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  1. 2016! Not much action here....
  2. (Re)Introduce Yourselves & Herd!

    I live om Norway now. I can't remember where I was in my life when I fell out of hc but I have 2 kids, my daughter is 10 and my son is 4. The move from Iceland to Norway was a bit rough for my husband and we ended up living in different countries for about a year, but we found the way back together and settled here in Norway. We bought a house in 2013 and in December 2015 I finally bought a horse for me and my daughter to share. He is (of course) an Icelandic. Retired competition horse, but with a very child friendly head on him. He is 19 now. I work full time in a kindergarten so barn time is limited but we make it work and have help from good friends.
  3. let me in!

    Number 3 from the top. He did grow up to be just as you-are-so-ugly-that-you-are-cute as I feared
  4. let me in!

    Oh my... I have Sleipnir as my profile picture. I found him on a "for sale" page just the other day...
  5. let me in!

    I can do it to
  6. The Weiner Factor

    Living between the US and Russia makes me scared of trump. I also think that the US will become a laughing stock in the rest of the world if he is elected and that does not bode well for your foreign politics. I fear that he does not have the diplomacy or "gentle touch" needed when it comes to foreign politics. I am just not ready for WWIII...
  7. Gun Control And Children.

    People here hunt. We have guns in the house. My horse was living next to a shooting range and is perfectly fine with guns going off when my barn owner shoots wild cats. But if the gun is not in your hands it is locked away where children (or others) can not get to it in any way. I think it is mainly a cultural difference in attitude towards guns. I have nothing against them, but I can just not see any reason why someone would be so careless about something so dangerous that they make it possible for a child to reach and use it? My kids know not to drink bleach, I still put it in the top shelf?
  8. Gun Control And Children.

    But you have no issues with kinder eggs being banned for children's safety? If you own a kinder egg the government can take it but you can leave a loaded gun on the kitchen counter and it is an accident if your child shoots another?
  9. Gun Control And Children.

    Everyone agrees that we should put sharp knives, scissors and poisonous detergents away from children, so why not guns?
  10. So now my news feed on fb is overflowing with the "now are they going to ban trucks?" Honestly, I find it respect less to the people who are suffering right now. To make a point out of other people's tragedy like that. I get it, if someone wants to kill someone they are going to find a way, but that isn't what gun control is about stopping. We keep getting news stories here. Stories about children getting hold of loaded weapons and becoming killers. Killing their parent, sibling or friend without understanding what they are doing. That has never happened here. Here, a gun is considered dangerous. If you want one you will have to jump through hoops. If you are a law abiding citizen and pass a test, you can have all the guns you want, after you jump through the hoops, that is. We also have strict laws about how you may keep/store/carry the gun. Children should never be able to get to a gun, period. Do you agree that a restrictive form of gun control could stop these accidents from happening?
  11. The Open War On Women

    Here we have 58 weeks of maternity/paternity leave with 80% salary (payed by the government) or 46 weeks with 100% salary. Maternity leave is not a "reward for having a baby" but a recognition of what is best for the baby. Our government has made our economy so that 90% of families have to have 2 incomes to support themselves (expensive country to live in) and allowing the parents to stay at home the first year is necessary. Kindergartens here do not allow children younger than 11 months old.
  12. I don't know. I don't like the things I am reading here now. I get the feeling that the few of you who are left are a bit sick and tired of each other ???????? I went by the gaited board but it was several months since the last post...
  13. Hi Oz! I sent hubby and kids to Iceland for 3 weeks and I am bored out of this world... so í came here, but this place seems dead now... Í Have never seen a declawed cat, but it sounds just terrible. Albus uses hos claws for everything and pest control is a very important job of his.
  14. It is illegal here, because we are so civilized ????????????
  15. Pictures

    Birk will be 2 on 28th of may! time is rushing by.... now i have to go to bed, it is 01:55 here ;-)