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    horse showing! and my man and now my baby girl!

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  1. Look what I did today.

    I went over my grammar and punctuation and it really helped my score. Hoping I didn't blow the essay part .
  2. Look what I did today.

    Thanks everyone. I took my essay today I am waiting for the score on that.
  3. Look what I did today.

    Today's score!
  4. Just some Bonnie pics

    Thanks , she had come so far , and I have to admit she has taught me a lot . I thought she was a point and shoot pony . Hahah nope . I actually have to ride her ! Once I learned her back ground we got on so much better. She has a lot of buttons and I'm still learning to push them. And her I have to run every where days are over she now stands still for me to get on and will walk ! Her lay off is over her ankle is 100 % and we are good to go.
  5. Look what I did today.

    Slowly but surely!
  6. Look what I did today.

    Sorry I'm tooting my own horn here . But I took my practice GED language arts test today. I want to practice a bit more before going and taking the test but I'm getting there!
  7. Just some Bonnie pics

    Before anyone says anything yes she is long , she goes Friday for a reset.
  8. Silly Trot Question...

    My old barrel horse I ride his trot at two point because it was rough. Bonnie has two different trots on is sittable but when she extendes its Bette to post.
  9. got to see my bonnie

    Girl today! Its been since Christmas! She looks great ( OK she is fat) but her leg is back to normal and she is sound as a dollar! She is full of her self and as soon as mom gets the new riding pad done I'll go back to riding. Conner rode her around with me leading her and we worked a bit on showmanship.
  10. Kids at

    I was wondering the same thing. We have been in the news all over the world it's not like I have never posted the kids before .Not in a mean way just curious?
  11. Kids at

    What do you mean ? The pics and videos i up load here and my Facebook sometimes my blog?
  12. Kids at

    Their school talent show. Conner nailed his bottle flip and Shyanna did a dance with her BFF. VID_20180525_140058.mp4 VID_20180525_134348.mp4
  13. the story behind conners pink shirt

    Him in and out of wrestling gear. LoL
  14. the story behind conners pink shirt

    Well the pink tights he wears really are flattering lol!