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  1. April Battles

    Anyone have her DVDs and what do you think of them?
  2. I've also got a gelding with windpuffs (and this was a vet checked horse) I recently purchased BACKONTRACK wraps ...but it's winter here right now and have to keep them on for 4 to 12hrs a day ..so a little anxious for summer to try this as some state good results with these
  3. Big Sky Minerals

    Anyone familiar with Big Sky Minerals ...??? they have very good testimonials with interesting ingredients
  4. Unsure Of What To Do

    Ok my horse has the seedy toe opened up by a vet ...I've soaked the hoof for 10 days straight am + pm and he has been booted in cavellos 24/7 as he's out 24/7 and it's been 10 days now...I've noticed his heels getting soft and don't llike the color of them ..the vet said I can take the boots off after 10 days but I have rocks and gravel pretty much everywhere...do u think it's safe to take the cavellos off??
  5. Starting To Become Desperate! Pictures & Video

    poor boy...if only they could talk are we sure this wouldn't be an abscess..oops ok he's been lame for a while
  6. Purina Bmz

    I did not know there were supplement out there for sensitive horses..looking into it now ..thanks!
  7. Sole Calous

    thank you for the drawings...all 4 hooves has stretched white line on outside quarters...theres a natural quarter scooping on all lateral quarters and none on the medial side which I find difficult to balance! what do you think causes this..the way he walks?
  8. Sole Calous

    here is a trim I did a yesterday realizing after finishing I had my phone in my pocket so took a couple of pics ..I've been taught to not touch the sole calous which makes sense to me but always had a problem with long toes underun heels..but being on this forum I'm learning to follow the sole that I have to follow the sole all the way around but feel I've done something wrong I've attached pictures of one hoof and will post the other one after both fronts have one cracked heel and white line seperation ..now the quarter area with the seperation is "lower" than the other side and don't quite know what to do with this...??
  9. Who's Your Mentor?

    curious as the methods that influenced you for barefoot trimming?....there's so many ...jaime jackson Pete Ramey.. dr. strausser..gene ovenik??? each having their own method but have the same goals
  10. I'm having such an eye opener with these pictures..something is starting to make a lot of sense to me :)
  11. Can't See The Pictures?

    I seem to be able to see them now..don't know what happened there? thanks
  12. Purina Bmz

    I should also mention I would like to add a vit/min selinium supplement to this but afraid of too much of something
  13. Purina Bmz

  14. Purina Bmz

    ooops trying to attach a pic of his probiotics which do contain copper ..hold on
  15. Purina Bmz

    I should of maybe mentioned his entire day daily - 1 carrot - 30gr probiotics - 20gr kelp - 30gr ground flax seed - 30gr Purina BMZ free choice hay timothy grass mix here is Purina BMZ (analysis attached) incase I missed an ingredient but I don't think so http://www.agripurina.ca/eq/en/horse-feeds/supplements-treats/3547-bmz/index.jsp besides that he gets kelp for minerals ..this contains copper but clueless as if it's enough no selenium(analysis attached) http://www.seaboost.ca/products/seablend-horses.html with this he gets probiotics as clover will be popping out soon and he's always mild laminitic (low coffin bone, white line seperation )