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  1. Just For Fun

  2. What Is (Or Was) For Lunch?

    Decided on garlic bologna and cheese sandwiches and glass of sweet tea.
  3. What Is (Or Was) For Lunch?

    Thinking either bologna and cheese or tuna salad.
  4. Just For Fun

  5. My ex-wife was riding a Bob Marshall with a wool felt pad on her mare last summer. Her thick little mare uses a 34" cinch on a regular saddle but a 30" on the Bob Marshall. She loved the treeless becuase she said she could feel the horse move like she was bareback.
  6. Do You Name Your Vehicles?

    Babigirl, what year is your Galaxy? Is it a '73 and does the A/C work? (if you don't understand the questions watch the link)
  7. Do You Name Your Vehicles?

    Spiff, when we first moved to MO, colormeahorse had a '90 Honda Accord that someone had put a tuner muffler on. We also called it "the pissed off weedeater" becuase of the high pitched exhaust noise that it made.
  8. Wow, Just Got Flamed On Fb.

    Friend that I've known since Kindergarten made a post about how a circus was in town and how it was horrible that animals were being "abused" for our entertainment. I responed that she was not a DVM and therefore could not comment on whether or not it was abuse and that uninformed (I did not say stupid or uneducated) should not make statements about abuse when they do not know what kind of treatment an animal is recievine. Then another friend of hers said she was sad that they were using the elephants to set up the tent in the rain and lightning, the poor "babies". I was then called ignorant when I stated that elephants have been used as draft animals for 1000s of years and that elephants in the wild cannot get out of the rain and lightning. I asked if her problem was with animals being used for work, elephants being used as drafts indtead of equines or bovines, or if it was with animals being made to work in the rain. Her answer was that her problem was with ticket sales going to a local show choir and the "continued abuse" of the animals. Also that I would never get it and that ignorance is bliss. I just stopped trying to debate the issue, and came here to vent, because ignorance is bliss and this lady must be in heaven. My biggest problem is don't make statements of abuse when your problem is ethical. If they would have stated that animals shouldn't be used for our entertainment I would have just left it as they are weird AR people, but when you alledge abuse, then I take offense. Sorry about the rant but AR people suck, people that can't debate suck, and I needed to get this out to people who feel the same as I do. It just goes to show that no matter how many of us think that PETA and the HSUS are crackpots and that most people find them weird they do slowly start getting some of their thoughts across to everyday people. I've never met the lady that did most of the flaming but my friend from school is a fairly smart person and I'm really bummed that she has fallen for the AR propaganda. Sorry for the run on sentences, and rant.
  9. Freeze-Drying Your Deceased Pets. . .

    Creepy, I think that even taxidermy of pets and livestock is a little creepy (sorry Rogers family). But whatever floats your boat I guess.
  10. Global Warming Alarmist Recants Claim

    Nick, all that proves is that it is warmer in April than normal. It is cooler here than normal, while March was much warmer. I think that global warming may be occuring but that it's a natural cycle. I remember when I was younger in the 70s we had a lot colder temps and blizzards and a lot of climatologists were warning of a new Ice Age. Some of those are now warning of Global Warming. While I think that human pollution has had a small affect, I think it is more of a natural cycle than anything. Here's an interestingh link to TIME Magazine's Archive comparing a 1974 TIME article and a 2006 article. It's almost the same alarmist article except the '74 article is about global cooling and the '06 article is about global warming. Basically they both say that we will all starve to death because of drought and famine if we don't keep the Earth at a constant temp.
  11. Another Midwest Get Together Ride This Year?

    La Riviere Park in Prairie du Chien, WI
  12. International Champagne Horse Registry

    They are still step-daughter has several APHA and AQHA horses that are double registered with ICHR including a little stud colt that she imported from Canada this spring. She is going to start showing her Gold Champagne Overo mare this summer at Missouri Paint Horse Club shows. She's a daughter of Hotshot Ashwood.
  13. How Many "missourians" Are Out There?

    Thought you knew that from FB...She decided that she liked being apart from me better than being together. We're still best friends just not married.
  14. Whats Your Favorite Movie?

    Forgot: Clerks The Outlaw Josey Wales The Rounders (Glen Ford and Henry Fonda western not the underground poker movie from the 2000s)Still looking for it on DVD. The Cowboys The Good , The Bad, The Ugly The Searchers
  15. Whats Your Favorite Movie?

    Rocco (Peeking throug his fingers): "Is it okay?" Thought Colormeahorse was going to pee her pants the first time we watched it. Also love when his girlfriend comes back and they have a pic of it over the mess on the wall. Boondock Saints Blues Brothers Office Space Smokey and The Bandit Hoosiers A Christmas Story Star Wars (episodes 4-6, the prequels sucked) Caddyshack House of 1,000 Corpses Devil's Rejects Resevoir Dogs (Spiffy, if you like Boondock Saints you should like this. And you'll never listen to "Stuck In The Middle With You by Steeler's Wheel the same.)