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  1. Thoughts On A Second Baby Shower/sprinkle?

    A lot of people consider it sort of tacky. The idea being that after kid 1 you should have most of what you need. If I had a #2 I might be OK with a "sprinkle" dealie (no gifts, or only certain things like diapers - basically just a party to celebrate), but it would seem weird to have the all out parade of baby showers I had for the first one. Most of the big stuff is totally reusable, and I know how to shop for kids' stuff now without spending oodles of money :) But honestly, if your friends want to do it, go for it :) Another idea is, instead of "gifts" have everyone bring a dish of food that is easily frozen/reheated so that when you get back from having your daughter, you don't have to worry about cooking for a few weeks :)
  2. How To Make A Headache Go Away

    Complete darkness, a LOT of water (I know drinking/eating is hard when you have that bad a headache, but you have to do it) - if someone can get it for you (you shouldn't be driving girlie), B complex vitamins or the "revive" vitamin water. When it's me, I add an ice pack, 800 mg ibuprofen (this is a prescription level dose - four regular advil pills) followed about three-four hours later by a regular dose of tylenol. And caffeine. A massage therapist to give you a neck/shoulder/head/face massage can do wonders, too, but not if you have to drive to get there. Sorry you're dealing with this. I would also call your doctor now - you don't necessarily need to go anywhere but get it on doc's radar screen.
  3. Why Do Sports Bras Cause Shoulder Pain?

    If it's hurting your shoulders, it doesn't fit right. Either the straps are too narrow or it's too small somewhere, putting too much pressure on your shoulders. A properly fitted sports bra should not pull on your shoulders - I have one (out of eight) that fits right, and it more or less holds things in even if I unhook the shoulder straps. They add some stability but there isn't any "pull." I got it from a running specialty shop, and the shoulder straps are unique in that they thread through the front of the bra and have velcro, so you can adjust them exactly to wear you need them from the front. And thank you google, the brand is "moving comfort":,default,pg.html (the one I have is most similar to the "jubralee" style) (also - if you're on reddit, there is a subreddit called /r/abrathatfits - they can help *grin*)
  4. Pj In Public?

    I don't really care if people want to wear PJs in public. Would rather see most PJs than some of the stuff that passes for clothing these days. Are your bits covered? yes? Do you smell bad (unless you just came from a barn or something)? No? Then pretty much this is a non issue to me and I don't waste time judging people over it :)
  5. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    Please don't ban this one, it's making me laugh!
  6. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    This is an awesome thread. OP, thanks for the morning laugh! I think you should just invite your trainer over for a "special" night in with Peyton. You know, test drive them both and see which you like better.
  7. Abortion And The Second Amendment

    Which test? There are multiple tests, not all of them are fully conclusive. But in any case, Downs is only one reason people might terminate. Things like not having brain tissue, or organs being outside the body cavity, or lack of a a chamber of the heart, are pretty easy to see via ultrasound once they reach a certain size. And because one person chose to do one thing, or not get tests, does not mean that tests are a bad thing or that another person's choice is invalid. I am glad your SIL's baby was born fine, and yours too. But if I found out that my baby was missing much of his brain or had severe malformations of his heart, I would likely want to terminate. The sad part is it's unlikely to know about that until you're pretty far along. (and I can't say 'no' to testing, as I am doubly high risk due to age and also a blood disorder. So I have to get extra ultrasounds and tests regularly to make sure things are ok)
  8. George Zimmerman Not Guilty

    Yes, and that's why the jury reached the correct legal decision. But this whole thing would not have happened if Zimmerman had stayed in his car. Or if he hadn't just assumed a black teenager was a "suspect." Or if he'd not thought anything and kept driving. If it was a white girl instead of a black boy, what would GZ's reaction have been? Like it or not he instigated the situation -0 he maybe didn't throw the first punch but when you follow someone and make someone feel threatened, you run the risk of spurring that person to do something unusual. Fight or flight, right? And I'm also 95% sure that if this was a reversed situation, and a black guy killed a "suspicious" looking white kid who "didn't belong" in his neighborhood, with the exact same series of events, the trial would have had a different outcome.
  9. George Zimmerman Not Guilty

    So tattoos and bravado mean he deserved to die? You did see the snopes link earlier, right, about the other trayvon martin, and the other photos of a "tattooes badass" that aren't even him, that have been circulating around, right? Look, I think the jury made the right call based on the evidence, but can we please stop the victim blaming here? This is the equivalent of blaming a rape victim because she was dressed nice, except in this case, a young man lost his LIFE. I walk through my neighborhood looking in windows all the time. I wear hoodies sometimes too. Nobody is going to follow me or assume I'm a threat because I'm a white chick. Whether this young man was into some bad things (and let's face it, a lot of young men are these days. My own NICE and harmless, nonviolent younger brother was into pot, and had gotten into some minor trouble that may have been a lot worse for him, punishment wise, if he was black and in another neighborhood. In our neighborhood, the cops just gave him a ride home and laughed it off) doesn't mean he was doing anything at that moment other than meandering back to his father's girlfriend's house. Nice kids don't "attack" people? Well maybe they do when they've been followed by someone sketchy and feel threatened. The mix of testosterone and teen bravado and poor decision making due to little life experience can definitely cause that. I'm not saying he was right - both of them made HUGE errors in judgement that night. But saying someone deserved to end up dead is disgusting to me. Geez, the idiot kids in my neighborhoods get into scuffs and fistfights all the time. None of them should die over it.
  10. George Zimmerman Not Guilty

    After being followed by a creepy person in a car, who got out of his car to (from martin's perspective) follow him more. Again, this whole thing didn't have to happen. They were both really stupid about how they handled it, and it's just a shame one ended up dead because of it. (and also, as an aside, people, remember that 99% of what shows up in your inbox from "outraged" people is fake. Basic internet 101)
  11. George Zimmerman Not Guilty

    The thing is, I think if Martin had lived, he would have had an equally good case for "self defense." It's dark. Some creepy person has been following you even after you made it clear you knew you were being followed. You made eye contact with the creepy person, but he kept following you and after you thought you got away, you see that creepy person get out of his car and come your way. Now, if it was me, I'd run like ****. But cocky teenage boys hopped up on testosterone with no thought in their head of their own mortality might easily pick "fight" out of the "fight or flight" instinct, "thug" or not. On the flip side, IMO Zimmerman was a complete idiot, angry about stuff that had been happening in his neighborhood and with a false sense of security because of his gun. Again, put yourself in his shoes. You see a suspicious character meandering around your neighborhood after a rash of breakins. You follow him from a bit of a distance just to keep an eye on things. The person turns around, looks at you, and even walks in a circle around your car, so he knows you are following him. With a look over his shoulder he disappears between houses. It's dark, and no one is really out. Now, seriously, what do you do in that situation? Do you really get out of your car and follow your shady character? Even if you have a gun, shouldn't your priority be "avoid confrontation?" Honestly I think both of them made incredibly stupid decisions that night. I think Zimmerman instigated the situation, though following people is no crime. I do think Martin jumped him, but I do not think he would have killed him, I think he was an idiot teenager thinking he was going to get the best of this creepy dude who was following him. Nobody should have died. Martin should have beat *** home, Zimmerman should have approached the situation as if he had no gun and with some common sense. I think that boy should still be alive. I also think the jury reached the right conclusion based on the evidence. I think the whole situation sucks all around. On a racism note, I saw an interesting graphic earlier about the outcomes of self defense/stand your ground type cases broken down by race. Whites killing blacks in this situation go free an amazing percentage of the time, while blacks killing blacks, or whites, or pretty much anybody, are far more likely to be sentenced. Obviously you'd have to look at the details of all the cases, but I find that telling. The problem I have with all this is not that Zimmerman went free but that an awful lot of other people in the same situation probably wouldn't have, even with all the evidence being the same. And that's a pretty big problem. Food for thought:
  12. Abortion And The Second Amendment

    Here's the thing - it takes people that long not because they "couldn't make up their minds" or what have you. The vast, vast majority of abortions occurring that late are because the parents find out about serious fetal health problems, things that make it unlikely the baby will survive after birth or if they do survive, will likely be subject to a lot of pain, surgery, and low odds of thriving. Politicians love to paint a picture of healthy babies being aborted willy nilly by women who just randomly decide, after five months of pregnancy, that they don't want it anymore. Which is not the case. I used to have stats on this bookmarked, but first, it's a very rare thing to begin with, and second, in the vast majority of cases the babies were LOVED and WANTED by their parents. Oftentimes, testing to find out exactly what is wrong with the fetus takes long enough that it carries parents outside the 20 week range, so there would have been no way to avoid waiting that long (you'd want the tests to be conclusive before going down that road) A website I post a lot on this issue is: Take some time to read. People aren't using 20 week/late term abortions as a means of flippant birth control, and understanding the situation is pretty important.
  13. What Do You Do... With This One.

    Possibly. And depending on workload they may be more prone to tearing soft tissue/suspensories in the leg (I've seen coon footed conformation on several racehorses, for example) or callouses (osselets) in the ankles. But if it's just conformational and the horse isn't doing anything extreme, they may never have a problem. They might maybe have more arthritis than another horse, or earlier onset, but since I've seen plenty of lovely, beautifully conformed young horses with perfect leg conformation who still have advanced arthritis or joint issues, I'm not sure their risk is that much higher.
  14. Michael Jackson Is Not Dead

    One thing that annoys me to no end about various conspiracy theories, is people deciding how other people should act in given circumstances. When the shooting in CT happened, people decided several of the parents "didn't act right." Same with Boston. The reality is people deal with horrible things in different ways, some of which seems cold or irrational to us. None of us were there when that little girl lost her father. None of us know her true personality, if she was "cried out" or if she was trying to put on a brave face knowing cameras were on her. You can argue all you want about death certificates or whatever else, but it really bothers me when people decide they are suddenly experts on human behavior and that someone else is acting "wrong." Sorry, had to get that off my chest.
  15. Is This Appropriate To You?

    Might as well go old-school and use a bundling board. Sure your girlfriend can sleep over! Let me just tie you into this sack first!