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  1. Wow what a day

    I have . he is probably a great doctor. But my kids have more than seizures and thats all he treats he doesn't get that stuff over laps . at Cincinnati we will have a neuroscience dept that can help with all the issues if that makes sense. Shy doesn't like him he is always very rushed and doesn't answer questions in detail which her and I both need. At this point its best we look else where as we are not happy with the standard of care she is getting . oh and he is scared of the service dog so that doesn't help (I feel that is why he always trys to rush shy .)/ He never rushes conner and answers question in full for him .
  2. Wow what a day

    We will be heading to Cincinnati children's hospital soon . but back to Columbus next week for a new EEG for Conner. If we dont get answers this time we will ask for a referral to Cincinnati for him too. The language gap between this doc and I is huge. And I dont understand half of what he is talking about and he doesn't understand more than half of what I'm saying . makes it hard for all involved . Cincinnati is ranked 4th in the USA for neurology so ....
  3. Wow what a day

    No . no cbd oil or even THC oil was brought up. Ok m pretty sure I just sat there like a deer in the headlights . I'll be putting in a call to the pediatrician in the morning. I just don't understand how a child who has only tried two meds is even in the realm of surgery? I know I'm mom and tend to question the drs but jeez .her MRI was normal so... Sorry ranting .I'm just in disbelief.
  4. Wow what a day

    To Shyanna yo the neurologist today. Shy has had around 10 seizures in the last year or so . a lot better then the every 5 minutes when she was dxed with epilepsy. According to the Dr. There is one more med we can try then if she is still having seizures he wants to do brain surgery! I have never even thought of this in regards to shy. Never and he was just like BOOM . last time the was talk of CBD oil etc not this time . I'm pretty shocked by this .
  5. I feel horrible

    Mama kitty is doing very well and already gained some much needed weight.
  6. I feel horrible

    I cried I haven't cried over a pet in a long time the vet was crying she did CPR and even gave her epi. I called the one person I know who has her littermate that way they can talk to the vet about their opinions. Emoji is wobbly and pretty out of it still I'm keeping her crated for tonight at least . I look like im running a animal operation of some sort Springs and Goldie's crates and I borrowed a neighbors crate for emoji. So three crates in different sizes lol .
  7. I feel horrible

    As I posted on the other post I took kitten ( feisty and mama emoji to the weekend clinic to get fixed) got a call earlier to feisty had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia and passed away. I feel like a horrible mom I told Conner this was the best thing for her, I told him they would be fine. He blew her a kiss when leaving her this morning. Its breaking my heart. We brought her and buried her in the back yard . RIP little feisty.
  8. Where are the

    I dropped off to cats to the weekend clinic to as Conner says " get rid of their baby making parts" then went grocery shopping. Now getting ready to go get a dryer from a friends . then back to pick up the cats .
  9. Not again...

    Good thoughts and vibes .
  10. Tried and sunburned

    CUMBERLAND Ohio. we saw budgerigars, ostrich, bactrian camels,African painted dogs,cheetahs ,a dhole, bactian deer, Indochinese sika deer ,pere Davids deer, some giraffes, one horned Asian rhino southern white rhino ,American bison ,banteng Sichuan taking ,central Chinese goral grevys zebra, Persian onager and the wild horses. So lots of cool stuff and the kids had a blast .
  11. Tried and sunburned

    One is Persian Onager and the other is przewalski's wild horse.
  12. Tried and sunburned

  13. Tried and sunburned

    But had a good time visiting The Wilds .for those not in Ohio the wild is an place where you rode a bus through what feels like miles of land to see a whole lot of rare or neat wild animals up close . we rode the open bus which is where.the sun burn comes.in . and tried well it is my kids sooo... . no spring didn't go today. More for her safety than anything. Sorry for any typos on my phone
  14. What's for dinner?

    Two fire runs for hubby means we had subway tonight .
  15. What's for dinner?

    Tonight is pre seasoned pork tenderloin and what we call crunchy taters. Taters cut at a diagonal then salted and peppered and topped with a bit of butter and put in the oven . maybe a can of veggies. Nothing special tonight my head is killing me .