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    Riding reiners and fixing performance horses.
  1. Equine "hydro" Therapy Aka Treadmill Pools

    I am a huge believer in hydro therapy. The type you use (aqua tread vs whirlpool vs free swim (non weight bearing) depends on the injury. Personally, my favorite is free swim for most injuries but it's ALL beneficial. Not everyone has access to a pool.
  2. Ok Dog People, Training Not To Bark

    [smiley Wavey] It's ok to eat cake. We deserve to be a little spoiled while we get better! I woke up so sick today and I have the therapist coming shortly. Hopefully I don't upchuck on her!
  3. Nikki Update

    Hast my what big teeth your dog has!! I love your avatar, what a face that is. I cannot see video either!
  4. Ok Dog People, Training Not To Bark

    Me too!!! That's my mini aussie to a "t!" I am laid up and my herding dogs are not working and even though they have a ton of training on them, they are frustrated and acting a little loco. They can run around the farm and get tired that way but it's not the same as the mental stimulation that comes from doing their jobs. It's easy to see why when herding dogs are expected to act like "household pets," it just doesn't work out.
  5. Ok Dog People, Training Not To Bark

    [Not Worthy] Awesome advice!!! I heard a statistic on tv the other day that 80 or 90% of all dogs that end up in human societies are those without training. I am on pain meds so don't quote me on the exact number!! [bat Eyelashes] I cannot even imagine having a dog and not going up through puppy kindergarten to adult obedience classes. Passing basic adult obedience should be a mandatory part of dog ownership if you ask me.
  6. Nikki Update

    I want to see the video!! And congrats! Hast, what breed do you have? I need all the entertainment I can get...videos, pictures....
  7. Dually12 Sighting!

    Aw it makes my day to see some of my favorite HC friends!! [smiley Wavey] Well, I was leaving a show and the linkage connection (when that happens it acts similiar to your tranny going) on my truck came off. It had been doing that all weekend at the show and a mechanic showed me where to crawl under my truck and pop it back on so I could get home. I was all loaded up with horse in my 3h trailier w/ LQ and dogs in truck. Crawled under there and when I was under the truck it popped into gear (had emergency break on and it failed) and the truck and trailer ran me over twice and drug me. I have no clue how I managed to get out at all. My pelvis and legs were ran over. The truck took off and went in between two electrical plugins and smashed into a concrete wall. My horse and dogs are ok!! My border collie was so upset when I was in the hospital that she was gasping for air all the time apparently and she wouldn't play. When I got home she's been fine and is a GREAT therapy dog. Thank God I spent all that time training her and got her therapy certified. I have to sleep on the main level and I don't sleep through the night so when it's time for a pain pill I send her upstairs to get my husband. If I try to get up alone, she barks and barks until she wakes him up. The projected recovery time is unknown yet. It'll be awhile. But I am determined to be back showing next year. [Jump]
  8. My Agility Dog In Action

    Thanks so much! Bonanza, Oh I bet your dog will get it! My male mini Aussie is a lot more challenging, and I have had to really break down the weaves for him. I started him using Susan Garrett's 2x2 weave method. There's a video on my youtube using the 2x2's. I want to see pictures of your BC's!! Codysmom, There are a couple more videos up with the a-frame and I think the teeter is in one too. I always break my courses down into pieces to keep it fun for them. qhridinGA, we built all of our equipment too! It saves so much money. My trainer runs a Parson.
  9. Ok Dog People, Training Not To Bark

    [ROTFL] OK you nasty villan you!! Here's a flame suit honey... [Huggy]
  10. My Agility Dog In Action

    2pacers, I trial with some really awesome pugs!! They do very well in their height division. I think they are great dogs. Epona, That's awesome you've done it too! It's just as addicting as horse showing. Ok almost as addicting. [bat Eyelashes] What breed did you run?
  11. Cinchy Horse?

    In some conformation types, this is a chronic issue. The nerve becomes pinched and because it's a structural issue causing it, it's hereditary.
  12. My Agility Dog In Action

    Here is a video from this summer of my Border Collie and I training agility. I was recently in an accident and cannot wait until the day I can run like that again. Amazing how you can take things like just being able to walk for granted until it's taken away from you. Anyways, here she is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cggrm_E1iGg
  13. Ok Dog People, Training Not To Bark

    I am going to second, third and fifth you do not use an e-collar on a puppy!! Yes it's a tool but it's like putting draw reins on a 2 year old!! Yikes! It's a shortcut period. Also, you are dealing with a herding dog. Herding dogs bark. I run agility with my herding dogs and a vast majority of the herding dogs will be barking as they tear up the course because it's what they do when they work. You will not "break" them of this behavior, you must reshape it and put an on and off switch on it. If you wanted a non barking dog, I would have chose a different breed. Corgi's- as lovely as they are can be headstrong so you have to out smart them and they are smart enough to take over the household. I highly recommend Susan Garrett's books and dvds. She gives the handler so many ideas and games to build a solid foundation while having a ton of fun and working dogs like Corgi's need a lot of stimulation. Here is an example of her teaching impulse control... Good luck, your Corgi will catch on in no time! Have fun with the training process.
  14. We Got 3 New Puppies Tonight!

    Me too!!! [ROTFL] Thanks for the laugh