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  1. Ooooooooh! I love your horn bags! Wheredjagetem?
  2. ^^^ Agreed.
  3. I love what you are doing with these girls, you are giving them a foundation block for their lives. I'm sorry you are missing your brother but I hope you will be able to find some happiness in your birthday.
  4. That actually sounds like great fun!
  5. Even with the slight hiccups, you and the Coblet did FANTASTIC! What a great show for you guys and I loved all the photos!
  6. Mosely is her flea-bitten Arab mare. Pinto Thing is her other mare. I am IN LOVE with your Tack Shack!
  7. This must be so difficult for you. You *had* to try with the surgery. You *had* to know. (((hugs for you both)))
  8. *good thoughts and purrayers for Mr. Watson*
  9. (((=^..^= & you)))
  10. Personally, I wouldn't put an older cat like this through such an invasive surgery, they just don't do well, especially after hearing how he crashed after such an intense dental experience.
  11. Oh, I'm loving the orange kitties!
  12. Oh! I think I just fell in love with your ginger kitty!
  13. Floof, 12hrs post-op:
  14. Late to the party, but birthday wishes for Danyel! Today was a madhouse at the library. It was like a Monday x10. Got maybe 4-5hrs sleep last night, worrying about kitties and waking early to make sure I didn't miss my window for taking the kitties in. I had to call the vet to give them the heads-up about MaddCatt and they gave me the OK. Pretty is feeling much better tonight though her eyebrows are still a bit puffy. Flooter had to have TEN teeth pulled and the tumor on his mammary glad was encapsulated and they are confident they got it all. It has been sent off for pathology. He was anemic (heavy flea load) so I will be diligent about the flea treatment for the next few months. MaddCatt's chin was an injury. Over the phone, the vet described it as having been 'torn' from her gums and says her chin may always be a little droopy and hangy-down more than usual but she will be fine. It was already healing over and they gave her a long-acting antibiotic shot so I don't have to medicate her. Worked a 7hr day at the library and I was running from the get-go. Even my lunch was interrupted multiple times due to being short-staffed and the demand for solar eclipse glasses so high. We will probably run out of the glasses by/over the weekend and then have to disappoint people that are looking for them. Our library is going through renovations and we are staying open through it. Today there was a Hilti gun shooting nails through framing wood and into concrete - my nerves were shot. Pun intended. Carpet is almost done, About 75% of the shelves are in their permanent locations and 100% of the books on the shelves need to be shifted and the shelf aisles relabeled. Boss is planning a Shelving Party after-hours for all employees, possibly next weekend. Looking forward to that as we can pair up and each team tackle an aisle and get it knocked out fairly quickly without being interrupted by patrons.
  15. Three cats to the vet in two days. Pretty was having a bad reaction to fleas, even after treatment, so she went in for a steroid shot yesterday. Floofy is in today for a dental and a partial mastectomy to remove a lump on one of his mammary glands and MaddCatt went in as a last-minute emergency because her chin/lower jaw was horribly swollen. Husband thinks it is a bug bite and I'm hoping that is all it is.