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    horse showing! and my man and now my baby girl!

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  1. I'm almost an adult now lol

    I have not crashed the car yet! LOL I still go really slow and need to work on my turns . my ex step dad is going to pay for me to take a driving class. I have this and one other hurtle then ill be sharing some news.
  2. Can I ask a small favor ?

  3. Just some kids photos

    Did a quick photo shoot with the kids and pups today
  4. I'm almost an adult now lol

    Honestly this is probably the healthy I have been mentally in a long time its been a road ill tell you. There is some big changes coming for me soon . but I found some good friends who have kept me on this road so ill keep chugging along .
  5. I'm almost an adult now lol

    I went and got my learners driving permit today. I dove a little and didn't kill the hubby.
  6. Only my child

    I Don't either to be honest. I mean I like them all as friends out side the ring but wrestling is totally not my thing! However she loves it and its cheaper than going to the movies so.. LOL
  7. Only my child

    Shyanna has come to love indy wrestling. My little weirdo child. She loves that its one place she can get loud. Yell the word sucks without getting in trouble LOL. And the fact that the guys treat her no different than any other kid makes me keep going back and she eats it up! She had a tough time last night when her two favorite wrestlers turned on each other and it doesn't help she know both outside the ring. LOL
  8. Only my child

    My little weirdo child LOVES Indy wrestling. She gets to hang out with them and they treat her like anyone else. She eats it up. Yells and jumps around with the crowd. She hard a hard time when her two favorite wrestlers turned on each other last night . doesn't help she knows both outside the ring too! LOL
  9. Can I ask a small favor ?

    Did my PMs go through?
  10. Can I ask a small favor ?

    Thank you guys!
  11. Can I ask a small favor ?

    Shyanna's class needs a bit of help from people oitside of the state of Ohio . They are trying to get mail from every state? Could a few of you help? If so I'll pm you the info .
  12. OMG lookie lookie

  13. OMG lookie lookie

    Thanks everyone!
  14. OMG lookie lookie

    I can also go for an extra quarter and be certified to work in the equine therapy field .
  15. OMG lookie lookie

    I start hocking college in mid January! I'm taking animal assistance therapy. I'll have my canine grooming certificate, canine CPR certificate, and be able to train therapy dog, search and rescue dogs and service dogs.