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  1. My Heart Is Racing Right Now.....

    Of course I replied sorry I haven't posted oh here. We had talked every night till 2-3 in the morning for 5 days. Then the Saturday after we got together and watched a movie.... I met some of his family and stayed at his house till 4 in the morning. Andd we're still talking....nothing official yet though
  2. My Heart Is Racing Right Now.....

    Make fun of me if you want....but over the summer I was working with a guy I really liked. When I quit in aug we slowly stopped talking to each other. Long story short...he just texted me! I know its silly but Ive been hoping for this day for a long time!
  3. Missing "my" Horse

    the **** is D*mn just want to clear that up
  4. Missing "my" Horse

    Thanks Guys, It has been hard. I had the same situation with my last horse too. We just couldnt get along, so I sold him... then 6 months later she sends me this... and all I can think is "****, I had him for two years. Why couldnt I get him to do that?" I feel like I will never click with another horse the way I did with Tori. Then again she was my first horse and I had her for 10 years. But I want that feeling again, where all I want to do is ride and be at the barn 24/7.....I miss it, I miss her. I wish she was younger when I got her so she would still be around. If you can believe it she was 32 in the first two pictures. This is making me cry so Im going to stop now.
  5. It's So Cold Out...

    I loooove everything at ModCloth, I just cant work up the guts to buy something without being able to try it on. Plus Im very tall so most dresses look like long shirts on me =(
  6. Just A Few Misc Pictures Of Sage

    She's a cutie, love her color. Good luck with your interview!
  7. Puppy Pictures! Maddie And Harry Are Growing Up Fast.

    They are beautiful!
  8. New Year's Weight Loss Support Group?

    I know this isn’t a new post but I'd like to join! I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, about 15. But I'm not motivated at all and sometimes depressed so I eat. I used to be on anti-depressants but I hated the fact that I needed them so I stopped taking them. That’s when I gained the weight. It doesn’t help that I’m hypothyroid, though I take meds for it. I just want to be happy in my body. Ill be 21 in a few months and I want to be able to go out and be confident. I just need to lay off the chocolate and get off my butt! I’m hoping this will motivate me.
  9. Django Unchained

    The video was hilarious. I used to think my mare acted like a black girl....glad im not the only one who has thought that
  10. I'm Published... Lol!

    Those are so cute, I love your shirts too!
  11. I Had To Call Police To The Library Today.

    Wow, thats crazy. I dont think I could have stayed that calm!
  12. Loose Horse Question

    I think thats plenty of time and that was VERY rood for them to say that.
  13. Let's Play Picture Tag!

    My museum pictures are not on my computer so....ill go with something as old as the T-Rex. and the next one is....octopus in a pool
  14. Missing "my" Horse

    Two weeks ago I sold my horse and Im really missing her. I know it was for the best and we didnt really get along, But she was my baby. She went to a nice big farm in Sandusky with 100+ acres and lots of new buddies. Her new owner texted me the other day and told me she was doing great and they were taking her to a show yesterday. He also said that there is video on the way. Cant wait! The white horse in that pictures is my new project horse, his name is Trump. Hes a little chunky and needs the work. Hes made a lot of progress already. Cant wait to see how hes doing by summer!
  15. Can An Admin Please Contact Me...

    Okay, thanks.