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    Hanging out with my best friend, my Hubby! My Horse (Baron), my Dogs (Leeloo and Gizmo), Oil Painting, photography, and cooking and bread baking. Leather crafts too!
  1. Some Things I've Been Working On Lately

    Beautiful work!
  2. Leather "one Peice" Purse

    Thank you
  3. Where Are You Looking For Saddles

    I have had issues with knee and ankle pressure as well. Not being the Youngster I once was I looked for a saddle that would help me out. I tried out several saddles, and found one thing or another that I liked on different saddles. I then searched for one that had the permanent things, and adjusted the rest to fit. Things that really helped out, and were on my shopping list: A girth connection that was lower down or dropped down so that the knot of latigo leather would not be under my knees, but below. (Most important thing ever!) Wide stirrups (I had to add these to my saddle later) These really take the stress off Ankles. More of a saddle seat “sit” to my saddle, since I am not in any competition I did not have to go for the long leg setup. My saddle allows me to sit back a bit with a bit more bend to my leg, it took a lot of pressure off my knees. Turned stirrups. I did this after purchase with water and a broomstick and a weekend of drying time. A twist an be aded if you pefer that, but I did not want extra bulk under my leg. I do not go for really long rides so this setup works for me. Of course, I also needed one to fit the horse. I hope my shopping list helps you out. -Monique
  4. Slobbers

    Drooling is so common with the pastured horses around here that my Farrier just says "try to keep his mouth away from my back". Yep, last year my horse got him with a big ol blob of drool. Just Since it is so dry right now, no problems with it this summer so far. Too dry for clover or fungus.
  5. Reporting In, Old Sleigh Bells!

    Wow, that sure is a lot of jars! Here is the photo, had to load to photobucket to get it to post. All laid out.
  6. Reporting In, Old Sleigh Bells!

    Ok, I will reoil a few times ...spaced out, and hopefully it will all work out. It's been really hot here so when I oil I just do it at room temp then lay them out on the back porch for awhile. The heat made the oil soak in in no time at all. Thanks Jack :) PS: the photo is not too big, it is "Used 493.99K of your 500K global upload quota (Max. single file size: 6.01K) " so I guess I need to wait before posting more. The new camera has HUGE definition...I guess I used it up on the first pictures.
  7. Reporting In, Old Sleigh Bells!

    Thank you Ozland! I counted them, 30 bells! It sounds wonderful when shaken, but it does still scare the dogs. I have tried to upload a "long shot" of the harness laid out flat but I can't seem to get the photo small enough to upload.
  8. Hello! Jack, thanks for all the advice you have posted in the past about bringing leather back to life. On a recent visit to California my father finally gave me the sleigh bells that he bought for my mother over 30 years ago (I think they were at least 20 years old then). She really loved those at Christmas time. They have been in his cabin draped over the hutch for at least 15 of those years... we are talking Southern California high desert mountains. The leather was so dry it felt like bark and was starting to crack...there was also dryrot starting up. When I pointed out the danger to the peice he gave them to me. I got them home (back in Missouri), wiped off as much of the powdery rot as I could, then soaked them in warm water and vinegar for 1/2 an hour. I let it dry for about an hour then used Lexol and a stiff sponge and cleaned the heck out of it and rinsed with vinegar again. After I let that dry I followed with two appliations of oil. I have let that sit for a few days. Now I can flex it far more than I could without fear of cracking. But it still feels somewhat stiff and uneaven. I am hoping I can do better. I was wondering what shall I do to them next? Thanks, Monique PS: I should have taken before pictures but forgot to as I was in a hurry to get the dry rot off.
  9. Seriously Neglected Saddle-Help!

    I want to see your after shots too! I bet it cleans up real nice.
  10. Favorite Saddle Features?

    I will play too: 1. Big Wide stirrups for me, they really take the pressure off the knees and ankles (and can be added later as mine were). Requirement for trails! 2. I also like the cinch area to connect somewhere else besides right under the knee. My saddle has a dropped D so that it rides lower than the knee?makes it very comfortable for me. 3. I love a rough-out seat so I don?t slide everywhere, but now that my seat and riding is better this is not required. But the padding is still very nice to have. And of course, FIT, FIT, FIT, for my horse! Dislike? A saddle without turned stirrups, once I got mine set it really helped ease my ride. A cantle and pomel that are too high,I like to be able to get in and out without catching a leg.
  11. How Would You Go About Legging Up A 20 Yr Old Barrel Mare?

    For conditioning I have heard that short rides alternating between a brisk walk and an extended trot are very good for starting out. I am certain the pros on this board will have far more to add to this.
  12. Haflilngers At Fun And Work

    Wow, very nice! Love those horses! Thank you for sharing, the snow vids really made it feel like an old fashioned Christmas!
  13. Questions About Saddle..

    For long hours in the saddle, also think on getting some nice wide stirrups. My knees were having a lot of problems during long rides, and then I tried a friend?s saddle. His saddle had 4? base stirrups, and my knees felt fine afterwards, it took a lot of pressure off. Nice big wide stirrups added to my own saddle REALLY helped. I could not find 4? locally, but my tack shop had some 3? ones that even matched my saddle. Some trail saddles come with them as well.
  14. Leather "one Peice" Purse

    Thanks! I have been using this purse for awhile now and have gotten some very nice comments.
  15. What Should I Know About Gaited Horses?

    I was able to find out more about gaited horses by taking lessons on them. You might check around for instructors in your area that have gaited horses for their students. That way you can learn about the different breeds and gaits, and what to look for while searching. You may have a preference between a walking horse or a trotter, that you don't know about yet.