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    horse showing! and my man and now my baby girl!

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  1. He's really taken to this ! She stoped in the one pic and he was like what the check.I had to take screen shots of the videos my mom sent so there not great pics .
  2. Just some kids photos

    Its called the "The Wilds" its part of the Columbus zoo. But in a different location.
  3. Just some kids photos

    We have been so busy!
  4. Prayers Please

    Prayees and vibes headed your way
  5. I did it!

    Half way done !
  6. Prayers Please

    Sending good thoughts/vibes and prayers your way.
  7. Our fun filled weekend

  8. Our fun filled weekend

  9. Our fun filled weekend

  10. Our fun filled weekend

  11. Our fun filled weekend

  12. Our fun filled weekend

    We went to the city pool and to old mans cave in hocking hills and hiked and followed it all up with a swim in the in-laws pool.
  13. I did it!

    Did really well on my practice social studies test today . maybe next week I can take the real one
  14. Opinions please

    Don't think I'd have to do much to entertain them two water slides , splash pad, and a leisure pool and the pool with the diving boards . I like the no gifts idea . I guess I could ask that the donate somewhere if they want but not required?