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  1. Dog people!

    Tennis balls! I get them by the dozen at Wally World! My dog loves them and destroys everything else. The only problem is he seems to lose them.
  2. I thought it might be kind of interesting ...

    I'm retired from the Navy after 20 years and I'm currently a Facilities Technician for a computer chip manufacturer.
  3. Where to find...

    Try these: web page web page web page web page And there are a bunch more out there.
  4. A few Choteau Ranch Rodeo Pics

    quote: Didn't have a printer there but a store here is carrying my DVD of it and also am doing a coffee table photo book.[/QB]Grouchy, I know your not trying to sell them on this board but put me down for a coffee table book. Your photos are the first thing I look for when I come on Being able to sit on my couch and look at them would be great.
  5. What's the best type of companion for a horse?

    I have two llamas and two goats that keep my boy company. The purchase price and the vet care was many times cheaper than getting a second horse. The only bad thing about the goats are they are escape artists! They don't go far but they are very good at getting out!
  6. 650 bales of hay!!

    I have one of those portable carports (yes they are made of very thick tarps) but I bought 4 ground anchors to make sure it doesn't blow away. The anchors are good for over 1000 lbs of holding power each.
  7. Hi everyone so what are your plans for this weekend?

    I'm going camping with my horse for the first time!
  8. A few Choteau Ranch Rodeo Pics

    Grouchy, I've got a Canon Digital Rebel too. I love my camera!
  9. Weeds

    Here's an interesting article with a list of weeds that goats like to eat:
  10. Weeds

    Get some goats. They like to eat weeds. In fact they prefer weeds rather than grass.
  11. What our pets mean to us.....

    My dog Baron means so much to me that I have set up a security system camera so I can check on him via the internet while I am at work. I work nights and he is home with my bird Buddy. Now if I could only get a weather proof camera that worked with my system I could keep an eye on my horse, llamas, and my two new goats.
  12. Fire Updates, a stuck cow and random shots

    I don't think there is a person on thse boards who wouldn't love to go to MT and ride with Grouchy, me included! His posts are the first ones I look for when I log on. Speaking as someone who has one of those boring indoor jobs, keep up the good work and thank you Grouchy!
  13. WOW-Horse trailer on Ebay!! Great deal

    Seems like a nice trailer. In my state we are required to have brakes on both axles.
  14. How far should my fence post be apart?

    Here's a good web site that might help you:
  15. Liability Insurance on Personal Horses

    I have renters insurance with State Farm and my animals are covered under that policy as long as I am using them for personal reasons only.