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  1. Amazon, but then I found them MUCH cheaper at eBay.
  2. He is lovely and I can't wait to meet him. *whispers to myself: it is only another month, you can do it!* Pink, I remember you talking about the mud in front of your barn before, now I can see the issue and I wonder how you manage in the winter. If I may suggest, I'd build something like a pole-roof to extend over their stall entrances and allow for rain/snow-free access. You could also kind of "mare motel" it by fencing along the sides and having a gate at the end of the lean-to roof for each stall section. Then even on days they'd need to be up, they could still access a little bit outdoors of their stall w/out a huge muddy or snowy mess, other than a pee spot. I'd also modify the fencing to attach to their stall runs so you could allow them free-access as they wish during the day - but I'm all about making things easy and my climate is very different from what you have to deal with.
  3. Holy COW, the kitties LOVE these catnip scented "fish" to play with!
  4. No, this one is a Peruvian gelding. Does anyone remember Reina? I'm getting her pasture mate from the same family. Galileo de Cielo, 13yrs old.
  5. I bought a Tucker Horizon saddle that is super comfortable. I don't care for saddle horns - don't need 'em and got tired of leaning over and getting my breath punched out of me. Her bit is a Paso Fino small spoon bit. The shanks are loosely attached and have a lot of swing to them before they rotate the bit in her mouth. She is very light on the reins. I love my cool beans! I'm going to have to call them my beans, now.
  6. Whew! I'm glad she's doing better. Does your turnout attach to your barn or do you have to walk them back/forth? I'm getting another horse next month and in the next few weeks I need to fence in an area adjacent to the run-in barn that encompasses two shade trees. My barn is metal and when the sun beats on it, it turns into an oven inside so I need to have the shade available.
  7. Sounds like everyone took a break for the day, and that can be an excellent thing. QB, you had a rough week and deserved the rest. Your body knew what it needed. Husband and I picked up something similar to this today for free. It is a rotating pallet elevator - it took me forever to find this image because I didn't know what it was called. He plans to alter the top for his motorcycle and our riding mower so he can clean and/or work on them without having to bend over. It is still on the trailer but on his next days off we will decide where in the shop it will go because it will be a permanent placement.
  8. Yaaaaaay, for your puppy Blue!
  9. Today's the day, right? I'm so excited for her!!!!!!!
  10. Thank you for the compliments on my smile. My horses make me happy! I've posted some pics of me wearing dresses and medieval costumes while riding my Peruvian and Paso Fino mares.
  11. Then I'm going to say "yip-yip-hooray!" for puppers!
  12. I went riding yesterday at Harbins Park and there were some downed trees from Irma that crews are still working on. 1st pic: Chrome on the left and Dixie on the right. 2nd pic: downed trees over the trail. 3rd pic: me looking at my friend with trees down over the trail. The rootball left a HUGE hole IN the trail path. It will take crews time to buck the trees and fill the hole.
  13. I love the wrestling pups pic!!!!
  14. Irish and 2nd generation Hungarian.
  15. We bought a 2005 Passat last year for $5k and ours hasn't had issues like your Mom's purchase. We sold it to my friend who was in desperate need of a vehicle a few months later because I just didn't like the car, and like you, I would rather drive my truck. W/out recourse through lemon laws or warranty, I'd be the thorn in his side and tell him you bought the car to drive, not drive back and forth to his mechanic. He needs to take it back, sell it for what he can and just eat the rest of what he sold it to you for because you've been making monthly payments on a vehicle that spends more time at his place than your own. I'm not sure how financing works, but if it is a buy here, pay here and he is doing his own financing, surely he can void the contract with your mom and resell it? The only hitch with my thought is if it was financed outside of himself because then that company would have paid him the purchase price and he (buy/pay here) is just collecting the money to send to the financier.