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  1. Mares Or Geldings. . .which Do You Prefer?

    Mares for polo. They'll beat almost any gelding for try and heart. They won't back down and I have never had any issues with mare attitude but then in polo "tude" is a big part of the game. This is the case for my mares. My lead mare taught her baby and the young ones where to go. My geldings are slobs. Just individual horses I guess.
  2. Huck Finn

    It IS disheartening. As a teacher, I cannot use this amazing classic in my class because of that word-so says the powers that be.
  3. Roaching A Mane

    I dunno, but I just love how my polo ponies look when shaved.
  4. More Linda Parelli Training Techniques

    Who are we critiquing here? LP or the inept student? Granted the owner is not handy with the rope or anything else. At 9:04 he was once again ignoring his owner.
  5. More Linda Parelli Training Techniques

    And this is why it is the debate board. I don't think that horse was sensitive at all. In my opinion, he was pretty dull and disrespectful. His owner was in danger of getting hurt because of his lack of respect. I want my horse's attention 100%. I feed her/him and only ask for 1-2 hours work at most. My horse owes me that. This guy's feet were stuck on the back up and he had no clue that his owner was on the end of the rope. When LP stopped his head was down, his eye softer and he was licking and chewing-when he looked off and she moved her hand, bang his attention was right back where it should have been. He continued to keep an ear on her not because he was scared, but because she had demonstrated that she could make his feet move and she was in charge. She is not my fav clinician, but she was not abusive.
  6. More Linda Parelli Training Techniques

    In my opinion, that horse was not scared of LP. He chose to follow her. If you watch him when she hands him back to the owner, his expression is much calmer, he is watching to see where she is going. He knew exactly who he should follow and respect. There was a change in his attitude. If you missed that, you missed the point of the video. But he easily could be because he didn't give a rip about what he should have been doing. He wasn't scared - he had no respect for whomever was on the end of the rope. LP told him where he should be-made him move HIS feet and pay attention. I'm sure you've seen the lead mare discipline one of the herd? It can be subtle or sharp depending on the need.
  7. More Linda Parelli Training Techniques

    OK, putting on flack jacket here, but..... that horse was a disrespectful little snot. He was paying attention to anything except whoever was on the end of the lead. The issue here was not the length of the distance between the halter and the handler, the issue was respect. It is the horse's job to watch the handler and maintain his distance whether 2 feet or 20. If you notice at 6:50 in the video, that horse finally decides that paying attention to LP was a good idea. When she handed him off to the owner, the horse started to follow LP because she had given it something to pay attention to-he even starts to follow her though there was no tension on the line. The advice she give the owner is good-why should he follow her? she isn't a good leader. The owner has no timing and lets the horse run the show. I actually thought it wasn't as awful as it is made out to be. While I am not a big PP or LP fan because of the circus type feel, I think she was correct in this instance.
  8. Infection In Tooth Affecting Brain?

    My mare had an abcessed tooth-upper rear. The vet removed it under general anesthesia. We rinsed the cavity twice a day with a solution he made up. The result of this was that she is still going strong 17 years later. She requires a dental check a little more often to keep everything level because there is nothing for the bottom tooth to wear against.
  9. How To Stop A Horse From Using You As A Personal Scratching Post

    I scratch back harder-it isn't fun to be the scratchee instead of the scratcher. I use my fingernails and really put pressure on them so the scratching isn't pleasant. It only takes a couple of times until they don't want to use me for their scratching post. Also, this way, I don't have to use a crop or hit my horses with anything and I am always amazed at how little pressure it actually takes.
  10. I Can't Stand It Anymore

    Try Dawn. I use it to wash my raw mohair.
  11. Vent

    I absolutely would not agree with any "thugs" because I don't condone that behavior by anyone.
  12. Vent

    It was an Obama sticker with an American flag. I don't think anything is really wrong with wind turbines, but they are planning to put them on the mountains around our town. I have mixed feelings about it because I like the option for power, but it will ruin the view.
  13. Vent

    Now to add more to the story. I have have people including a business owner where I spend $500/month and my boss (who could have gotten in serious trouble for his remarks if I had chosen to follow up) tell me I needed to take the bumper sticker off. It was not offense, just a political sticker with a name and a flag. I did not remove the sticker but did take my business elsewhere. I live in a really small community where that was the only business of its kind. I hope he got the message, but I seriously doubt it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I don't have to agree, but I don't have the right to deface or vandalize.
  14. Vent

    How would you feel if someone ripped a political bumper sticker off your vehicle? If someone vandalized a sign posted on your property protesting wind turbines? I know these don't seem like much, but they feel like an infringement on my rights. I just don't get where people think it is okay to remove something from personal property or vandalize. Isn't our country supposed to be about the right to believe as you choose, vote for whom you want to, and maybe just have a little tolerance for those who might have a different opinion? I am both saddened and angered by this.
  15. Would You Roach Your Horse's Mane?

    Every spring everyone who is a made polo pony gets the buzz! and I LOVE how they look when they are clipped. These are two of my polo ponies with my honey on board.