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  1. Dressage Chit Chat #27

    Howdy, I'm a lurker mostly and don't post much, I just wanted to add some support to smithereens. I got a baby that was a bit wacko, because she was so small i backed off the riding and ended up doing like two years of ground work off and on (she was tiny at 2) When I started riding her at 4 she was really compliant and had gotten over the dominant issues she had before on the ground and under saddle. I would try some of the excercises that Clinton Anderson does on the ground etc. Hopefully that with a change in feed will help as well. I love how nice my mare is on the ground she is polite and respectful of her persons space. I can hand her to anyone including my non-horsy husband and she is awesome. I hope things work out for you. Julie
  2. Dressage Cap Chat #25

    hello, i'm a lurker but thought i would chime in about the heels. Send some pictures to the hoof health? bulletin board. I've been impressed by some of the work they do over there. I'll introduce myself. I ride a 14.2 hand stock type pinto and we are currently competing at training level. I'm also trying to start my daughters 4 year old so i can have my horse back, she is using her for 4-H and dressage as well. I have 3 kids, a husband and a job and wish it would stop raining here in Western Washington so I could get back to riding.
  3. Training Next Steps?

    Thanks for all of your suggestions. She gets her shoes on this weekend so I'll be able to do some of the big trails near my house, I've done a few trails around my neighbors property. I've been riding in arenas still working on the basics forward etc. have hauled her to a couple of new arenas as well as the one down the road. she is a bit stiff to the right, i'm going to get a massage person out and see if it helps out. I Got a bit of a buck on her stiff side, put her straight with my trusty dressage whip and moved her out, and continued to canter and ask for transitions until she did it right. Didn't have any issues the next time out :) Now i just need to carve more time out of my day to get some wet saddle blankets.
  4. Training Next Steps?

    I've started riding. Some arena work. Mostly working on cues for walk, trot and canter. I'm also working on whoa and moving away from the leg. We did a tiny trail ride yesterday. She did pretty well. Just didn't like my friends horse behind her very much but we worked on that. What else should I be working on?
  5. Training Next Steps?

    Hey there, I have been reading posts and past posts while searching for what do do next with my horse. I did things differently with my last horse because i was in a different situation so I wondered what you all would do now. background; my horse is 4 but small and hopefully still growing a little, she is only 14.1 at the withers and 14.2 behind. She was started at 2 by her previous owners but i don't think ridden much. Ridden at 2 1/2 y a young girl in a round pen. I bought her at that point. I got on and walked a few times but she got butt high so I quit riding for a year. When i got her i found she didn't have much in the way of ground manners and didn't have much ground work. I put manners on and did lots of ground work, including lunging with side reins for balance. I did most of this last summer. Over the winter didn't do much other that work with and around, some ground work etc. This spring when I would have gone back into serious work i broke my finger. So after the pins were removed and the weather cleared up i went back to serious ground work and some ground driving. I hopped back on this last weekend and was happy to find that she remembered everything we had worked on, forward, turns whoa and ORS from walk and trot. I am trying to work on some suppling excersices and getting her to work away from my leg with some success. We are working on turns on the forhand, kind of since she is figuring it out. My question is what would you do next in her training program? With my last horse I got to this point and put on tons of trail miles, rode at pattern racing competitions (at the walk), and just put on tons of miles. I really didn't have an arena and was just looking for a good trail horse that could do some other stuff. This horse will eventually be a 4-H all around horse and a good trail horse. I have about 3 weeks before a friend with a steady trail horse is back on day shift so we can put on some miles. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your suggestions.
  6. Horse Boarding Near Spokane Washington is very close to fairchild airforce base. spokane sport horse isn't that far either.
  7. Bates Saddles

    i have a bates capreilli dressage saddle and i love it. It puts me in just the right position. I trail ride in it as well. it fits my horse lots better than our wintec all purpose. I really wanted an isabel but found it threw me forward as does my all purpose a bit. I had a saddle fitter help me with getting the saddle to correctly fit my horse. We have ridden much better since we upgraded to that saddle.
  8. Help! I'm All Out Of Ideas!

    Hi, I agree with the OP that your horse appears to be seeking contact with the head. Do you have a dressage trainer you could consult who could watch you on the ground? I was always told to hold my hands like I have ice cream cones in them and just above the withers to create a straight line from the elbow to the mouth. If I don't do that on my horse she bobbles quite a bit too. You may want to cross post to the dressage board there are people there with much more experience than I have. J
  9. Layla Modeling Photos

    Shantel, Layla as usual is a gorgeous model! So cute. If you can try some beet pulp until the dentist arrives. When it is soaked she can just slurp it up. Should take care of the ribby look until a dentist can get there. Julie
  10. frustrating vet visit

    Thanks all for the replies. My daughter does brush but the long hair combined with the amount of rain here has been a real problem. It got ahead of us when we left for a few days at Thanksgiving. We also don't have a barn so unless the weather is fairly nice, not pouring rain, we only unblanket for a small time so as not to let the pony get soaked and cold. We have been workin on soaking and washing and thanks to a break in the weather yesterday go her more demudded. It seems the only way to get this mud off is to soak, curry and pick it off as well. My daughter will be out more and well hope for another break in the weather so I clip the problem areas. My daughter rode today at a 4-H meeting and did ok, although I did hop on after to remind my horse that yes she can trot and be on the bit etc. Next time the vet sees her she will be a very clean pony now that I know how important it is.
  11. frustrating vet visit

    Hello all, my daughters pony has been off in the right hind for some time. She had some colic issues so I was waiting to make sure they resolved before another vet visit. My primary vet came out today, I have been working on getting her mud mats cut out (long haired pony lots of mud) but he said she was to dirty to block or xray. He did some flexion tests and we started her on the generic adequin with some bute and pen rest. ( I don't have a stall) I guess my biggest concern is that for a time I will be sharing my horse with my daughter. My horse and I have just started to make some good progress. I sure don't want to ruin that, but I don't want my daughter stranded without a project horse either. Sorry for the vent, just upset and wish I had realized I should have been aggressively washing and cutting mud chunks off the pony to make a more definitive analysis. Julie
  12. Thinking of Taking a Break from Lessons..Thoughts

    Take whatever time you want! Enjoying your horse has to come first. Isn't that why you started riding. Trail riding is so good for the horse and riders as well. I have even done some team sorting and penning (for fun) with my dressage horse. I started her out walking and trotting at pattern races just to get out of the home arena. There is always plenty of time to go back to dressage. I didn't start it until after my youngest were two so I had more time to ride. Most importantly have fun!
  13. Dressage Chit-Chat Thread Volume 13!

    luv, actually I don't think my cocker sheds much at all. I keep him trimmed rather short because otherwise he is just a mud ball because, well it rains here, and he thinks he is a farm dog and helps me outside all the time. shantel thanks for the welcome. Hopefully I'll get some pictures today during a sun break in the rain.
  14. Dressage Chit-Chat Thread Volume 13!

    TracyA-I've been following all the work you have been doing with Fessor, awesome, keep up the good work. I know I moved after just a year of dressage lessons and had a gap of about a year and it took about 6 months to get back to where I was and am just now actually moving on. I just showed did a couple of schooling shows in the intro classess last year. Looking at training level this year I hope. luv thanks for the welcome. The wet weather here still gets to me. I'm from the other side of the state but it is still better than the winter and summer in Iowa. I'm a dog owner myself. I have a Cocker Spaniel, I find he fits the size I wanted and he has a great temperment which can be hard to find unless you get one from a good breeder. Shelley, So good to see your well marked horse doing so well in dressage. I'll try to keep up with whats going on. You all are very busy. I had a great lesson today. I'm hoping to move from doing intro stuff to doing some training level this year. But I am so tired after a good lesson I just want to go to bed early. I'm working on my masters degree online and hope to finish in another month or so and find a job that can supply my horse habit. Julie
  15. Region 6 Riders

    My club is hosting an A rated show this year in Port Orchard at Sawda Arabians. Check out the LPSDC website. I'll try to figure out how to post some pictures and put them up for you all of my little pinto.