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  1. Ok the news

    Thanks everyone . it's not going to be easy but I believe that in the end I will happier . I have made a really friend this last year and he's a huge help in all this . its been a year a least since I started planning leaving but he hit me again and I ran .
  2. Ok the news

    Yes and so is spring . I have a friend watching Goldie this week .
  3. Ok the news

    Not to toot my own horn but I've come so far in the last year or so. He could not handle that. And the crap from him go worse .
  4. Ok the news

    I said was coming . I left the jackbutt ive been married to for years . I have some awesome friends that have my back !
  5. Just a small update

    Thanks! I feel like I am slowly getting my life together. Very slowly but I'm getting there!
  6. Just a small update

    Oh yes my classes for the service dog training classes didn't have enough people and will start in the fall . figured instead of taking just gen ed classes I'd go this route and work on getting a dependable car and my driver's license . something that someone has held over my head for awhile .
  7. Just a small update

    I'm not sure how much I've told on here . but a few weeks before Christmas my mom was rushed in to emergency surgery on her neck/spine . she is doing pretty well but its slow going . a week later my step mom went into surgery on her lower back/spine ( the funny thing is both have the same first name) she is starting to better as well. I put off going to college till at least summer . however I'm thinking I'm going to go over the local adult school and take a course on phlebotomy so I can work part time while going to school . there's more going on but I cat spill the beans yet bit its a good thing I think! It makes me happy at least .
  8. Got this cute pic

    From one of the teachers today
  9. Prayers Please

    That's good news continued prayers and good thoughts
  10. Happy new year!

    Everyone stay safe and have fun . 2018 has been pretty good for me. I will say I'm super excited to see what 2019 has in store for me!
  11. Christmas time at POCOS house

    I know right . even the clothes they have on is gifts! Well the one shy has on was mine and she stole it !
  12. Merry Christmas to all...

    Merry Christmas!
  13. Fire dept Christmas

    Conner is still scared silly of Santa (or anyone that is in a costume) . shy still thinks he's real .
  14. I'm almost an adult now lol

    I have not crashed the car yet! LOL I still go really slow and need to work on my turns . my ex step dad is going to pay for me to take a driving class. I have this and one other hurtle then ill be sharing some news.