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  1. Horses And College

    I'm going into my fourth semester of college right now. I've had Flash with me from the very beginning. I go to school about two hours away from home. So far I've lived in the dorms both years. I'm planning on getting an apartment for my junior year. The barn I board at is about 10 minutes from my dorm, so no big deal. A lot of the people there also go to the same college. We end up doing a lot of things together and I even go to church with the group from the barn. I really haven't had an issue finding time to go see and take care of Flash. The barn feeds for me in the morning and turns him out and I bring him in in the evening and feed and clean his stall. Sometimes I only have time to feed and clean, but most of the time I can ride. I can't imagine college without Flash. I have seen and taken care of that horse practically everyday for the last four years. Anyways I am blessed though in the area that my parents pay for my horse and his needs, as long as I do my work and make good grades. ETA: I try to take morning classes and usually I'm finished by noon. Then I use the time after class to do all the necessary homework for the day before going to the barn. That way I don't stress about stuff while I'm at the barn and I can relax.
  2. Back Boots

    I'm a fan of the Elite Boots by Pro Choice. has the value pack on sale right now for $120. I have two sets of them already, about to order a purple set for my gelding.
  3. Straighteners

    I have naturally wavy and somewhat thick hair. I definitely say go with a CHI. Mine has been going strong for the past three years. It's definitely worth the money.
  4. What Chew/toy Is Safe For Dogs/puppies?

    I don't think anyone has mentioned these yet, They are amazing. I have a golden who can destroy any toy within minutes. She has two of these and has had them for the last four or five years. She has one that is the size of a tennis ball and another that is like two balls stacked on top of one another that has a place for treats or something. She LOVES them! When we bought them we never believed the sales lady when she told us they would last, but she was right. I bought one for my farm dog and the only way it was destroyed was by the bush hog lol.
  5. The Official What Did You Get From Santa Post

    I got a new Molly Powell Reinsman Saddle, can't wait to try it out. It was raining/snowing today. -Pair of Ferrini Camel Boots -Zebra Horse Cooler -New Black Personalized halters for all four horses. -PJ's, Robe, and slippers (the slippers had been eaten by my dad's dog when I came back from my grandmother's christmas though sadly lol) -The blue,brown, and white dotted CE polo wraps. -Some Perfume -Eclipse DVD -Some cool gloves that my mom is hoping will work for riding. -Cruel Girl Long Sleeved Shirt -RockNRoll Cowgirl Tank Top and Jacket -My Uncle was really thoughtful and got me a cap with a barrel racer and our farm's name on it. -Some Cash I was so happy with everything. Everything I got I will put to great use. Hope everyone has had a great day!
  6. Whew, It's Cold Out There!

    I blanket my barrel horses, because I compete on them throughout the winter. Light does affect the length of their hair, but blanketing seems to keep the coat from getting super hairy. I blanket my two hard keepers as well, because it's easier to keep them at a good weight without them having to shiver. One of the hard keepers is also at the bottom of the pack and never gets in the run in shed so the blanket keeps her warm and dry in bad weather as well. I have sheets, light weight, and mid weight blankets and use them appropriately. I start blanketing the two horses I'm riding right now at fifty degrees. The other two horses get blankets under forty degrees (when the mid weight blanket is appropriate.) It hasn't been above freezing here in KY for the last five days or so.
  7. Do You Think This Could Burn Him Out?

    I'm in school and have two of my horses with me. I often trailer home on the weekends for shows and such. They sometimes have to get off my little trailer and onto the big one right when we get home. They do get plenty of resting time once we reach the destination. My two love it. That's all they know. The 2 year old been doing it since she was a yearling and then my seven year old gelding is a barrel horse and is use to going somewhere each weekend. I know that if a day comes when they don't want to get in the trailer, then somethings off with them.
  8. Tie Or Not Tie

    I tie in my slant load bumper pull, because there's not as much room due to the divider being in an odd place. In my gooseneck, my barrel horses are left untied and they have hay on the ground in front of them. The two year old however is tied, she's a little witch and likes to irritate the others. ETA: The gooseneck is a four horse slant load with dividers, forgot to add that.
  9. What Do You Drive?

    I drive an 04 Chevy Tahoe with almost 160,000 miles on it. I love it. It was my mom's car and she gave it to me when I turned 16 and I'll be 20 in January. The only problem is that the leather arm rest is cracking and I need to do something about that. Occasionally I drive my truck that's strictly for pulling the horse trailer, it's a 2010 Dodge 3500 and I LOVE driving it. It's just not very practical for parking in college parking spaces :)
  10. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    I love love love Big Star jeans. I need to go pick up some for fall. As the ones from last year I've worn completely out. I love jeans that actually fit! I'm stressing over my first Physics test tomorrow. We have four tests this semester and that is all that our grade is made of. This is my first class to have like this. So I'm freaking, because there's little room for error. I've been having tests this week and last week so all I've had to time to do is feed and clean up after them. Can't wait until tomorrow to actually enjoy a ride without a test looming over me. My show got rained out this last weekend and I didn't get to barrel race, so another stress reliever didn't happen. Thankfully we have another this Friday evening and I think the weather is supposed to be amazing so I'm excited.
  11. Dorm Pictures!

    Love your room! I also love that you guys have double sinks. That's really nice. My first day of college was really weird but fun too. It's a strange feeling being away from home and on your own. It is so much fun though. Hope you have a great year!!
  12. Pictures And A Video!

    Thanks guys! I finally decided I could put girly colors on Flash. He doesn't seem to mind haha. I have all these girly colored polos from Texas, so I figured why not. Sugarbabe- That's a bummer. It would have been cool to meet you. Next year will be my last year. I lucked out because my birthday is Jan. 17 and the cut off is Jan. 1. Youth World is such an awesome fun experience.
  13. Pictures And A Video!

    Hey guys long time no see! I lurk a lot, so I feel like a lot of you probably don't have a clue as to who I am. Anyways just thought I'd post some photos of the horses. Flash and I went to youth world, hit a barrel both runs. Thats something I never do, I think I forgot to ride lol. It happens though and we still have next year to redeem ourselves. Sixy, Faith, and Texas are all doing great too. I head back to college Sunday with Flash and Faith, so I'm excited about that. Hope you all are having great summers! Mine has been insanely hot! All four of them :) Faith Texas in halter (I know she isn't a real halter horse, it's just a little local show) I think it was like 100 in this photo, which is why we look so thrilled Flash at Youth World I love my boy! Finally I have a video of Sixy, the blown up mare I bought. I know this run is nothing spectacular, but she walked in the gate and didn't run a crazy pattern. She's come so far! This was about a 3D time.
  14. Update/pictures.

    Great Pictures!! Sounds like you've had a pretty good summer! I hope it's nothing to serious with Brooks. I definitely understand the trouble with lameness. Hope it all works out for you guys!
  15. Just A Couple Photos....

    Thanks guys!! I have all these girly things left over from my mare who injured herself and no longer can run so I decided I might as well use them haha. I'm going to try and take more photos of the rest of my gang at the show tonight.