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  1. Dr.jeykle/mr. Hyde

    Barn name: Robbie Full Name: Robert Louis Stevensen ( In case you don't know he wrote the Dr. Jekyl story) We actually named our horse this! He is great now, but I think the simplest most effective thing we ever taught him was to stand as if he was tied until told he is allowed to go to his food and eat. It reinforces the basic herd behavior of who is top horse (me). Now even my 5 year old can handle him from the ground. Including feeding which was originally a major source of pushy\disrespectful behavior. Of course, there was a great deal of other training over the years, but that one simple thing makes a huge difference in how horses see you in the pecking order. Just be prepared to throw out his dinner. We did that a lot at first!
  2. Help Please Hole In Hoof Wall

    Greenhaven Can you recommend a book or anything that would have the ELPO guidelines in it? Watching on YouTube is fascinating, but I sometimes feel the people doing the videos need a little schooling themselves. ;0 Thanks
  3. Help Please Hole In Hoof Wall

    Thanks so much for the replies. I really appreciate it.
  4. Help Please Hole In Hoof Wall

    The horse is not lame, he is about ready for a trim. It's been about 4 weeks. In the summer tha's about as far as we can go between trims. I found this "hole" last evening while hosing him off. (Our heat index this time of year stays around 100.) I first thought it was an abcess that had broken through, but looking at the underside of the hoof I don't see much of a dirt line. If you are not in the southeast it may look like quite a bit, but here I fight a never ending battle with flares and separation. The ground here is loose sand, even the turf in the pasture cuts up 6 inches deep when they run on it. I am looking for any ideas on what I am dealing with here. We can't figure out what in his environment he could have hit that would cause the damage from the outside. Also, does anyone else think his toes are two forward?
  5. Nose Rubbing Blaze Face Mare

    Thanks for the replies. We have used fly masks in the past, but she tends to rub more if there is something touching her face. The dew could be something to think about, but they are kept on pasture with unlimited access to the run-in area on the barn. I would have to stall them at night. Thanks for the imput though; I never would have thought of the dew being an issue.
  6. Nose Rubbing Blaze Face Mare

    My husband's blaze face mare rubs her nose in summer. We put sunscreen on the pink skin on our horses noses in summer because we live in South Alabama. However, even though I use kid's sunscreen with great sucess on my gelding she seems to start rubbing no matter what we do. The sunburn she gets if we don't use it itches as it goes through the healing part of the cycle, but any attempt to put sunscreen on results in EXTREME rubbing. We've tried Zinc Oxide (Desitin) but that results in the same rubbing as regular sunscreen. I REALLY do not want to confine this horse all summer. Any other ideas of products to heal the nose? And protect it from the sun. This weekend the hair was gone. This morning she has about six raw marks. She is current on everything from shots and worming to dentistry.
  7. Horse Buying Blues

    Thanks for the headsup on Red, but I'm about 7 hours away.
  8. Horse Buying Blues

    Thanks so much to everyone. I appreciate the suggestions, gave me some new areas to look in. Kitten-kat I can appreciate your story about Daniel, I bought my horse when he was a yearling, and he came with behavioral issues. However, his overall personallity is GREAT. I loved him on first site, but he was challenging at first. 6-8 months after I bought him I would have been open to selling him, now I would not take his weight in gold. If I found a horse that John "clicked" with I would be willing to overlook ALOT including price, minor health issues etc. I just don't know if he is going to find "his horse". He doesn't think so and sometimes that special horse isn't obvious the moment you set eyes on them.
  9. Horse Buying Blues

    Thanks for the replies. I did a wonderful job buying a horse for myself. I don't do as well buying for my husband. He is not a horse person. He insists he wants to ride etc. Anyway I am thinking that if I get one of the cheaper ones I can send her to a trainer for 30 days and maybe still come out within my budget. Almost all of these "kis's/bombproof" horses aren't really when we get there or if I would be comfortable sending him off on the horse it has some sort of obvious injury/health issue. skippitb you specified a "breed specific sale". Where is the best place to find out where one might be near me? I have been to the local generic horse auction and seen some obviously sick animals and other disturbing things. Not somewhere I want to buy from Thanks
  10. Horse Buying Blues

    I have a friend whoose husband is a cutting horse trainer. I asked her, but she doesn't know of any that aren't either companion only from injury/age or good cutting horses. Besides she is 4 hours away. I don't need one of her very beautiful horses.
  11. Inside Of Mouth Is Blue?

    My horses get blue staining on their tongues at certain times of the year. I believe it is from a plant but I don't know which ones. It never seems to bother them and the gums aren't affected so I don't sweat it.
  12. Horse Buying Blues

    I've been trying to buy my husband a horse. So we've been looking for weeks and I have seen junk yard horses and horses staked out to trees (not to graze, this is a permanent arangement due to lack of space, or fencing.) It is so discouraging to try to find a healthy sound horse when their feet are so overgrown I don't want to ride them at a trot (I've seen a lot of tripping even at the walk), and they have no ground manners. I have yet to be shown a horse that will trot in hand. Maybe I am looking at horses that are too cheap? Honestly my husband isn't going to show this horse nor does he care what breed it is or who it's sire or dam were, but it is hard to look at all these horses "that just need....... Anybody else run into this where they live?
  13. bit help

    Thank to everyone for your imput.
  14. bit help

    Thank to everyone for your imput.
  15. bit help

    I didn't get up one morning and run out and attach a lot of equipemnt to a young horse and expect him to deal. He was introduced to the bit/bridle for weeks before we used anything else. Just the bridle, no side reins or anything. He seemed to be grudgingly adjusting, after a few minutes he would begin to settle to work. I tried putting the side reins on to see how he reacted. I have been using side reins, this snaffle and the surcingle on other youngsters. The side reins are always applied to just the halter long before we get to bits and bridles. He just took a progressive dislike to this bit. Instead of continuing to progress with it he has continued to fuss with it more and more. I have checked the width, and the bit does not contact his teeth. Since I did not want to order a bit from a catalog without researching it further I wanted to know if ya'll had good or bad experiences with different types of bits with youngsters. Obviously this youngster doesn't want this bit. Thanks for the Myler experiences that was what I really wanted to know. What worked for other people.