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  1. New Addition To Misfit Farm

    Exactly !! He will ride all day long in a group of horses but when it comes to riding alone he is clueless.
  2. Buying A Tucker Saddle

    I LOVE my Tucker saddle ! Congrats on the new saddle .
  3. New Addition To Misfit Farm

    So far he is doing great at the trainers . She said he is very willing and takes everything in stride :)
  4. Anyone Watch Un Branded?

    Yep I have watched it and enjoyed it
  5. Super Excited Pics Added

    How exciting for you !! She is really cute !
  6. New Addition To Misfit Farm

    He is going to my trainer for 30 days this weekend. I am so excited to see how he does. Just wish I could find out who he really is.
  7. New Addition To Misfit Farm

    Yep he is one of those "free" horses that has cost me a small fortune already LOL
  8. New Addition To Misfit Farm

    Thanks Oz and Peppers dad. I am totally in love with him already.
  9. Apha Member Help?

    Goldie I messaged you on here the info . I did not want to put the personal info online.
  10. Apha Member Help?

    I am waiting to hear back from APHA . I will let you know as soon as I do .
  11. Apha Member Help?

    Ok I will see what I can find out this evening and get back to you :)
  12. Apha Member Help?

    Do you still need the info ?
  13. Spotted Saddle Horse

    He sure is a looker !! Sorry to hear about your husband.
  14. Hello From Eastern Washington State

    Welcome to the boards
  15. Hello Everyone

  16. Wednesday Waiting

    I am thankful for my husband and all my wonderful friends and family .
  17. After 2 Er Trips And Three Drs

    Hope everyone is feeling better now .
  18. I Let My Husband Ride My Horse Today

    Good job :) I am sure in no time he will catch on .
  19. Fear of Riding

    If I ride in the winter time it is usually bareback for a short spin around the property. Bareback keeps me warmer LOL
  20. Fear of Riding

    Trail ride this past weekend went AWESOME ! Rio was perfect even will all the activitiy at the park. I am still on cloud nine :) My trainer and I did a lot of talking on the trail ride about Cisco. And she has the perfect match for him . So if they come see him and like him I will be letting him go to his new home. It is just so hard for me but not fair to him to make him a pasture pet when he craves adventure.
  21. Fear of Riding

    With the time change I am not able to ride at all during the week but I am still riding Rio on the weekends. I am actually going to haul to some trails this weekend with my trainer for the first time. Fingers crossed it all goes well.
  22. My Horses Are Home!