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  1. Howelling Coronas First Foals Of 2014

    Thanks so much for your kind remarks, I feel the same way. but of course I am very biased LOL Thanks so much, and yes they are very sweet and curious...and athletic. I am so happy with his foals. They are everything I was hoping they would be and more. LOL with shipped semen......your never too far away LOL
  2. Howelling Coronas First Foals Of 2014

    and here is the proud papa. Howelling Corona this is jasper at a year and a half old. love this boy.
  3. Many of you may know my stallion Howelling Corona, well I would like to introduce two of his fillies. First is a dun out of a dun 17 days old her dam is Doc Olena Isle Bar gorgeous girl shaped just like daddy. Second a gorgeous buckskin filly out of a cremello dam margarita by choice nice them both.Quality. let me know what you think.
  4. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    Thank you so much Eskielvr I wish the same for you as well, health prosperity and wonderful memories to last a lifetime! Sounds like a GREAT plan! I could not agree more. Wonderful plans I will be watching this foals progress closely.....I am counting on you to keep me in the loop! :) I really think this is going to be a very special baby! Hope this year brings you a very special surprise.....healthy happy foaling vibes sent your way! Happy New year!
  5. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    Eskielvr your a lucky woman...that your son rides with you...both of mine do not ride i am the only rider in our family hubby before tieing the knot use to ride with me....since the I do...Nope no more riding I do feel blessed every day, even though there has been a lot of pain oover the last 5 years, lost dad 3 years ago uncle and aunt 2 years ago, another uncle a year after that.....sister had breast cancer surgery thos year, lost our brother to cancer a year ago dec 7th. 2 good friends to cancer in the last year. had to move Jasper mid breeding season because the farm and collection fees were so high no one could afford to breed to finally at the new farm i have made friends and people feel good about breeding and working with these wonderful people and through it all my husband and Jasper have helped me to face such diffeculties with strenght love and acceptance....I am indeed blessed and I am humbled by it. Jasper really enjoyes to be loved on and handled he thrives on contact.....I really do believe in the positive influence of imprinting them at birth!. I am so glad you enjoyed the race video...I hope it turns out to be a filly too. I really think Jasper's true potential in the breeding shed will be as a broodmare sire above all else. I love to see the second gen of HC being born! I am so excited...I do not have grandkids...this is the clossest i think I will ever get. Daughter and her husband do not want kids and fixed it so it wouldnt. Son is not interested in a serious relationship until he gets his career path in order...currently the future is not looking very bright since he can only find part time he is currently roosting back home....We pray that things get better with the economy so his college education opens up opportunities for him...right now not much hiring for teachers going on. Thank you all for your support and encouragement....we are looking forward to seeing this next foal crop and in a few years seeing these youngsters making a name for themselves and their daddy! I actually hope some show their weanlings and yearlings....halter judges are looking more for the working type QH in halter might just be surprised how well they do.
  6. How Do You Feel About Ai?

    Thanks Eskielvr.....he is a stud and knows it LOL The 75 mares I have AIed were over the course of 30 years...many different studs...3 have been from my boy Jasper due this next year 2013....having a very good equine repro vet is key, a shot, a few Ultrasounds for the right follicle another shot and insemmination then lavage and wait for the 15 day check.....a good reproductive vet is worth his/her weight in gold!
  7. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    Thanks again eskielvr....How old is your son?....I know what you mean...I have a son who is not into horses either and a daughter too who is not into them, but both love Jasper......he can melt any heart because as nice as he looks....his temperment and his attitude are the most beautiful things about him....he is a love and so eager to please!
  8. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    Thank you so much Eskielvr....I do love my boy but I am sooooooo Biased LOL
  9. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    Thought you might want to see the baby daddy in a race. enjoy!
  10. How Do You Feel About Ai?

    not all stallions semen ships the same way. some stallions produce much more gel then others which could cause problems with conception rates, some stallions morphology is lower or sperm counts are lower, some stallions may need to have the semen spun down to make the concentration higher per shipment. and some stallions just do not ship well...start off good, but over 12 to 24 hours as cooled semen the morphology circles the drain. Sometimes it is the mare with clearance problems, hormonal problems or breeding conformation problems or even age. But having a well qualified equine reproduction vet is key......worth the money you pay them. I have AIed over 75 mares over the years and all but 4 took on the first insemination....the other 4 took on the second.
  11. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    Do not worry....jasper has very small ears everything should equal out LOL I am really looking forward to this cross i think you are going to have one very nice foal out of this breeding still hoping for a filly so it can get the x-factor large heart gene.....great for endurance! I do have to add I love Lucy....she has substance a gorgeous head and a willing attutude with speed and rate....with jasper i think something special is going to be created by these two very nice horses! Congrates!
  12. Critique This Breeding Qh Stallion

    Thank you all for your kind comments it means so very much. I will be heading over to MD to see my boy this friday will take pictures to share and should have them posted when I get back on Sunday or on Monday. I am already getting calls about breedings......I am so excited! He is enrolled in the AQHA Stallion encentive fund and the APHA Breeders trust. as well as the Speedhorse races and the VGBRA Barrel days futurities and derbies.... we are very excited about this years foal crop...saddly two mares slipped their foals one 6 months along and the other 4 months along....we still do not know we suspect was due to age 23 years old. the other was a 8 year old mare....not sure why that happened but there was an hopefully all the other mares produce healthy good looking and good minded foals. ;)
  13. Colic Surgery Poll - Would You Or Wouldn't You?

    I have had my horse colic and I am a lic. Vet Tech. I have to say I am torn.....I would have to evaluate the animal.....nothing in life is strickly black and white....there is a lot of gray areas. With that said, the decision would be and was based on the age, condition, and type of colic as well as the condition of the animal...all evaluated by tests.....gum color, dryness of the mucus membranes length of time the animal has had the colic, palpation (rectally), Ultrasound imagery, bloodtests etc. if the large intestine has simply flipped over the abdominal supporting ligament (large colon entrapment) which usually does not strangulate the intestine so simply flipping it off the ligament back into position brings instant relief...since no cutting of the intestine is needed adhesions (scar tissue) does not form thus recurrent colics after surgery are unlikely to happen. If it is a strangulating or telescoping type of colic or stone or any colic which requires bowel resection (cutting the bowel open) I would choose euthenasia but for a large intestine entrapment (simple entrapment) like the case of my horse...YES I would/have do/done the surgery. even if it cost 7000. it was worth it to save my 5 year old horse's life and have no regrets.
  14. Critique This Breeding Qh Stallion

    Thanks so much for the compliments it means so much......He is such a sweetheart. such a good disposition you can do anything with him he has always been that way....first time to load on a trailer was when he was 2 years old to go to the trainer (race)...I led him on and he walked on like he had done it a thousand times. First time on his back he acted like hey this is no big deal LOL every new experience he takes it all in stride no fuss no muss, his first foal....same thing, first hoof trim stood like a champ like he has done it many times before...first time ponied....ok no problem never a have to love a good mind on a horse and to pass it onto his foals.yep that is Jasper! I would take a dozen more of him...smarts and looks in the same package....priceless. :)