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  1. OT___How to get ride of fleas in house!!! Anyone know how?

    codyracer----I want to try that but do you put the bowl in the floor? I have cats and they would most likely drink it.
  2. OT___How to get ride of fleas in house!!! Anyone know how?

    Actually I am VERY disappointed in fronline. It has not been working with my cats nor my dogs. We are also pulling up the carpet in one room of our house and now all of a sudden there are fleas everywhere. That could be another reason. Anyway thank you all who responded and I will give my house a good scrub down.
  3. We have fleas in our house I am guessing because of our inside cats who by the way are using frontline and I guess because it is getting colder outside. Anyway I don't care howthey got there I just want them dead. My boyfriend and I went and bought two different things from wal mart that will hopefully take care of them. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. CMA'S Tonight { And Carrie's $850,000 dress}

    This is ridiculous. There is ALWAYS going to be some wreckless owners but we would have them with or without rodeo. I personally have never seen any cows hurt by any rodeo incident. I don't even know what to say about this.
  5. Pics from Rodeo!!!

    Ride Hard or Stay Home--My boyfriend ride my appy right now. He had never rode a horse before meeting me so he is not ready for speed on the pattern. That's why I ride my mare added-money--They paid two spots on Sunday. I know who won second but can't think of her name. I believe it is Cindy??? She rides at R Bar H throughout the winter. I can't believe I can't remember her name Hearing what you said I wish I would have ran Saturday night
  6. How to get MANE growth?

    My mare is in barbed wire and was wondering what I can use to help her mane grow? I bought a tail bag for her tail and within 2 hours it had disappeared. Is there anything that I can do?
  7. Pics from Rodeo!!!

    No problem
  8. A few pictures from the rodeo yesterday..

    Nice pics!
  9. Pics from Rodeo!!!

    I already had this posted but didn't have the pics loaded. The action pics didn't turn out great and they are so small. Anyway we came out in third. Which like I said isn't bad at all for my mare. She has never ran in a outdoor arena and the ground was nothing but mud. I had loads of fun though!
  10. Pics from Rodeo!!!

    Fly and I
  11. My NEW Barrel Prospect--Critique Please

    It's hard to tell from the pics but I like him!
  12. I am so proud! Pic added! LOOK

    Thank you peppermint. I was worried about the ground but I let HER set the pace so she would feel comfortable. I am just so proud of her
  13. I am so proud! Pic added! LOOK

    thanks txbredbr!
  14. Reining and cow bred horses pros and cons

    My mare is bred with nothing but cutting horses and she has made a great barrel horse not to mention the best horse I could ask for. With my mare there has been no cons.
  15. I am so proud! Pic added! LOOK

    Thanks Gunsmoke!