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  1. 2010

    i will call it X
  2. The Pledge Of Allegiance

    I'm in high school- I used to say the pledge for a while just because i was instructed to do so since i was in kindergarten. It became sort of a ritualistic thing to do ever since.... automatic. just this past school year have i stopped placing my hand over my heart and saying it. It's not because i don't respect our war veterans or don't appreciate the life i have here. But after some thought and quite a few conversations with a foreigner i began to look at it differently and was rather creeped out by the sheer robotic-ness that led me to do it all these years. As I had no control over being born an American, I don't particularly pride myself in it. And i guess I just don't like that those words are burned into my brain forever. edit: I am respectful while it's being said, ftr. i just choose not to say it and keep my arms by my side, much like morning prayer. (catholic school...) yeah. I dunno. It's just weird to me now.
  3. Paper Or Plastic?

    Dunno if everywhere does this- but i work at a supermarket, and our "recycling" box for the plastic bags gets dumped into the trash =\
  4. Pics

    i know that ring !!! this is the first year i didnt do the pleasure circuit, haha were you there last year?
  5. Make You Use It?

    i adore makeup. its like my favorite thing [Jump] not everyday... but almost depends where i'm going, who i'll be seeing and such but usually whenever i go out, at least a smidge and then when i get to go somewhere fancy i have so much fun making myself look all pretty i don't wear a ton, but i love my eyeliner. Sometimes i'll put that on if nothing else. love love love.
  6. Overall Fitness For The Rider

    [shocked] theres a way to hide them? xD i get made fun of for mine riding horses that are very heavy in the bridle has definitely given me loads of muscle- mostly biceps and shoulders i guess i'd just go with pushups, as everyone is saying good luck :)
  7. Show Videos + Pix For Critique

    thankyou both very much for your input =] ah yes my knee pinching... hate that. I'll really try to start stretching down through my heel more. What would help this problem? no stirrup work? and my release is usually a bit better than that, i think i took my trainers instructions a bit too seriously- this horse likes your hands low and to the sides of his neck, not a big loopy release (i tend to throw my hands up the neck over jumps, usually giving tooo much of a release) so i think thats why it wasnt so great. Parabola- its strange, i get really scrunchy at shows... i usually look much more relaxed and longer in the leg at home. Maybe its the atmosphere, or me getting tensed up or something. I'll play with my stirrup length a bit and see how it affects me. thanks again =] any suggestions for excercises to help these problems would be great.
  8. So i had an awesome show yesterday, and as has been the teme of the summer i ended up on na horse i hadnt planned on riding. but its ok, cause it worked out really well =] we just did the childrens stuff, so nothing big =] maybe 2'3'' at the most here's our first course, one little chip going into the second diaganol line, but otherwise pretty good i think we got fourth in this one and here's the better course, got second. We mighta won if i had kept my leg on for the four in the second diaganol line xD and here's my flat class, hunter u/s. we won =D ( i understand if you dont watch this video, its a smidge long and rathre boring =] ) and pictures, only two i tend to overexaggerate for the height and jump ahead [surrender] edit to add- my heels could be down more which would hopefully stop my leg from swinging back...
  9. Horse Show Pics

    bumppp anyone?
  10. Horse Show Pics

    quote: Originally posted by eatxsleepxride: Cute horses, in the first pic of you and Tom it seems like you may not have had the best approach to the fence seeing as he is laying hard to one side of the fence instead of coming through the middle. I can't quite tell, but it looks like you are laying on his neck as well instead of sitting up and waiting for him to come to you more. As you already pointed out your un-even stirrups, try to sink down more in your heel and keep your stirrup closer to the ball of your foot. That will really help your leg find the proper position and insure that your heels don't bounce up too much. Overall I think you look nice for not having ridden those horses much or at all, and I'm sorry to hear about the on/off lame horse. Edit to add heels down yeah, the lines weren't exactly as straight as they coulda been and me and tom kept drifting right and left. Thats probably why. plus i have a habit of turning over the jump, probably caused him to lean that way as well. and sitting up! my trainer is always yelling at me to do this xD i always fall foreward and end up laying on the neck i'll try to get my heels down more though, that would probably help thanks!
  11. Horse Show Pics

    light critiques welcome, just keep in mind i've barely ridden Tom (jumped a course on him for the first time on saturday) and i've never ridden georgina me and Tom, icky uneven sitrrups. woops Deep spot/chip, i looked down, luckily georgina was a saint and jumped it anyways. that was the jump tom refused, as well I'm a bit ahead, could use a little more release i think, otherwise decent twisting or something weird cause my left side is all blech. nice expression too xD ] walking pretty. She's got such a gorgeous floaty movement Another just walking, she's so cute =] flat class, elbow in please =P edit to fix img codes, and to say all done =] [ 06-23-2008, 12:27 PM: Message edited by: Kinchy_TB_luver ]
  12. Horse Show Pics

    So, i had a show yesterday... as for ribbons, didn't do so well, but the experience was awesome. It was an interesting day I'm sort of in between horses right now, the horse i used to lease came up lame in february this year and has been sound, not sound, sound, not sound.... so we're still trying to figure that out, cause he's still driftig in and out of lameness. ( vets cant seem to find the problem- they've done just about everything, incluing X-Rays and a bunch of other stuff ) I originally was supposed to be riding this horse Tom- he's an irish thoroughbred gelding, probably in his late teens, so definitely been there- done that kinda thing. He was a freak at first in the warmup, but eventually settled down. And so i took him into my first class... got half way through the course, and i had a feeling something was about to go wrong. I looked down, (stupidstupidstupid) , Tom was unsure, almost jumped then decided to stop. So we tried again, got over it, but halfway around the next corner he halted from the canter and started acting up. And Tom's the kinda horse that when he says "no, I'm done," you just gotta let him be, cause you wont get anything productive out of him. So i exited the ring- Only to see my trainer shortening up the stirrups on her big warmblood mare that i've never ridden in my entire life ( or expected to ride ) I hand Tom off to someone to take him back to the trailer and she gives me a leg up on her mare, Georgina, and we proceed to the warmup ring where she teaches me how to ride and jump this big thing in about 5 or 10 minutes So i ended up riding her all day! She was great- so much fun to ride Our last course of the day was awesome, cause i finally figured out that if i just looked up and stopped worrying, she'd find the distances perfectly. if you read all that, cookie for you =] pics in the next post, my mom took them all so no copyright infringement =] [ 06-23-2008, 01:04 PM: Message edited by: Kinchy_TB_luver ]
  13. Jumping on foot

    i did 3'7'' once ( a loonngggg time ago, like 2005 ) could never get any higher man was i sore the next day. i spent all day building up to that height xD
  14. What Is In Your Purse?

    ahh lets see... cell phone camera learners permit pencil and money, if i need it i travel light [ 06-16-2008, 11:57 AM: Message edited by: Kinchy_TB_luver ]
  15. What Is In Your Purse?

    ahh lets see... cell phone camera learners permit pencil and money, if i need it i travel light [ 06-16-2008, 11:57 AM: Message edited by: Kinchy_TB_luver ]