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  1. The Front Porch

    I miss everyone but probably won't have computer-time until Monday. I've been in California since 2/2. I was planning on flying out on the 9th but I am glad I flew out a week earlier because my Mother passed away on the 8th. I was able to visit with her that first weekend, though I didn't think she was focusing/seeing very much. She responded to me talking to her and I know I was with her, so that is enough for me. After the weekend we noticed a change and by Tuesday she became unresponsive and passed away quietly on Thursday afternoon. I had called my husband Wednesday after she had an episode that changed her breathing and told him to get out here ASAP. As we were coming back from the airport she passed away with my Sister at her side, holding her hand and talking to her. We drove the 70mi home from the airport, making record time, but missed her passing by about 15min. I think Sis and I have been handling things fairly well. She is having a harder time than me, and I think that is because she has lived with, and taken care of, Mom for the past 14yrs with the last 3yrs being fairly intense and the last 9mo under Hospice Care. I am more accepting because I knew Hospice care was for end-of-life care. I was able to spend 6wks here last summer and Mom had grown so frustrated with her failing body and was in a lot of pain from her heart working at only 30% and her legs remaining swollen and painful. I am relieved she has been released. I think I may be hit hard with emotion at the cemetery. Tomorrow we are flying to Boston, escorting Mom to the family plot in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, MA where she will be interred with her husband's ashes. Everyone will fly home on Sunday. I will keep in touch with Sis because coming home to the empty house will be so difficult for her. She will need to find something to occupy her time since she spent all her spare time caring for Mom. If I think she is having a difficult time, or even if she isn't, I am thinking of flying back out in another couple weeks, just to be with her for a bit. I also suggested she take some FMLA time and fly out to visit us in Georgia.
  2. The Front Porch

    I think you are being a bit nit-picky but I also think it may be time for a new vet. First, when I pick up kitties after spay/neuter procedures, they often have dried urine on their back legs and tail. I don't worry about that because I know it is from being 'out' from the anesthesia and losing continence. I damp washrag them and let them clean themselves. If it was an older tomcat whose urine has a strong odor, I clean them up as well as I can so they don't stink. The blood, again, that was probably drainage/drool from her mouth and while it might be upsetting to see, I wouldn't worry myself too much about it. Same thing - it is the procedure and a knocked out pet drooling. If they have time to clean up the pet, great, if not, I don't worry about it. *they can't leave towels in the recovery cages to soak up fluids. Neighbor's dog had to have emergency surgery at the veterinarian's cost because the dog ATE the hand-towel sized towel staff put in his crate with him. What concerns me and makes me think you may need a new vet, is how Faith has such a difficult time recovering from anesthesia. The first/last time you stated she had difficulty, they should have noted her file and used something different. They have several options for anesthesia - and if they were trying to use the best that wouldn't be so difficult for her to recover from, she wouldn't be so groggy she had to be carried to the car.
  3. Would you adopt a BLM animal?

    I wouldn't, but only because I know my limitations. Were I younger, I would have loved a green mustang with 90 days on it and probably could have done well with one. But at my age now and my current riding ability (physical limitations) I could not. I liked reading through this topic and it makes me happy to know you are considering a burro - because I know what kind of awesome life it will have with you.
  4. The Front Porch

    I smiled when you said the judge called your ewe a couch potato. I'll bet you had fun and it sounds like everyone enjoyed your friendly sheep. Were other sheep friendly, too, or just yours?
  5. The Front Porch

    Thanks, everyone for the good wishes. I won't know until I see Mom for myself how she's doing, but going by the phone conversations with her and my sister the last month and especially my conversations with my sister the past week, it sounds like we are coming to the inevitable conclusion. Hospice has classified her as "declining" and it pushed my sis over the edge. I need to be there. QB - I *love* classic cars! I drive a '78 Corvette that I've had for almost 30yrs. Mine is fiberglass, but the one you like is STURDY. I guarantee it would protect you against almost every other car of today on the roads. Plus, you'd look so dang *cool* driving it!
  6. The Front Porch

    My huge truck's name is Max. Short for Truckimus Maximus. Flying to California tomorrow afternoon. Sister and Hospice say Mom is declining and I want to be there. I'll post an update after I arrive, get settled and see how Mom is doing.
  7. The Front Porch

    Good luck car shopping!
  8. The Front Porch

    Bon Voyage, Frankie! How neat that she will still be in-the-family, so to speak.
  9. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    So true, sometimes the family you choose can be better for you than the family you were born into.
  10. The Front Porch

    They look adorable, and Brendan certainly has a presence about him! How old are they?
  11. I Came & Found Nobody Home

    Grim, I sent HayChix an email. When I bought mine, it arrived with an offer of a discount if you get a friend to purchase one. I'm hoping they'll still honor that offer so I can let you use it. I should know by Monday or so. LC, the wire is a cattle panel from Tractor Supply. I think if a hoof got in there, they could get it out pretty easily. No shoes, everyone's barefoot. Because the net is, well, a net, they will have to remain barefoot. When they eat it down to nubbins they sometimes pull the net over the sides of the manger so I don't want shoes tangled in it.
  12. The Front Porch

    Made me LOL!
  13. I Came & Found Nobody Home

    This is my manger and HayChix net. With a third horse now, my BIL cut down the gate to the same height as the sides so all three horses have equal access to the bale without having to stand beside each other.
  14. I Came & Found Nobody Home

    ZOMG, yes, the haychix net is *totally* worth it! It prevents my horses from pulling huge mouthfuls, dropping great chunks of hay to the floor where it gets mashed underfoot and mixed with poo, thereby becoming inedible. I cannot say enough good things about the hay net for saving/preserving feed with very little waste. Check this out! Both bales were put out on the same day:
  15. I Came & Found Nobody Home

    Yesterday evening I rolled a huge round bale into the horse feeder and netted it by myself. I felt so accomplished! This morning the farrier came to trim the horses. He told me he cut his client list by 1/3rd. I'm glad I and my horses made the cut. Thought about riding today but I need to do some shopping and wash the truck. Tomorrow the husband and I are supposed to go to the movies to see 12 Strong.
  16. The Front Porch

    I'm sorry to hear the men at the rig lost their lives. My husband works in the power industry and he heard about it. It always makes us pause. Went riding yesterday with the brother in law. We wanted to do a quick ride but the trails were too slick in places from a light rain the day before so we kept it at a quick walk. I put this app on my phone (ViewRanger) and it tracks our route, distance, time and speed. May not show in this pic, but average speed was 2.88mph.
  17. Texas People #6

    ^^^ Hear-hear!
  18. The Front Porch

    Yea for moo cows! My friend in CA who breeds foundation QH has two Hereford cows and a Dexter bull for freezer calves every year. She wanted the Dexter bull so the calves would be smaller and easy for the cows to birth. Eli, the bull, is friendly and we can walk up and scratch him in the pasture.
  19. Texas People #6

    I thought the pic of the siblings was adorable. So sweet!
  20. Texas People #6

    Grrrrrrrrrr! At that nurse!
  21. Texas People #6

    Everyone looks so happy and proud! The Mom looks fantastic, like delivery was a breeze for her. Was it?
  22. Salmon River West Trail hike

    What a beautiful area to see!
  23. The Front Porch

    I'll take the snow, but don't tell anyone around me that I asked for it! LOL The round thing is a plastic ring that goes around the base of trees/plants and I use it in the summer to water. I pour buckets of water in it and it slowly seeps down to the roots and doesn't run away over the top of the ground.
  24. The Front Porch

    We got a couple inches of light, fluffy and dry snow. The wind picks it up and swirls it around and it sparkles in the air. Went out at 8:30 to take a pic of the house for my sister and it was 18 degrees. Went out about 3hrs later to feed the horses and it was still 18 degrees. Wore a barn coat and gloves but I took a glove off to eat some snow and also had it off to take pics of the horses. My fingers felt frozen when I came inside and now my middle finger tip is very sensitive to touch. I think I need to keep it warm the rest of the day. Not very clear but I still like it. L to R is Leo, Dixie Pie and Chrome. Leo, Chrome and Dixie Pie.
  25. The puppies are born!

    He looks so handsome.