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  1. I Need A New Camera, Lots Of Expectations, On A Budget

    Nikon puts out a great point and shoot camera. I love anything Nikon. The CoolPix is inexpensive, easy to use and the picture quality is amazing. They are def under $300. JMO. ;-)
  2. It's unsettling to me to see that you are worried about the law abiding citizens owning firearms and wanting more. The law abiding citizens are not the ones committing the crimes. Please remember that! We do not "hide" our weapons. We "conceal" our weapons. "Hiding" a weapon on you and "concealing" a weapon on you are two totally different things. The ones that "hide" the firearm are the ones who commit the crimes. The ones who "conceal" are the ones who are legal to own firearms yet we are the ones who get punished. Yes this lunatic in AZ legally purchased firearms, but he did not legally conceal the weapons and commit the crime. He illegally HID the weapons in a bag, brought them to the event and purposely murdered and injured innocent people! Huge difference in hiding and concealing!
  3. Nope, has not changed my views at all. I will continue to own guns and I will continue to buy guns. I am totally disgusted with how our society thinks these days. How everyone is so quick to blame other people, blame the guns, but never blame the a-hole who pulled the d@mn trigger! A gun cannot pick itself up and shoot people. A knife cannot pick itself up and stab people nor can a hammer pick itself up and bludgeon people to death!! There is always, always an a-hole on the other end holding those weapons in their hands committing the heinous crimes we all hear about on the news. But alas, it's not the a-holes fault. We as a society failed him. blah, blah, blah! Wth has happened to our Country?..... "No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms." Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution, 1776 "Gun bans don't disarm criminals, gun bans attract them." -- Walter Mondale, U.S. Ambassador to Japan, 4/20/94 "Firearms have been around for over 400 years, yet it is only in the last 20 years that people have begun shouting "gun control". Why then, only recently, has this become such an issue? Moreover, why are there more mass-murderers than at any other time in our known history? It is not because weapons are more powerful -- 200-year-old muzzle loaders have a much greater force-per-round than today's "assault rifles". It is not because weapons are semi- or fully-automatic -- rapid-fire weapons have been available for most of the last century. It is not due to a lack of laws -- we have more "gun control" laws than ever. It IS, however, because we have chosen to focus on "gun control" instead of crime control or "thug control." It IS because only recently has the public become complacent enough to accept, by inaction, the violence present in our society." - Kevin Langston, Tuesday, 29 October, 1991 "No free government was ever founded, or ever preserved its liberty, without uniting the characters of the citizen and soldier in those destined for the defense of the state... Such are a well regulated militia, composed of the freeholders, citizens and husbandman, who take up arms to preserve their property, as individuals, and their rights as freemen." -RICHARD HENRY LEE If the Government doesn't trust us with our guns, why should we trust them with theirs? - Unknown
  4. I Got A Poppy For Christmas!

    Thanks Oz! Had to take a break from horse boards and enjoy life. Haven't been on here in forever! lol
  5. I Got A Poppy For Christmas!

    Hey Kina! Long time no 'see'! lol
  6. I Got A Poppy For Christmas!

    Congrats! I love her name. I have a "Poppy" too, but my "Poppy" is a Border Collie. Can't wait to see pics.
  7. Neat Picture!

    Thank you! Watch Amazon and the Cameta Camera site. They have great deals on brand new lenses all the time. You can take great pics with that lens you have. I've been using a Fuji Digital for years. It does not have a very good zoom lens, but I've taken some awesome photos with it. You just get used to what you have and learn how to use it very well. Good luck and have fun with your camera!
  8. Neat Picture!

    Great picture! The Rebel is a great camera. You'll want to upgrade to a bigger lens. I recently bought a Nikon D3000. Very nice bundle. It came with a 70mm-300mm zoom lens. I use that lens way more then I do my 18-55 lens. I can't stand the small lens unless I'm shooting an object that is pretty close. The place I bought my camera has some great bundle deals for all SLR camera's. They even offer package deals for lenses. Not sure if you are interested, but here is the site I bought my camera from. Have fun with your camera!! Here are 2 pictures I recently took with my zoom lens.
  9. Update & Pics Of Shadow!

    Thank you guys! [smiley Wavey]
  10. Update & Pics Of Shadow!

    Thanks Kina!
  11. Update & Pics Of Shadow!

    Thank u
  12. Update & Pics Of Shadow!

    Here are few new pics of Shadow & Dixie. I just took these about an hour ago. I'm loving my new camera! And here are 2 pictures of my Daughter's horse, Dixie.
  13. Update & Pics Of Shadow!

    To everyone else.... Thank you all for the kind words! I truly appreciate it! [smiley Wavey]
  14. Update & Pics Of Shadow!

    Thanks Spotted! When I bought Shadow, we were unsure if she was broke to ride. I did a little research and found her original owner. I contacted the fella and he was very pleased to hear that I had his girl. He said he had fell ill and couldn't train Mustangs anymore, so he asked his workers to take the horses to the sale. The workers did not pay attention to who was buying these Mustangs and sold a few to the kill buyer. (That is how Shadow ended up on a feedlot. She was then purchased by AW and then I purchased her from AW). Anyways, the gentleman gave me some very good info on Shadow. He told me that she had 12 successful rides on her before he sent her to the sale. He said she was a fantastic horse and never balked. She always did what he asked of her. He said she was the easiest Mustang that he had ever trained. I keep in touch with this gentleman and I've sent him a few pictures of her. He is very pleased that she is in a forever home.
  15. Update & Pics Of Shadow!

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate it. Things are finally getting back to normal for me so I will be having more horsey time and HC time lol. As some of you know, life was crazy for me as I was raising my Nephew's son. Well, on 3/20 our Nephew & his son moved to Kansas. Our Nephew wanted his son to know his G'ma & G'pa. We can't fault him for that. It was very hard to say goodbye and loose my "Boogie". I became very depressed once they left. 3 days after they moved out, my husband had to head out to NE for work. My house was soooo empty. It was very hard to deal. But my daughter & I have. Things are better now. My daughter & I went to NE to visit my hubby in May. That was a blast! Roy will be home for good at the end of this month. He has been in NE for a total of 4 months and has only been home twice in that time. Things have been rough and I'm so glad life is becoming normal again...whatever "normal" is. So, now you guys know why I have been away from HC. I'm now back to my horses and photography. It's nice to be able to get back to my "hobbies" per-say. My husband just bought me a Nikon D3000 with a 70-300 mm lens. You can bet I will be taking tons of photos now! LOL. I'm done boring you guys now...