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    horse showing! and my man and now my baby girl!

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  1. OMG lookie lookie

    Thanks everyone!
  2. OMG lookie lookie

    I can also go for an extra quarter and be certified to work in the equine therapy field .
  3. OMG lookie lookie

    I start hocking college in mid January! I'm taking animal assistance therapy. I'll have my canine grooming certificate, canine CPR certificate, and be able to train therapy dog, search and rescue dogs and service dogs.
  4. Whats Your Daytime High???

    49* F here. In SE Ohio.
  5. Where is everyone?

    I pop in from time to time.
  6. Girls night

    Our local festival
  7. Girls night

    I go on the 16th to take math so a little over a week away! I go Monday to check out the service dog/ search and rescue dog trainer program at our local community college!
  8. Girls night

    Shy wanted to go to XWE last night as part of her birthday. Honesty I think she likes being loud and not being yelled at . and I know she loves meeting the wrestlers after word ( one is even our step cousin) so it fun. We took her BFF too. Conner and dad stayed home so it was just us girls. And there's a pic of me in mine new glasses 1005181909.mp4
  9. 3/4 done

    I passed science today. Need a 145. Just math left!
  10. He's really taken to this ! She stoped in the one pic and he was like what the check.I had to take screen shots of the videos my mom sent so there not great pics .
  11. Just some kids photos

    Its called the "The Wilds" its part of the Columbus zoo. But in a different location.
  12. Just some kids photos

    We have been so busy!
  13. Prayers Please

    Prayees and vibes headed your way
  14. I did it!

    Half way done !