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  1. 9-11: Inside Job?

    Ya think? That's the only reason she's not been banned. HorseCity needs the web traffic to justify their advertising costs.
  2. 9-11: Inside Job?

    Reported with the suggestion that the individual be banned permanently and threatened to post the screenshot of this topic to the world in general, naming Horsecity as the origination. Yeah, I've had enough of the little, whiny tnuc.
  3. Sam Bacile's "the Muhammad Movie"

    Probably about the same way Neil Roberts' family and friends felt about him being dragged through the streets of Baghdad and hung from that bridge. Yeah, we're really angry, but we also are aware that's often the price we pay for doing what we do. Those who work in those fields are willing to pay that price. The kneejerk reaction is always a visceral primitive reaction, but after that wears off, where's it going to get you? Absolutely nowhere and it even escalates the violence.
  4. 9-11: Inside Job?

    Oh, but Nick, Janek was a SEAL! So, therefore, he knows it all. How about not. He's been out of the teams longer than he was an operator. He knows nothing about current intel and anything that may come out of his mouth would be purely speculation and rumor, just like the idiocy that passes for political commentary these days. (Please election get over with.)
  5. Sam Bacile's "the Muhammad Movie"

    This bears repeating: My theory on why? Because deep down, men fear women because we can outsmart, outlast and outvicious them. They think they're engaging in self preservation. After all, if they outnumber us, that's all that counts, right? *had to put the emo in there since some people take themselves and the rest of the world way too seriously* As for that trailer - what a snooze. I agree the movie was a poor excuse on the part of the muslim extremists. Really poor excuse, can't emphasize that enough.
  6. 9-11: Inside Job?

    Oh, 16, she thinks her sarcasm is witty enough to make me cry and go away. Not so much because she really has so little real life experience that she doesn't get it. It's her passive aggressive way of stomping her feet whilst screaming "you aren't the boss of me," all red faced and whiny. And I say, I'm happy not to have to be the boss of her. Wish I was so young that I thought I knew everything again. I do know that there are some things I wish I didn't and that's why I stated That clearly went over someone's head. Ah youth.
  7. 9-11: Inside Job?

    ^^^ That because I had a *** moment when I read Blondyy's comment. BTW, the second time Bin Laden was in someone's sites, they were denied permission to fire for what could be construed as political reasons. There's something to think about. As to the asinine comment about my statement that I do know for a fact that 911 was not an "inside" job relative to how I know. YOU don't need to know and I really don't give a rat's azz whether you believe me or not. I know what I know.
  8. 9-11: Inside Job?

    THIS is how we decide to honor those who died and those who survived on these boards? Wow, I'm really glad these boards are little more than a small blip on my radar. No it was not an "inside job." You don't need to know how I know.
  9. The stallion seems to be strongly Egyptian, if not SE. About three to four generations back, there is a hint that he is from the Darwan strain which is from what is now Iraq. The Darwan Arabs were very carefully documented by the royal family there. I have a Straight Egyptian from the Darwan strain. He is my first SE. He expresses his opinion in no uncertain terms. However, he is very well behaved, not at all the stereotypical Arab in terms of being "hot" or flighty. He is also very talkative, very verbal, and has a large vocabulary between grunts, moans, calls and grumbles. I've talked to several owners of his half siblings and to people who have owned his sire and the sire's siblings. They all express the same things I've noted above. Addtionally, we've all noted that these horses are great working ranch horses. His grandsire, Windhover Khan, was very well know both on the show circuit and as a working ranch horse. They are great with kids, as well. My gelding is very cowy. I don't know whether that personality runs through the entire Darwan strain or not, though. Although, if I were to get another Arab, I would definitely put another Egyptian at the top of my list. And Welaras? Really? I had a half Arab who was Welsh and Arab when I was a kid. She was registered as a half Arab with the AHR.
  10. The Lying Is Getting Out Of Control

    Outsourcing started in the past 10-15 years? Are you sure about that? In my experience, it started in the late 1960's and early 1970's with US Steel and General Electric leading the charge. So, I don't think congress had a whole lot to do with the outsourcing of jobs. It was all part of the unions' grip on US industry, sadly, since I'm from a strongly union family. Imagine that, my family was strongly union, but two members, Tom Ridge and Bud Dwyer, are vilified by the people who benefited most from the unions and from their representation. After those two big players outsourced, the recession hit Western Pennsylvania and New York like this one has hit Michigan. It's taken two generations for PA to recover and it lost many of my generation to California and Georgia. Further, that opened the door for the exodus of Smith-Corona and IBM. They went to Mexico. So, the apparel manufacturing and electronic industries' departure for other locations is not a new phenomena. The term for it is - outsourcing. It's simply part of the globalization of the world's economies for good and for bad. The recessions, etc., are a result of too many eggs having been placed in one basket. That is human nature. The majority of people are followers.
  11. The Lying Is Getting Out Of Control

    Hate to burst your bubble Trinity, but not one president can take the credit or the blame for the state of the nation, ever. They rely on advisers and experts to provide recommendations. Believe it or not, they rely on input from both sides of the floor.
  12. The Lying Is Getting Out Of Control

    I'm still sensing that TG is not getting the concept and gravity of an attorney lying under oath, let alone the president of the United States. It does not matter what the philanderer lied about, what matters is that he knowingly committed a crime while president. That crime was perjury. I'm the consummate Machiavellian, but one of the prince's golden rules is that although the end justifies the means, make dam sure you don't get caught enroute to the end result. I'm not so certain Machiavelli would have condoned perjuring oneself over the simple act of satisfying a carnal desire either, for that matter. In Clinton's case, he was definitely guilty of felony stupidity while having a mid-life crisis.
  13. Horses 1 Fourwheeler 0

    Wow, what a difference a single letter makes. Must be that her "b" key is stuck or something because the typo happened consistently. I totally get the timber issue except we called that part of the grazing pasturage back home, "The Woods." I hated having to go in there after strays - hated it. I think that's part of the reason my knees started going bad early. My little black gelding and I had "discussions" about which side of a tree we'd go around and he had a diabolical way of getting me back if I won that part of the discussion.
  14. Deworming Horses

    Regardless of whether the horse is currently skinny or sick, the parasite load when killed off can and has caused colic. I know. I'm lucky that my go to gelding is alive because I did exactly what I shouldn't have done. I gave him a full dose of Ivermectin about two weeks after bringing him home from the foster for a now defunct rescue. He'd gained some weight back, but was still about a 3-4 on the BS. I thought he'd be ok. I was wrong. The vet who tubed him at 7 a.m. told me that if I didn't have poop by 3 p.m. to call him and he'd come put him down for me. I learned that one should consult with and follow the vet's direction when dealing with a horse whose healthcare past is unknown nearly at the cost of a very good horse. The point being that regardless of whether the horse in question is sick or otherwise debilitated, there is still a huge risk in fully de-worming it when aware that there has been no preventative care for some time. Once the parasite load on board is killed off -gradually- so as to prevent worm colic, then resistance might occur. Unlikely, but it might.
  15. Horses 1 Fourwheeler 0

    Alright, I'll ask. WTH is "timer?" I've been around cattle operations both in the far eastern side of the midwest and in the inland west and have yet to hear of anything in a pasture or grazing allotment called "timer."