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  1. I love when its almost 1 a.m. and I have to work at 7:30.

  2. Went running, want to puke.

  3. Ive been avoiding going for my long run for a week and almost a half. Whoops.

  4. 1/4 into the first day of my meal plan and I'm already disappointed.

  5. Want Some Educating On Bits.

    I like your thinking!
  6. I'd like to think of myself as a fairly knowledgable horsewoman, however, when it comes to bits I am clueless. Are there any sites or even just general information on bits and bitting horses that you all could share? I'm very interested in learning more about this. Thanks!!
  7. got my full class 4 today :) now some immunizations and fingers crossed for paramedic school.

  8. Time for reflection, from the pen of Ashley: no cell phones in the hot tub?

  9. excited for friday, first lesson since october!!!

  10. what a wonderful spend inside.

  11. got cable....just in time for the Belmont AND Spruce GP. Alllllrighhhhtttt!

  12. apparently, fat girls running is attractive...the amount of... how you'd say, positive feedback I just received blows my mind?

  13. What Do You Do When You Have No Confidence?!

    I appreciate the help so much guys, thanks!
  14. What Do You Do When You Have No Confidence?!

    that is EXACTLY the problem. I micro manage my horse. I am so aware of it and still can't beat it.