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  1. Bona Allen

    i have a similar saddle, with maker number 33 50101 on the keeper, does yours have any numbers on it? Im trying to figure out what maker its from so I can sell it.
  2. Hello Oldies!

    Anyone remember me from the barrel board? I posted everyone in awhile...i disappeared for awhile tho with college n just life gettin crazy. But im back! ive been lurking lately lol so many new ppl on here now...
  3. love photoshop...use it for everything
  4. University Of Findlay

    I went to findlay as a freshman last year, pm me with any questions you may have and ill try to answer them the best of my ability. Good luck college hunting!
  5. Vote For My Truck!

    I voted...what a history that ole truck has. Good Luck!
  6. What Is The Oddest Thing You Ate Raw

    me too! in fact im eating one right
  7. Courts Sharon Camarillo Barrel Saddle....opinions?

    Thanks, for the info, I emailed Pards and asked them. They said the saddle im looking at has FQHB and a 7" gullet, which is what I need. It's the Sharon Camarillo Original Performance Light about halfway down the page. Heres a pict of my mare for reference. This pict is about 8 months old. She was 5 in this pict.
  8. Im in the market for a new saddle after going through 2 in the last year due to fit problems. I found this Courts Sharon Camarillo 15" barrel saddle. I have a foundation quarter horse mare and Im having trouble finding a saddle to fit her. Does anyone have this saddle? Any opinions? Its at the Used 15" Courts Sharon Camarillo Barrel Saddle.....the link wolnt work. Thanks in advance!!! [Jump]
  9. Is She Foundation?

    Dilute, could you do my horse's percentage please? Thanks in advance.
  10. Band Posters?

    Did you try their myspace profiles? You might be able to order from them.
  11. The State Contest

  12. Music Quotes That Apply To You Right Now.

    Catching my breath is the term I use when the world gives up on me. Can you love or not? The truth finds all of us eventually. Too Much by Pepper
  13. My Poor Car.... :(

    Im still pretty shook up from it. Both my friends are fine and we all walked away from it. We think my abs system failed, which is really scary cause I went with my family in my car down to congress the saturday and sunday before it happened. It could have been so much worse though, if i had tried to counter turn and get on the ramp, my friends would have gotten seriously hurt cause my entire passenger side would have slammed into the guard rail instead of head on. I'll be getting a truck to replace my car. The insurance company hasn't decided if they are going to declare it totaled or not. My right knee also locked when I was standing on my brakes when we hit so that is starting to bother me and Im really surprised I didn't break anything in my hand, as of now its in a brace......which means no riding until my back, hand and knee heals. It sucks though cause my horse is here at college and i spend 80% of my time at the my 2 stalls, riding and doing a little barn work and I cant really do anything right now.....argh its frustrating. Then to top it off last night my boyfriend, hes a bull rider/marine/country boy decides to play bull hockey (google it, to find out what it is) and gets run over so he's limping around battered and bruised from that.
  14. My Poor Car.... :(

    So i havent been on here in a while, not since i started college in the fall, and this past tuesday i totaled my car, i was on my way out to the barn and ive been taking the highway cause its quicker. I went to turn on to the on ramp and i hit my brakes to slow down and i had brakes for like 2 seconds and then i had no brakes and i slammed head on into the guard rail with my two friends in the car with me. When we hit, my fist hit the windshield and i strained all the ligaments in my right hand, and my air bag went off a couple of seconds after my passenger side one did and i hit the steering wheel so i strained my entire back and i went and got 5 chest x-rays and 3 of my hand to make sure nothing was broken and surprisingly nothing was. But im in some pain right now because of my back and hand, im getting muscle spasms in my back. so thats not fun and ill throw in some picts of my car. It was a silver 03 Pontiac Grand Am. [Me Cry] ...right after it happened... ...after the tow truck ripped it outta the guard rail...
  15. Cameras In The $600-$1500 Range

    I would be using the camera for my photgraphy class and a student photographer position they offered me. Now I just have to put together a portfolio to show the director of creative services (she hires students for this position). And I'll get payed for it too. I'll prob get it cause they need someone to take some horse picts that actually knows how the horses and riders should look in the photos and get the shadows and positions right. BUt ya it would be used on all custom settings, including RAW. Complemented with photoshop cs3 extended.