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  1. Barrel Racing Calendar

    LOL I am the same as you, I have an organizer and I write everything down in it, and the entry dates and call back dates for rodeos LOL My fiance is a pro bull rider and he does the same thing, but I make him get his own organizer because sharing one got way too clustered! LOL!
  2. Two New Videos! =)

    Cool videos! You did a great job on them!
  3. To The Horn Or Not?

    I go to the horn unless I am riding a greenie :) As others have said, it's best to stay out of the way and it keeps me in position on my hard turning horse!
  4. What Color...

    I think purple would look great on her!!
  5. My homegrown bling!

    Wow it looks awesome! Great job!
  6. tips on how to get a faster fun??? please help{video}

    She doesn't look like she is running full out to first or home, she looks like she has a lot more As others have said, I would work on your turns first before adding more speed. Cute horse! She will only continue to improve!
  7. too heavy??

    quote: Originally posted by RUN N RATE: I have a great friend who is an incredible rider, has trained all over the place and even was called and trained in Switzerland for a few years. She is tall and was always at a good weight for her height until about 15 years ago. The weight started to creep on and as it did she started to lose her confidence on horseback. She was still a great rider, well balanced, never in the way but she didn't feel as secure. It really limited what she was willing to do and try on horseback. She had lapband done last Sept. and I am so proud of her. Not so much for the weight loss but the change in attitude about what she can accomplish with her horses. I would put her, even with some weight still to lose, on my good horse to make a run anyday rather than a thin unbalanced rider. I think weight is only a factor when everything else is equal...and then is relation to size of the horse and the event you are doing. Good post. I know several heavier girls who run 1D and do quite well, beating a lot of us "smaller" girls on good horses too. There are more variables than just weight.
  8. How often do you actually ride?

    Spring/Summer/Fall I get in 4-5 days/week on Dodger. Winter, not much LOL He had 2 months completely off work this year. It gets cold here LOL
  9. too heavy??

    I have to agree with RP You see a lot of men that weigh a lot more than you riding horses that size and do just fine. If your horse isn't showing any signs of stress from it, I wouldn't worry at all.
  10. Rodeo & Helmets - teen doesnt want to wear anymore

    IMO it's a personal choice, neither is right nore wrong I do not wear one, I never have and was not made to as a child so that probably has something to do with it. To be honest, I have never seen a helmet in the rodeo arena around here. I have seen them at jack pots, but only on younger children. I do think that it is up to the parents to decide for children though. Even at 15 I would want my child to abide by my choice, probably until they were 18.
  11. before and after.... what u think??? *pics

    Wow he looks great! Good job!
  12. What breed do you race?

    Dodger is an Appendix QH We usually run 2D. Other than that, just plain old QH's and as a little kid I had a Fjord/QH LOL!! We were not too fast though, but dang he was cute!
  13. Do you....

    I don't bathe or clip, but I do trim a nice bridle path and comb out his mane, sometimes I will braid it
  14. How much do YOU get ready for a show?

    For most barrel racings I just wear jeans/t-shirt/ball cap. I am in one association though that requires western attire...shirt, jeans, belt, hat...and of course boots to either I usually just leave my hair down, and yes I do wear make up
  15. Walla Walla College Rodeo Pictures

    You are such a great photographer, I wish you lived closer to me LOL