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  1. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hi guys I thought I'd poke my head in and say "Hi" and give you all a little update. Dan is doing good and hasn't been sick since May. He goes in every three months to have the drain tube replaced for his kidney. As for me, I've decided to sell Star. She is a great horse but just not the right horse for me. She'd make a great horse for a teenage 4H kid. It will rip my heart out but it will be the best for everyone. I will look for a steady eddy gelding after she sells. I can't see not having a horse. She is advertised on Dreamhorse, her registered name is Starks Jack Star if you want to have a look. Meekie- I'm so happy to hear the test results. Fabulous news. Skippa- Love all the pictures of your rides. Kids- I'm so jealous of all your camping trips. But not of the truck trouble. Sheesh. AD- My goodness when do you get any time to yourself? Your always on the move. Shy- The new place sounds great. When you get it all fixed you will have to post some pictures. Spiffy- What a neat looking house. It's too bad someone hasn't bought it up and live in it. My Nova- The boys are getting so big! Bobbin- Chip did so good that day. I think it was our last gasp of good weather though. :angry:
  2. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Skippa, I am so sorry you broke your ankle. I was reading how bad your arms hurt and remembered about these knee walkers I saw at a wheelchair place. They had them for rent too. I bet you could get around better with one of these things. Meekie, Those are some nice looking horses you and your friends have. Are they all walkers? Kids, Oh to be riding, and without a sweat shirt. Sigh. My hubby is getting much better. I know Bobbin had let you all know why I have been busy. We have had horrible weather and not much time to ride. I don't think Star has her feelings hurt though. I think she would rather not have to tote my big behind around through the woods. I will make her do it soon though, I have got to get a break.
  3. You Guys Would Not Believe How In Trouble My Kids Are!

    Red- that little birdie was me. I just couldn't believe anyone would post a picture of that.
  4. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hi all. Yes I'm still kickin. I actually slammed my little toe on the corner of the wall unintentionally. Dang that hurts. I had x-rays and I broke it in two places. It's been hard to be in a good mood so I just haven't felt like chatting. My Dad did have surgery to remove his gallbladder. He is doing well now but still is having trouble with stamina. They found that he had four or five, inch in diameter stones. His gallbladder was so inflamed that it had attached itself to other organs and the surgeon had to scrape it to take it out. We are hoping that this makes him much more comfortable. Sorry Spiffy, I don't have any recent pictures of Star. I hope you are all well and are keeping warm.
  5. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hi all. [smiley Wavey] Skippa- I feel so bad that your friend said that to you. It seems so easy but she is not around your horse every day. You know that there are good days, your friend only hears about the bad. Or maybe she only focuses on the bad. I went through the same thing with Starlette. Even Dan told me to put her down. But he never saw her. He didn't want to go to the barn. he didn't see how happy she was just wandering and grazing. She was happy. You will know when it's time. It's never easy. Hugs to you. Shy- I hope you gets some answers about hubbys tests soon. I hate the waiting. Oh and I'm watching City of Angles right now. Kids, Yellow Rose, Meekie and Skippy- you keep safe on those roads. Dang winter weather driving. I'd hate to hear any of you getting hurt out there. Before Christmas I had the urge to purge the kitchen. I got that done for the most part and now I need to start on my room. That one is harder because there is so much junk I have to get rid of. It will feel so good to get it done. Watching the hoarder shows really gets me in the mood though. At least it's not THAT bad. I just don't want it to get that bad. Yuck!
  6. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Merry Christmas to my internet friends. [smiley Wavey] Stay safe and have a wonderful day.
  7. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hi all. [smiley Wavey] The weather has been poopie here so not much going on. I have all the Christmas shopping done and now I need to wrap it. After a bit of drama we figured out were we are going to spend the day. What's Christmas without a bit of family drama?
  8. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Thanks guys on the compliments. It wasn't all that hard once I figured out how to add them. It was rather fun too. I've been working on cleaning up the yard the last few days. I was waiting on the leaves coming off the trees. For some reason the trees held onto the leaves longer than I've ever seen this year. But I wasn't about to do the job twice or three times, so I waited. I've got some of the lights on the house thanks to Dad. I bought the new LED ones and boy they are bright. It will cost a fraction of what it did to light the old style. Star is a bit goosy too. She couldn't even enjoy a little grazing without focusing on the boogy man in the woods.
  9. Internet Friends Who Ride

    I thought I'd add a couple of pictures and a thank you of sorts. Tanner loves his big ball. It is one of the only things (other than food) that gets him so excited. The thank you is that it was a gift from Bobbin. First he licks it and tries to get the entire thing in his mouth. Then he scoots it between his legs backwards. He passes it back and forth between his front legs as he runs like a Soccer ball. He is a happy boy.
  10. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Hi all. I have been having trouble with HC loading pages. It takes forever and I give up. We have high speed and every other web site works in a flash but HC stinks. I have a bit of time today so I thought I'd go back a couple of pages and try to get caught up. Shy- I'm so so sorry about Ralphie. He was a lucky dog to have you and your hubby as his family. Poor Boo. It sounds like you are having visits from Ralph. He wants to make sure you are OK. Skippa- I hate figuring out what bit to use too. What a pain in the butt. I think someone needs to start a library of sorts for bits. Where you could check out different ones so we don't have to guess and end up buying so many different ones. Sugar is the perfect name for her, she looks so sweet. I love her markings. You have such a great smile. It makes me smile just looking at the pictures. Kids- your always so busy. How do you find time to get anything done? Dang Mattie is still lame? What do you think it might be? Spiffy- that's why we call them Lapradors. Utah- Yippee for flour! Kass and the dogs are so cute. I think your crazy (in a good way) for doing the black Friday thing. But I guess it's because I hate crowds and shopping. So when you mix the two, ugg. Oh BAD dogs! You waited so long for them. Alaska- That little amount of white is so cute on those little baby feet. I hope they can figure out the right treatment for your Dad. MyNova- Blake is so adorable, look at that tight fist he has. His finger tips are turning white. YellowRose- Yeah for kitty feeling better. I'm sure you will be able to keep up with any new growth if it comes back. Meekie- 24 People? I'd sleep for days after that. Bobbin- It looks like everything is tucked in for winter. At least you and your hubby can car pool this year when the weather gets bad. I won't worry about you quite as much.
  11. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hi all. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Nothing, I mean nothing is going on here. It's cold and rainy. This just sums up how we all feel. ( I wish her head didn't look all dorky)
  12. Diesel :-(

    If you don't find it there it may have been on one of the threads you deleted. I'm going to leave this thread. I have more important things to do with my day. I'm glad you are taking responsibility for your actions.
  13. Diesel :-(

    You told us that on the Posse Party. I'm not about to go wade through thousands of pages to find it.
  14. Diesel :-(

    See this is the thing about lying. You told us that they were both gelded September 09 to cover another lie that Diesel was gelded when he had his hernia surgery after you got him. Now your saying they were gelded in June. It makes you very hard to believe because all the while you were saying "I don't lie. Why would I lie" But in fact you were. You insult our intelligence when you lie.
  15. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Skippa- Sugar sounds like a wonderful horse for you. To bad Splash was being a stinker. It doesn't make for a good day for anyone. I think we are in need of a few more pictures of Sugar, she is so pretty.