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  1. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Wanted to chime in and say hello to everyone...haven't been on here much for ages. Nice to see the updates on everyone!
  2. What Is Being Rich?

    Rich is only a word! It can be defined in many different someone who is homeless and gets a meal once a day, do they feel like they won the lottery? To someone who loves animals and has a chance to work with them, eve though they won't make much money...does that mean they feel rich? To someone who has family and friends to lean on when times get bad...does that mean they feel a "sparkle" in their heart? ....Being rich is not all about money, it is to coming as close as you can to fulfilling ones dreams! ;)
  3. Stumbled on this topic.... To me humane treatment of an anmial, or any being is to show it the same respect as we expect out of others! Along with food, water, shelter, gentle and assertive handling that is none abusive! Basically...give them the respect to live as good as possible before death, as we all hope for ourselves!
  4. Thanks for the info sisely! The map says to turn on 99. I have no idea, probably get lost a couple of times, lol...that means I'll have to leave a couple of days early!
  5. Hi back equi, yes it has been! Hope you've been well!!! Thanks dondie I may take I40 after all, seems like an easier route. And thanks for the good luck, I don't plan on winning it. Zahara is only 3 years old and I'm not going to push her to her limit, mainly entering to give her the experience. I do plan on winning with her in the future though, lol
  6. Thanks so much for the info ST! I40 is a longer drive than I80, but only a few hours. Never been out that way, so the info helps a lot! It's the extreme cowboy race with Craig Cameron, so definitly need to make sure Zahara gets a good rest the day before. Thanks again! :)
  7. Hi all, Haven't been on for a while, hope everyone is doing well! There is a competition in Anderson, CA that I want to take Zahara to, and really need a resting stop for her and I between MO and CA. The check in is at 7:30 am on June 1, so I'm looking for not only a place between here and CA, but also another close enough to spend the night and get going early that morning. I can compensate for the stay, just really don't think that spending all those hours on the road in one go would be to great for her. Looking to take I 80 or I 40, depending on who would be able to consider letting us stay for a rest.... :)
  8. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    First, I never said not to call the authorities if all else fails! I applaud Itchy for telling her story! It shows strenght on her part for putting herself out there to share her worries with us! She described her version of what she felt! That does not mean what we picture in our heads from her words is what it was like! I know I'm quite anal when it comes to my horses and if I would say:"Oh my gosh, Skippy lost some weight this winter!" If someone else would look at her, they would think I'm nuts as she would look just fine to them! Itchy, round bales are always iffy! You literally have to stick your hand in the middle and pull some hay out, smell it take the sample outside and look at it in good light. Around here we deal with farmers who often don't realize that cattle hay is not quality horse hay. We too had a bad bale of hay last winter (the gal who had her horses here bought it) and no way to get another in at that time. Horses survived, I wasn't happy about it and her and her horses hit the road soon after! But the thing is, sometimes we just have to deal with what comes our way and make the best of it! It's always easy to pick up the phone and call the authorities! Not so easy to actually get involved and ask questions yourself! I have a good idea who called on her, obviously not to hard to figure out!
  9. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

  10. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    a man who leads a solitary life in the mountains, especially an early North American pi
  11. Animal Control Stories....

    Everyone has different experiences. The thing is, you can't just throw people in one pot! For each individual who becomes hostile, there may be a counterpart who doesn't! A person who says:" Oh my gosh, I didn't realize I wasn't doing right by my animal!" People aren't perfect for the most part and sometimes all they need is a little direction. That direction can come from a helping hand or from authorities. Putting myself into someone elses shoes...I'd rather have it come from a helping hand, not guess about who called the AC on me, if that ever happens, but be straight forward with the person who has concerns! Just ASK! And if you did and can ask no more, move on to what you need to do next!
  12. Animal Control Stories....

    Of course I did! Still, you can't base that on everyone! You are doing a lot of good in the BLM program, and I applaud you for that! Thing is..we are not just talking about the BLM, we are talking about abused and neglected animals. All over the country.