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  1. let me in!

    Let me in too. Imagine that!
  2. I need my arm and all the crap on the counter removed. Can that be done? Dang it. Can't get the pic to upload.
  3. Winter Wednesday

    I've not been feeling well at all the past couple days. And the cold just makes it worse. We reached mid 30's today, which isn't nearly as cold as some places, so I guess I shouldn't complain.
  4. Cut Weight Challenge, Round 3

    Good job guys!! Wish I could say the same for myself. I'm up half a pound. Boooo!
  5. Cut Weight Challenge, Round 3

    My goal is 30 lbs. My treat when I get there.... I'm not sure yet.
  6. Cut Weight Challenge, Round 3

    We'll struggle through together! 😊
  7. Cut Weight Challenge, Round 3

    I'm sorry I'm so far behind. I sent my stats. And now feel the need to live off ice chips and celery.
  8. Zentangle

    I love to color. It's my favorite thing to do with my girls.
  9. Cut Weight Challenge, Round 3

    I will get measurements tomorrow. Thanks!
  10. Cut Weight Challenge, Round 3

    Just weights or measurements?
  11. Cut Weight Challenge, Round 3

    Next round, I'd like to join?
  12. Is There A Hc App?

    I can see that. FB is the death of many things... face to face interaction, actual verbal conversations, regular sleep habits, healthy necks, healthy hands/thumbs...
  13. The Pit Bull Is A Lovely Dog

    I haven't read all replies, admittedly only the first few. My opinion of pit bulls. It is biased. And it is not a supportive one, based solely off my own personal experience. I have a "neighbor" who owns pit bulls. At any given time he will have anywhere from one to three or four. Some of you may remember several years ago when one of his dogs mauled my horses. The attack, which took place on my property, in my barn and pasture, left one mare permanently disfigured and on stall rest for six months, another with a chunk missing from her mouth and a gelding deathly afraid of dogs in general. Since that day, this dog has been responsible for eradicating nearly an entire herd of goats, several flock of chickens and one of my own dogs. It's been a living nightmare. I absolutely despise this dog. But more so I despise his owners. You see, the dog is being a dog. Doing what is his instinct. It is 100% the responsibility of his owners to keep him home, restrained, confined and safe; in order to keep neighboring animals and families safe. I blame them for every attack this dog has participated in. With that being said, please understand that I won't hesitate to end this dogs life of terrorizing if given the chance. I have, and will continue, to seize every opportunity. I keep a loaded shotgun accessible for that reason. But. He's smart, he's sneaky, calculating. And I loathe him. Him and the pack he brings with him. They are out for blood and I've lost more than enough to justify my actions. And after years of dealing with this monster, my opinion of the entire breed has become biased. I simply can't risk living any other way. If I see one crossing my property, I shoot it. Period. We show in the UKC with our dogs periodically. I refuse to set up next to them. I don't socialize with their handlers. I won't line up for class next to one. I can't cheer them on. We participate with a local dog club, after several incidents involving pits, I voted to ban their participation. Why? Because it is my experience that 99% of the people who own them, shouldn't. And that is a dangerous situation. They are a smart, capable, strong willed dog that has to have knowledgable leadership. Without it, they take control. And they (or any other dog) should never be in control of their handler.
  14. Is There A Hc App?

    I have noticed it seems a bit "slow" on the boards. Not nearly as much activity as there once was. 🙁
  15. Back To Monday Again.....

    I wish I could do that.