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  1. The Front Porch

    Watching him take the first couple steps was funny, he high-stepped on all fours for the first few minutes. He figured it out pretty quickly, how to step up and down and last night when I did bed-check, he was laying down and got up pretty well to greet me. I put him on grass today. I can't put another board on top of the manger as then they wouldn't be able to reach the floor. Don't want to put a board they have to duck under as if anyone spooks, they'd crack their head. Ken is mulling some ideas. I showed him something called a "tombstone" panel and he thinks he can weld something similar. I'm glad your surgery went well. I didn't get to see the part of my colon they removed but the Dr. told me that portion was completely diseased over the outside layer. Inside, it looked inflamed like the rest of the colon length, but outside it was clear what the damaged area was. Your stew sounded wonderful! I'm sorry it was the trigger but I'm hopeful it has become the blessing-in-disguise as it prompted the surgery that will allow you to eat again. You know yourself best, start slow and see what you do and don't tolerate. As far as not eating greasy, fried or fast food - I tend to avoid those and can't say I feel as if I'm missing anything. It won't be too big. Vet says I can remove it Monday and I can just wrap the injury itself w/out the standing wrap after that. She did this to help prevent swelling for the first few days after the injury.
  2. Texas People #6

    Whew! Sounded like a mountain of obstacles to overcome but it seems you guys are getting a handle on things pretty quickly. I'm sorry he had a bad day and night, those are no fun for anyone. The person with the pain is feeling it and everyone around them is 'feeling' it too, but mostly wishing they could take the pain away. It is a pretty helpless feeling, no matter which side of the pain you're on. (((hugs for all)))
  3. The Front Porch

    Ugh, as I was peeling the netting away from his hoof, I kept repeating don't-be-broken over and over in my head. I'm just glad I was there to see it. Had it been a few minutes later, I'd have never found him until after I got home from work and by then it probably would have been too late. QB - that is ADORABLE! I love how rustic it is and I especially love that you made it yourself. For displaying things, if you have room in your home, you could use a 2nd china hutch. When we bought this house we had to buy furniture for the formal dining room (which we didn't have at the other house). We found a dining set to and then husband found a gun cabinet from a private seller and when we went to buy it, they had other furniture in the garage and the china hutch they had was very close in style to the dining set we just bought. At first I thought I'd use it for china overflow, but ended up using it to display our "treasures", which are special to us, but probably 'junk' to other people. It has crystal bowls and vases, a fine tea set, our wedding cake topper, two Breyer memorial horses, the cotton rope my Shepherd-wolf played with, a hay-hook from my mentor horseman, things from foreign countries from our nephew when he was in the Army and a couple framed photos of special people.
  4. The Front Porch

    So, I had an equine emergency with Ever today because Chrome was his usual jerk self. I turned Ever out into the corral and he stayed in the run-in shed to eat hay, didn't think anything of it and was going back to the house. Chrome came in and my guess is Ever felt he had no escape except to jump in the manger - with half a round bale in a hay net! I turned back when I heard the scrambling hooves and saw Ever IN the manger on top of the hay, struggling with his hooves. I was loudly shouting Whoa! in hopes of getting him to stop moving but as I came in, he turned himself on top of the hay and tried to jump out. With a hoof twisted in the bale net. He rotated over the manger rail and whomped on the floor on his left side, right front hoof over the top edge of the manger and twisted in the net. I grabbed the box knife and sliced through both ropes of the bale net to release the tension and then used my hands to peel the netting off his hoof. When I freed his hoof, his chest was still against the manger with his left foreleg folded against it so I grabbed a rope to go in and try to pull his head away, or flip him over, so he could get up but before I could climb out of the manger he got himself standing. I separated the horses and went to the house for my husband to help me assess the injuries. The biggest injury on the side of his right cannon looked like I could see bone and we decided to call the vet. Countryside arrived in less than 25 minutes from the time of injury. Dr Smith was pleased to see him using all four legs and the wounds were mainly just scrapes. NO stitches needed! She said it didn’t go through all layers and we could just wrap and keep clean and fly free to heal. She wants me to keep the huge blue wrap on for 3 days and then I can go to a smaller wrap. She left Uniprim to prevent infection and Bute to help with pain and any swelling.
  5. Texas People #6

    *shudders* and yells: Aaaaauuuuuuurgh! That looks painful, though it appears he will heal well. I'm sorry it is going to take the time it takes for him to get back to 100%. I'm sure that's worrisome and frustrating.
  6. The Front Porch

    Man, I don't like that being in your backyard because it seems you'll be dealing (trying to help) with the fallout. I like your approach and wish you great success.
  7. The Front Porch

    Wow, that certainly is small. Will you continue to breed the cows by AI so you have calf crops? I'm sorry your cows are upset with the changes. I hope they adjust soon.
  8. The Front Porch

    *thoughts/prayers* for QB's brother's friend. (((hugs))) for your brother, this must be so difficult for him to be so strong for his friend while his heart is aching over the reality.
  9. The Front Porch

    *thoughts/prayers for all who loved Libby*
  10. The Front Porch

    I'm sure my yard is mostly weeds. As long as they're green, I don't care.
  11. Someone named Cowgirl was trying to reach you by sending me a message on my blog.  They left a number:  "Contact me at 9317874974" 

  12. The Front Porch

    ZOMG, what a story! LOL Still, that was udderly inspirational to fix that rig up for Fiona to keep her from injuring herself. I almost wish the suspenders and boxers were in bright colors and that you were near a busy road, just for the novelty of seeing it while driving past!
  13. We had a little photo shoot....

    The photos are FABULOUS!
  14. Texas People #6

    All this Weather-Gone-Wild has me worried for everyone.
  15. Havent Been Here In Years

    Hello, Jersey!