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  1. So sorry it took me so long to get back to this. Thank you Char for fixing my account and letting me be my old self! Elci, true to form, decided not to be in labor after all. I really, REALLY thought we were about to get busy the other night, but so far nada. I promise baby goat kid pics as soon as I have them. I am guessing trips. "Octogoat" made me giggle!
  2. Old Horseman's Sayings

    Don't squat with your spurs on.
  3. Old Horseman's Sayings

    Four white feet, keep him not a day, Three white feet, send him far away, Two white feet, give him to a friend, One white foot, keep him to the end.
  4. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    LOVE the Sofa King line thread! And the corn cob users union one!
  5. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I'm not even sure what that is supposed to mean, so I think I am just going to back on out of it.
  6. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Ditto this. It wasn't a dig at you by any means.
  7. Gratuitous Goat Baby Pic

    I am a member of the ADGA as well. Before the accident, I was getting more into my dairy goats (I have Saanens as well as the Boers), but now that I am working full time and putting in the lavender, I just don't have time to milk a lot of goats. For that reason, I have refocused on the Boers.
  8. Gratuitous Goat Baby Pic

    I am not familiar with the IBGA other than to know they exist. I am familiar with the ABGA and if I wanted to get heavy into showing, I would probably get affiliated with them. They are ahead of the others WRT sanctioned shows. I kind of find them to be a bit stuffy though. USBGA is a GREAT group of folks and I enjoy interacting with them a lot. I am not really interested in showing myself, so that is where I landed.
  9. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I don't really think you can "do wrong" on the Snappy Sand Bagger pedigree! LOL!
  10. Gratuitous Goat Baby Pic

    Also, at least in Oregon, you can't show a horned kid/got in 4-H or FFA. (At least I believe it is the same in FFA, though I could be wrong about that. My kids do 4-H, but not FFA) That is the best market for kids here.
  11. Gratuitous Goat Baby Pic

    Mine are registered with the USBGA. Benny could be registered with the ABGA as well, since sire and dam were, but I have not done it. I don't keep goats who haven't been disbudded. All of mine are.
  12. Gratuitous Goat Baby Pic

    I have another goat from the Childers lines. My doeling Adele. I bought her last spring, but the farm I bought her from leased her back for the show season, so I didn't bring her home until September. I have a pic of her I will post. She had a VERY successful show season. She won Grand Champion in her breed/age division in both the Deschutes County and the Oregon State fairs, and won Reserve Supreme Female at both fairs as well. The Doe that won Supreme Femaie (best of show)? Bennys dam. I am really excited to see what kind of babies Adele and Benny produce. It is kind of unusual for a doeling under a year old to place so well in the Supreme Female class. Those are more often won by more mature does. When they delivered Adele, they also brought some of her ribbons from the summer. They said that this is about half of them. I'd say she did pretty well!
  13. Gratuitous Goat Baby Pic

    Oh cool! Are you from southern Oregon? Or are they originally from up your way? They are pretty in to Boer goats now. They have some VERY nice ones.
  14. Gratuitous Goat Baby Pic

    The 4th goat down the page in this link is Benny's sire (Capriole's Tap Out) pictured as a yearling.
  15. Gratuitous Goat Baby Pic

    It is really big. Boers are meat goats, and bred to be much heavier bodied than the dairy goats. Sort of like comparing a Jersey to an Angus. Benny is a big boy. I can think of 3 bucks within 20 miles of us that are even bigger though. And those are just the ones I know about. But given that he will still grow for more than a year, I think he is off to a really good start.