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  1. So What Do You Drive?

    2010 white Ford it !
  2. Purple Toes Help Thoroughbreds

    Love the idea! I'll do it!
  3. Just For Fun

  4. Old School Customer Service

    I live in New Jersey so not going to get that kinda service here...New Jersey is Attitude will a capital A. I can say that since I was born & raised here. Sure would be nice to have that service you experienced at any type of store
  5. What Is Your Fav' Cowboy Boot Brand?

    I always wear mens Laredo's cowboy boots. The sueade sand color are my favorite/
  6. Share The Creative Hobbies You Enjoy

    I design rhythm beads and have my own Facebook page: Hot2Trot Rhythm Beads and More In the Spring exchange, I sent the person who I was to buy for a set in her favorite colors
  7. Sad Day Today For Me...

    So, so sorry
  8. Spring Exchange Loot! :)

    It was fun! Looking forward to the next one........
  9. Just For Fun

  10. Moving To Central Nj...

    First of all, Union City is North Jeresy. Finding full board in Central and North Jeresy less than $500 is like finding Gold. Good luck with that. I pay $500 and I am in Howell Twp., NJ.
  11. Just For Fun

  12. Just For Fun

  13. Spring Exchange Loot! :)

    Recieved mine today! It's like "Amanda" is a psychic and knew exactly what to surprise me with. The halter bag (handmade) is perfect for Indy's Showmanship halter. The fabric design rocks! And the bag is padded to keep the halter nice. The Standardbred koozie will look perfect on a bottle of Coronna ! The seeds you sent are ones I use in my yard & that is what is cool since Morning Glories I use to cover my neighbors ugly *** fence...LOL. Cosmo's are easy to grow from seed. The wooden ornament will be used year round. That butterfly is a mane/tail brush and will be used right before we go in the show ring! A big thank you from New Jeresy :-)
  14. Spring Exchange Loot! :)

    LOVE seeing everyone's items in their boxes
  15. Spring Exchange Loot! :)

    Moondocs...everything came from me ;-). The packing paper was from my classroom...LOL. I knew you liked yellow & green so made the rythmn beads in your colors.