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  1. Texas People #4

    wow qh hope things get better for you poor missy shes just a wanting everything to eat out there poor gal doesnt understand it does her more harm than good. I am doing as good as i can be considering all things have been rough. Both me and husband decided that this will be our one and only kid. Pregnancy has not been good for me. I have had it to the top of the roof. Ive been throwing up blood and my morning sickness unfortunantly has come back. I have had a nasal tube forced down my nose into my throat. My face has swelled up to beyond belief rapidly every so often. i have had a uti for the past month in a half. And the GI doctor beleives i have rawed out my esophogus and made ulcers in my stomach lining. I have an appointment for Nov 1st for them to stick a tube down my throat and see what is causing the blood. But considering our little angel seems to be healthy and on track i would do it for her all over again. Shes been so active the past couple weeks my hubby finally felt her kick and freaked out. And already she is jeolous of my neice. My neice sits on my lap and all you can feel inside is kicks at where she is located at. My nephew has become so attached to me its kinda cute he wont leave my side. Hes spending the summer with us so yay for entertaintment.I got a new guinnea pig friend for Popcorn we named him rooster until we found out that rooster was a rosa. My birthday is tomorrow i will be turning 25. Wont be celebrating it just going to cross plains to meet my mom and pick up some stuff for my nephew. Then we will probably come home and watch movies together. Oh and the baby shower has been set for August 11 th so yay cause after that we will finally be able to buy stuff and put her room together only 13 more weeks till shes here.
  2. Texas People #4

    Prayers for Missy QH
  3. Texas People #4

    Epona sorry to hear about lady shes still with you in heart though. I dont know what i would ever do without munchkin. Ive had her so long id feel like id be loosing my heart =(. Thanks everybody we are soo excited. We decided minnie mouse would be the theme but we got told not to buy anything yet. Apparantly my family is very set with shopping like crazy lol. As soon as I told them they screamed in my ear and mom and sisters all screamed were going shopping. I tried to get ahold of them later and everyone was at the store shopping. Peppy thats what i was telling my husband all cute stuff for girls and hardly anything for boys.
  4. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    ITS A GIRL Shes right on time and doing great. Heartbeat was 171 bpm. Just thought id let yall know. Weve got more calls to make so hope everyone has a great day we decided on the name NATALIE BRIELLE
  5. Texas People #4

    ITS A GIRL Shes right on time and doing great. Heartbeat was 171 bpm. Just thought id let yall know. Weve got more calls to make so hope everyone has a great day
  6. For A Chuckle...

    Oh dear...
  7. Monogramming Options For Saddle Pad

    What about that Burgundy color or the Old Gold (seeing as how you do brown tack). Or you could go with the Navy Blue color since you want Navy Gold Trim on the first one and on the second pad you could just go for the White colored monogram. Keep it simple if that's what you like. And must i say GORGEOUS horse
  8. Kid And Dog!

    Great Job
  9. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    I know what you mean i have food aversions no cravings. Like chicken i thought i wanted chicken last week and made a whole meal surrounding chicken and nope one bite and poof out it came. I had to try three versions of nausea medications one was a Suppositories it was promethazine i was put on that after the tablets weren't working. No since in taking a oral medication for nausea if your nausea is so bad it wont let it stay down. I was also on Zofran which worked well but too expensive. So Promethazine was the generic brand. Mine got so bad i had to be put on I.V.'s twice. Oh another thing they have these acupuncture wrist bands you can buy at like CVS or Walgreen's not sure if Walmart has them but they are said to help relieve the need to vomit from morning sickness.And whatever you do DONT buy the candy that is suppossed to help with nausea it makes it much much more worse. Well for me it did. It was suckers you could suck on to help ease the nausea feeling in my case and some other ppl i talked to it made it worse.
  10. Who Wants Deep Fried Goodies?

    O.K. so i have to ask what is a Zepole Im steering clear of the link because i just might have the stuff to make it and if i do i dont feel like cooking at 11 o'clock at night. But they look like sugar donuts and now my prego self wants donuts
  11. What Say You

    Well thats great that yall are going to both be happy with the trade. But i think 6 is still young.
  12. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    if its really bad i recommend trying the B.R.A.T. diet. B-Bananas R-Rice A-Apples T-Toast i was put on it for a while and it helped out some but its not for everyone. I had H.G. which was so bad i could keep neither liquids or solids down barely got over it like 2 weeks ago and im 21w 4d. Some said take the prenatal pill at night time with a glass of water but shoot i wasn't even able to keep that down. Lets see oatmeal helped some when i was able to keep it down. Toast with a lil jelly was good. Don't eat too much at one time its best if when you do eat its in small portions and you make them count. Don't just eat junk food eat like a veggie (small portion) and see if you can hold that down. Orange juice was good Sprite also. When you wake up in the morning try to have a water bottle by the bed with some saltine crackers eat like 2 crackers and drink a small sip of water and wait before you stand up. I hope you feel better and CONGRATULATIONS
  13. What Say You

    Paso Gelding I say eta: i had a total pregnancy brain fart and had to google pita
  14. How Would You Handle This Situation?

    hmm.. must have read it all wrong then
  15. How Would You Handle This Situation?

    Im not really sure its sexual harassment for all of it considering all hes done is spread rumors. Now on the case where he approached the girl unwillingly that would be considered sexual harrassment. But then again thinking about it Im not sure you can claim sexual harrassment on that case either seing as how its been a while since it took place. Just something to think about.