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  1. Schooling Show

    I'm sure she can wear breeches, just not show clothing, like a jacket and such. I'd wear breaches with some under armor or long johns underneath with boots. A sweater should be fine, but if its windy, bring a few extra layers. The wind chill can get real cold, 38 is balmy IMO, but with wind the temp can easily get below 25. Good luck!! Have fun!!
  2. Need some opinions

    Thanks for the advice! I was thinking of an off property lease, but she is so happy where she is now, and the people that are taking care of her treat her so well, I wouldn't want to move her. I don't show with her, but we do some basic dressage and jumping along with trails, so we're kind of an all-around team .
  3. Need some opinions

    I am a college student. I only live about an hour away from home, but do not go home all that much because of gas prices, etc. My mare is at home because there is no way that I can afford to keep her here on camups, or even at another barn near by. My question is, Do you think that its fair that my horse is at home, not being ridden? Since I've been at school, I've been able to ride her maybe 10 times. Once I'm home for the summer she'll be ridden, but thats only 3 months out of the year that she is ridden consistantly. I have her at some friends house, there is no ring, just trails. This prevents me from leasing her out, because I am not comforable with the idea of someone else trail riding her. I just don't know if I am being fair to her. She is very happy and when I do ride, she is not grumpy at all. I don't know...anyone have any opinions on this?
  4. Its a video of Cinniman!!

    I have not read many of the posts on here, but here is my own personal opinion. I understand what you are trying to achieve with your horse. I do the same sort of thing with my mare with a rope halter. But from what I can see, you are not going about it the correct way. When using a small line like that, you do not want them to do continuous circles like that. Your mare started tuning you out after one circle, hence why she was irritated when you asked her to change directions. The purpose of a short line is to focus more on the placement of their feet and how they cross over, etc. Only circle your mare once at most in one direction, and when you ask her to change, do not do so so ubruptly. Make sure she turns toward you, and crosses over her front feet, not just an awkward turn of her body. When I do use a small line, I just work on getting my mare to respond to my body language, like asking her to move her shoulders or haunches away from me, moving sideways, backing up, and just in general helping her become more aware of where I would like her to be in relation to where I am. I think that you just have the wrong idea as to what to do with a short line like this. Lounging is not the correct way to use it.
  5. Queen of England

    Don't get rid of the royal family!! They produce such fine looking men!! (aka William and Harry )
  6. Daylight saving time, blessing or curse?

    quote: Originally posted by Dreamin': Personally, I get utterly depressed it seems in the winter when it's pitch dark at 4:30. DST doesn't make it dark, but it sure makes me happy when it's light out again! Ditto! I love the fact that they moved it up a month, I hate it even now when it's pitch black at 6pm, and it was even worse when it was that dark at 4pm. On Monday it won't be dark until 7 and that will make me sooooo happy.

    I think any horse that is inbred too much won't have a whole lot going on between their ears. My mare is a QH/Arab cross and she is wicked smart. I've met dumb QH, arabs, saddlebreads, warmbloods, drafts, TB's, and any other breed. I think just some are born with a little more brains than others. There is a horse IQ test out there somewhere, one part is putting the horse on one side of a 50ft fence with open ends and then tempting them with food on the other side. The 'smarter' horse will figure out that they can get around the fence, and the 'dumb' horse will just lean over the fence and try to get the food. Don't know if it works though
  8. Male or Female?

    I've always had all female animals, I love my mare, my doggie Casey was the best dog in the whole world RIP, and my bunny is a girl too. I've always prefered mares, they just seem to have more going on upstairs IMO and I find that fasinating.
  9. Can everyone just take a deep breath?

    Hmm...porkupines, Emma loves them. She thinks they are like little cats or something. And she loves the deer, she'll put her nose down to the ground and follow their trails like a dog.
  10. For the Facebook peeps... (sorta HR)

    HAHA, that was you?? I sent it to one of my friends, and then like a half hour later one of my friends here at school sent it to me...awesome bp. I am wayyy to addicted to that aplication, its a good thing facebook isn't working at the moment.
  11. Facebook NHR

    Sometimes I have problems, but they usually fix themselves after a few minutes. I wish sometimes there were more problems...would keep me off the **** website at least!
  12. Coffee

    quote: Originally posted by ride the hide: I've also heard that coffee consumption at a young age can stunt your growth. That probably happened to me I started drinking coffee when I was about 8 or 9, I just loved the taste of it. But about 4 years ago I noticed that I started shaking uncontrollably after drinking coffee. Now just a few sips of regular coffee is enough to send me shaking for hours. So now I stick to decaf.
  13. That is a great idea! My mare was in a slaughterhouse when she was younger.
  14. Woop! Got my new job organised =D

    That will be a wonderful opportunity for you!! Work hard, learn lots, but most of all HAVE FUN!!
  15. The "tap". Your opinions?

    quote: Originally posted by sappy: Seriously what is cruel is a horse owner that allows their animal to become a nasty rogue beast. . Some people have no choice. I helped train a young colt a few years back and it must have been one of the worst horse expreiences in my life. I knew this colt from birth. In his first week he had attacked 4 different people. He was just born mean. Must have had a chemical imbalance in his brain. Beautiful animal, but pretty much useless because of the way he acted.