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  1. Happy Donkeys?

    Just checking in to see if anyone else had an answer for me? The donkeys went on vacation for two weeks with their owner and just got back. I was greeted with donkeys running to the gate as I approached. The more shy one put her head on my shoulder and made that breathy sound I was asking about for about 10 minutes. Guess it IS a happy sound, but wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this sound?
  2. Happy Donkeys?

    Hi All, My pony shares a pastures with 2 mini donkeys. These 2 love attention and will make a deep, loud, "breathy" noise when they inhale. Is this because they are happy, similar to purring for cats? It's very noticeable when they're being groomed. I've always wondered and was never able to find any information about it on the web. Thanks, RSR
  3. What Saddle Brand Is This?

    Thanks for the replies. I know of quite a few that have a similar cut, but didn't know about Chanel. I'm intrigued! Still researching this one.....
  4. What Saddle Brand Is This?

    I received an ad for France Magazine and there was a picture of a saddle that I have never seen before. It looks like a mono-flap dressage saddle with blue quilting? I assume that it's a European brand. Anyone have any information or guesses as to the origin?
  5. Recording Test

    Hi there. I "think" I understand what you are trying to do. The end result is that you want to listen to a dressage test as you are riding and do the movements, as if you had a caller. Is this correct? If so, the best way to figure out the timing so you know when to say the next move is to actually ride through it once. Record yourself doing the test by video first, then watch the video and record yourself saying when to prepare for the next element. -OR- you could watch someone else doing the same test and record yourself saying when to prepare for the next element. The timing will be a little off, but it'll help you memorize it! Upload the recorded app and voila! Hope that this helps.
  6. Purchased This Saddle

    Welcome to English Riding! It looks like an "All Purpose" saddle. Without a brand or marking to identify it, my initial thought is that the saddle may not be of the best quality, so you probably paid what the saddle is worth. These type of saddles are usually made using very low quality leather on a production line. The upside is the price, the downside is that it may put you in the incorrect position (perching forward or leaning back) and will probably cause discomfort to your horse (too narrow or too wide). As far as sizing goes, based on your description it sounds like it fits you. Looking at the billet straps I can see that the saddle was used quite a bit, but the stitching appears to be in good shape. Ideally, you want to look for a brand name, older model, used English Saddle as a starter and have a saddle fitter help you find one that fits both you and your horse. You really can find a good saddle for $100-$200 if you look carefully. I would have your riding instructor evaluate the saddle to see if it is safe and will "pass" for a few starter lessons. Perhaps they even have one or two you could try. You can also take a look online for English Saddle Fitting Guidelines.
  7. Tack...?

    My horse was a barrel racer and I have an English background. We didn't "mix" for the longest time because of the tie down/throwing head issue. I've been focusing on dressage with her and after months and months of trying different bits switched her to a french link bit. She, too, used to get excited if she thought she was going to get to "run". The standing martingale is a great training tool as it's something you can use for schooling and showing. It's even better if you can stop there and not have to rely on moving on to a running martingale. I don't know if you'd want to even venture this route without talking to your trainer, but when I was focusing strictly on the head issue we used a German Neck Stretcher. We only used it once a week for a short time, but it really helped us and I never had to resort to using a martingale. She's now a lot more focused, supple and relaxed (we do a lot of figures) which in turn makes jumping with her so much more pleasurable than it used to be. Hope you find some tack that works for you.
  8. Saddle Help!

    It "looks" like a Derby Originals brand all purpose saddle. I agree with the above poster. Check out your local Craigslist site, too. All of my saddles are used brand name saddles and have been a great investment. It's also a good idea to have a saddle fitter that can come out to help and offer advice and suggestions. A bad fitting saddle can really cause some damage in the long run. Better to play it safe now.
  9. Horse Not Interested In Feed

    Thank goodness my mare is back to her old self as of this morning. Since she was feeling better yesterday I cancelled the vet appointment. I lunged her briefly and she coughed up some pretty nasty looking stuff. Today is the first day that she wanted to eat her pellet feed. So I'm starting her back on it very slowly. I'm not exactly sure what caused this issue, but my vet suggests that she had an adverse reaction to the dewormer. (Just to note, I have used this dewormer on her before without incident.) She may have contracted a slight cold on top of that which would account for her lethargy. I continued this post because when I searched for "not interested in feed" in the forum nothing came up that resembled what my mare was going through. Hopefully someone else may be able to benefit from this information if they need it. [smiley Wavey]
  10. Horse Not Interested In Feed

    Thanks for your reply Smilie. I purchased another bag of feed from a different store and didn't notice a difference between them. She doesn't have the symptoms for gastric ulcers. Temperature has been normal and she's back to her old self with the exception of eating the pellet feed. I'm guessing that the brand just produced a bad batch. I have a vet scheduled to come out on Monday, but as she's improved, has her appetite back and is showing no problems I'm going to cancel the appointment. The pellet feed is just a "supplement" to keep her weight on. I usually take her off it for a few months in the year anyway. Is it possible a "cold" could cause a problem with loss of appetite or loss of smell?
  11. Horse Not Interested In Feed

    To follow up my last post....I checked temp Thursday eve and Friday morning and it's normal. She's pretty much back to her old self, eating hay, coming up to me, etc., however she still won't eat the pellet feed. I added some water and a little bit of molasses to see if was a soft feed v/s hard feed issue. Nope. Wouldn't touch it. Even though I bought 2 different bags thinking one was bad....maybe the whole batch was bad? I'm calling my equine dentist today to see if she can come out and take a look in her mouth. Perhaps there's something going on that I just can't see back there. For those that are interested (or may search for something like this later) I'll continue the post. Please feel free to add on if you've had an experience with a horse going off feed. Thanks!
  12. Horse Not Interested In Feed

    Thanks for your reply Ozland. Aside from the dewormer being a possible cause, has anyone else encountered this with their horse?
  13. Horse Not Interested In Feed

    Of course as soon as I post about it I get the call back from my vet. They said that deworming can cause a horse to go off feed for a time. They recommend keeping an eye on her temperature for the next day and if she doesn't improve to call and have them come out to evaluate.
  14. Horse Not Interested In Feed

    Hi everyone. I have a call into my vet about this, but just waiting to hear back and wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this. My 13 yo mare gets fed 1 flake of alfalfa hay in the morning and again in the evening. I feed an additional pellet feed (5 pounds) and carrots to keep her weight on. On Tuesday morning she was standing in a different spot in her pasture and would not come up to me like she typically does. The other horses were finishing up the morning hay and she was not. I feed the additional pellet feed and she took a sniff and that was it. Didn't want the carrots either. Checked her vitals and all was fine. Poop and pee was okay, too. No swelling anywhere, teeth are fine. Put her back in her pasture and she went back to the same spot, cocked her hip and looked to be dozing off. I went back out later to check on her and try to give her the morning feed and the same thing happened. I brought a "sweet" treat just to see if she had an appetite and she did want that. Wednesday was the same, a little more alert, but still "out of it". I can't confirm that she is eating her hay as I'm not there at feeding time, but there was alfalfa stuck in her teeth, so I'm assuming that she is eating, at least a little bit, of hay. I purchased a new bag of feed thinking it was a bad bag, but that was not the case. I cleaned all of her buckets and fed a small bran mash and she ate all of that and looked for more. Thursday morning she nickered for her carrots so I fed her as normal. She started to pick at her feed and carrots, but didn't eat but a mouthful or two. We just had rain and now have grass growing which she did graze on without any problem and probably would have stayed there if I let her. I lightly lunged her for a few minutes (walk and trot) and she was fine. Here's my question: I dewormed on Saturday. Could dewormer cause a horse to go off feed? I don't think she's lost her appetite, but I'm wondering if she's just tired of the old "feed and carrots" routine. Anyone else experience this? I'm waiting on a call from my vet so I'll update the post when I hear back. Thanks!
  15. Riding And Training In Germany...

    Thanks for the link. Hmmmmm......I'm on it!