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  1. Need Some Ideas.

    Still cant figure out how to post photos.
  2. Need Some Ideas.

    Found it, Will get a sample and send it off Monday. Thanks again.
  3. Need Some Ideas.

    Thanks, I will look into it.
  4. Need Some Ideas.

    Can I do this or do I have to have my vet do it?
  5. Need Some Ideas.

    Thanks Cracker and Beckham, Nope she is not a cribber. She was on bute for about 2 weeks when she was 3 legged lame. Then off it until we tried it this last time. (I'm sure in the past she has had it at ramdom times, but nothing long term). We considered ulcers, but she never went off her feed or hay. The stomach soother and mylanta (I know they cant cure uncers) didnt make any changes in her either. She gets free choice grass hay and 12% sweet feed (during winter months when she is stalled). In the summer and mild weather she is out 24/7. The grass isnt the best but she has access to a round bale in the pasture. She does not appear to be lame in the pasture, but most of the time she and the other mares have their heads in the hay. As for feet, up until she blew the abcess I had her barefoot. She usually has good feet. I will try to figure out how to post the pictures of when she had her blow out. She has not had any blood work done.
  6. Need Some Ideas.

    Hi all, I usually lurk a lot but seldom post, I really hope that someone recognizes something in Soda?s symptoms and can give me some outside ideas. Where to start: Soda is a going on 11 year old (registered) paint mare (no Impressive bloodlines that I can tell). Always been up to date on shots, worming, teeth and feet. She was bred almost 6 years ago and was off work for 2 years. She was healthy I just had a lot of other things going on. When I decided to put her back to work she kept having a mild lameness in her left front foot/leg. She was placed on pasture rest for a month after being checked by the vet, thought she just pulled something. After her month was up she was placed back to work, I noticed that she was still off a little. Had vet out and did nerve blocks and X-Rays but still could not find anything. Kept her lightly working and she would be ok one day and a little off the next. This went on for about 6/8 months until I went out and she was 3 legged lame. Had vet out again, turned out she had an abscess. Treated it with a drawing salve and when I noticed a small blowout thought we were done, WRONG!! The tiny abscess turned into 8 months of soaking and wrapping. She blew out her whole heel bulb and completely lost her frog. When her foot was finally somewhat healthy had the blacksmith out, and he put shoes and pads on her (was barefoot before abscess). Back to work we go. She still has shoes on the front but no longer has the pads. She makes it though the summer with no major problems, even hit a few 4-H shows. Still not moving like I think she should be, but she has been off for a while, and I know it will be some time before she is back in top shape. Things appeared to be going fine until one of my lesson kids tries to ride her and she refuses to move. She starts kicking at her stomach with her back foot and pawing. (I was not at the barn at the time.) I have the girl try to ride her again while I?m there and she does the same thing, we remove the saddle and try bareback and she still will not move. I start thinking that maybe she is having some back pain so I have my chiropractor out to check her. Chiropractor adjusts her left hip and a few places in her neck and shoulder. (Also checked how my saddles fit her). At this point I also start giving her a stomach soother to see if it makes any difference. After all she went through a lot of stress with her foot. I give her a few weeks and do not see any changes. Call vet and she advises me to give her 60cc of Mylanta 1 hour before trying to ride to see if it has any effect on her. Lucky for me Soda loves the Mylanta, although it doesn?t really make a difference in her. Have the chiropractor out again (nothing out) Have the vet out again. She has a less than 1 degree lameness in her front left and a slight weakness in her left rear. We decide to rule out any pain issues and vet has me give her 2 grams of Bute that evening, then 1 gram am and pm the next day and then try to ride her. She gets the Bute that night and the next morning. I go out in the afternoon and we have hives. Huge hives, call the vet and no more Bute. It took a few days for the hives to totally go away. (Soda has been on Bute before with no problems) Decide we are going to treat for EPM. (Taking a shot in the dark) Have blacksmith out to reset shoes, he thinks she was getting ready to bow a tendon. Doesn?t think she is showing any signs of EPM. Cuts her toes short and puts a roll on her shoes to get her to break over better. Give her a week off and try to ride her again. And off she goes like nothing has happened. I decided to hold of on the EPM medication. However I still feel that something is not right. She does not feel the same when I?m riding her (she does not feel as solid). She does not have the pep and vigor that was her norm. She will walk, trot and canter for me but she is very snotty about it. But if one of the kids rides her she will only walk. Brought her in from the pasture Sunday and she had hives again. They were gone most of the way Monday night. Wow, this was a much longer post then I thought it would be. I?m really at my wits end; I want my old Soda back. I hope I answered any questions you might have. Please any ideas you have let me know. I will check back later this afternoon. Thanks again..
  7. Hey Colt Are You Ok?

    Colt, Just sending you some good vibes and lots of [Huggy] to help you face today. I hope all turns out well with your horses & cats. If you need some help let me know, I'm only a few minutes from you. Spotted Sending you good vibes and [Huggy] too.
  8. Hey Colt Are You Ok?

    Happy to hear that Colt is fine. So sorry for the loss of her friends and all the poor horses Sending lots of [Huggy] & [Angel].
  9. Hey Colt Are You Ok?

    This is what is on the western star newspaper web site. LEBANON ? Two people are unaccounted for and 50 to 60 horses were killed in a barn fire at the Warren County Fairgrounds early Saturday, Dec. 5. According to Krista Wyatt, a Lebanon Fire Department captain, the fire was called in at 4:50 a.m., and when firefighters arrived, the roof had already collapsed and the barn was fully involved. Up to 80 horses could have been in the barn, some of them could have been scheduled to be in the parade today, she said. Today is the horse-drawn carriage parade in Lebanon, an event that attracts thousands of people. The barn is a 24/7 operation, Wyatt said, noting that race horses require care around the clock and that it is not unusual for caregivers to be there at all hours. The Ohio State Fire Marshal on scene and going through the rubble of the football-field length barn. Horse owner Natalie Kauffman was at the scene and said she is waiting to find out the fate of 10 of her horses. Check later for updates on this developing story. Staff Writer Ron Alvey contributed to this story. My heart goes out to all the owners. [Me Cry]
  10. Colt just wanted to check that your OK. I was listening to the police scanner at work and they were talking about a barn fire at the track. I cant find anything on the news yet but it sounded bad. OK I just found something on line - it was barn 16 there were 50-60 horses and it burned to the ground. Does anyone know if that was Colts barn?
  11. Hc Trail Ride And Bbq

    I will bring a salt lick for the horses and some ant traps to keep them out of the food.
  12. Hc Trail Ride And Bbq

    I want to come..... I will bring some Steaks and some Apples. [Jump] ( I think I figured it out)
  13. Going To Hospital Today

    Good luck today. Hope all goes well for you. [Huggy] [Huggy]
  14. Well Manes it looks like you are the new thread killer [smiley Wavey]