large and i think its dropped. yay! for foal signs, Ive been sleeping in the barn and shes quite active at night and she makes a mess of things. so hopefully she foals soon, she has me so wired from sleepless nights, I look like a zombie shes making me crazy [Crazy]
  11. Mares One Teat Is Dripping Two Different Colours Of Milk

    I thought is was mastitis also but my dad informed me that its most definitely not mastitis, so I was releived but ya its been like this for about a week, with the two different colours, It makes me a little nervous.
  12. I was just wondering what you all thought of this, any input would be great. My mare Mathilda is due to foal at any time and I have been keeping a fairly good eye on her udder development, well i've noticed that one of her teats has two holes in it, one hole has milk the same colour as the other teat(which only has one hole) and one has maybe milk that is thick and syrupy and dark yellow, I'm just wondering if any other peoples mares have this and your thoughts on the subject, thanks for the future input.
  13. Mathildas Foal Watch- We Have A Foal!

    ok here are some pics,
  14. Mathildas Foal Watch- We Have A Foal!

    well last night I spent the night in the barn thinking she was going to foal, her bag has been huge the last couple days and it hasn't gone down at all when she exercise. Last night I woke up to her banging around in her stall, she was getting up and down and when she was laying she was rocking back and forth and grunting, I thought holy crap this is it, then she just got up and started eating,she didn't do anything for the rest of the night. Oh my goodness I bought had a heart attack, so anyways new Mathilda drama, I will get pics later of her ginormous udder.
  15. Mathildas Foal Watch- We Have A Foal!

    Thank you [bat Eyelashes]