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  1. Where/When Did You Graduate?

    Blackstone-Millville Regional High School Blackstone, MA June 6th, 2008 "Oh WHAT?" "OH EIGHT!" Go Chargers! Woohoo! And next? Framingham State College Framingham, MA May of 2012 Major in English, minor in secondary education. WOOHOO! Amanda
  2. Time killing websites...

    There's a HC chatroom?! I was unaware of this! I'll have to poke my head in tonight... Thanks for all the suggestions, guys!!! Keep 'em coming! I need as much as I can get for those long, summer days when I manage to wiggle out of work, haha. Amanda
  3. Time killing websites...

    Anyone got any time killing/procrastination websites they love and are addicted to? Already got MySpace, Facebook, HC, Livejournal and obsessively checking my e-mail. Give me stuff to keep me up late at night all during summer break! Amanda
  4. Dog experts feel like giving this a go?

    Hah! Wow! I totally misread you! That has been floating in my mind as of late, and while it is obviously something I don't want to think about, never mind my foster family, it may end up with that anyway. If my foster family doesn't crack down on this dog, with or without my help, he's eventually going to really nail someone and then they're going to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. I *LOVE* Boxers. I'm generally not a fan of the breeds that have faces like that (I call them the Squished Nose Breeds ), but, if I had all the room in the world and enough money to support it all... *dreams!*
  5. Dog experts feel like giving this a go?

    First of all, I am going to do a happy dance because MY post has three pages on it Go me! (me, pathetic? Naaaahhhh....) Second of all, I *have* put down dogs before, multiple times - my aunt had a aggressive German Shepherd that liked to attack the other dogs...put down my riding instructor's ornery old cattle dog when he snapped at my hand. I know it works with dogs who are truly going at me or another animal out of sheer aggression and dominance. It's different with this dog because I feel it is out of fear, and bulldogs are tough little buggers. I'd like to keep my arms ^.~ I haven't put him on the ground yet, and I may try that the next time he goes after my ankles. I am compiling everyone's ideas in a nice little word document for my foster mother, which I'll send to her later tonight. She and I got into a minor fight today (which really reads: Amanda screwed up, tucked her tail, and ran) so we're at odds at the moment, so I'll get back to you at a later date to see what she has in mind. Keep the ideas, coming, though. And keep up the debate (but no getting ugly!!!). Interesting to read! Amanda
  6. Dog experts feel like giving this a go?

    quote: Originally posted by Kina Kat: BTW, you present yourself so maturely! I never would have guessed you were younger than 18. Won't be eighteen until November ^.~ Thanks for the compliment! I hear that a lot, but it still catches me off guard when I hear it! Max does have his simple commands down under *calm* circumstances - sit, down, come, ect. and he executes them well, along with a neat "On the bed!" trick my foster dad has taught him and his pug buddy, Tina. When he starts getting his panties in a wad about something, there's no getting into his rock solid little head!! I personally like and have the leash thing to my foster mother when she approached me with this problem long before I lived with her (she's been a friend since eighth grade), but will bring it to her attention again. It seems most logical at the moment until they decide whether or not to pursue the "let's get a trainer" idea. To Tuck - kind of hard not to get involved when you live with the owners and they are specifically asking for your help ^.~ Otherwise, I would most certainly back out. Bumper: Neurotic doesn't begin to describe this dog. Yes, he is most likely a puppy mill puppy - he came from a pet store (which makes me shudder, but pet store puppies need homes, too!), and has some other neurological issues (occasional minor seizures, and a strange...tic, almost, every once in awhile). Thank you guys so much! I think I knew a little more than I thought I did about the issue because so far, everyone is just reiterating my own thoughts on what to do about it. Either way, it's great to get so much feedback! Oh, and on the Cesar Milan note...I've seen his show, and he seems to have good ideas...but I just plain old don't like him. Something about him, even via the TV, gives me bad vibes.
  7. Dog experts feel like giving this a go?

    That's exactly my reasons for not wanting to punish him. He's technically not my dog, to be honest - he's my foster family's dog. I don't want to see someone get hurt because he's being aggressive. I like Max, but I'm not really in love/attached to the furball, so it's easier for me to get this information for them. I've run some of this past my foster mom, and she's thinking about what she wants to do next. Thanks so much you guys!!!
  8. Okay, so here's our problem. Max is a two year old English Bulldog. He's actually a rather sweet little bugger once he gets to know you - kind of standoffish in the beginning. Anyway, he's also very nervous. He's weird about some inanimate objects (he REALLY hates my helmet), and is generally very submissive. The problem we're having with him (and it's increasing as time goes on) is that when we are moving quickly through the house - rushing, ect. - he decides that attacking our ankles is a great idea. He snarls and goes after whoever is rushing. I'm assuming it's a fear response - we're anxious, and therefore making him anxious and upset. I don't *think* it would be smart to get after him with some sort of punishment, because I have a feeling he might just ramp it up. Also, it's been said that it might just reinforce the behavior, because if he is truly fear attacking/biting, then we're proving to him that he is, indeed, in danger. At the same time, though, this is dangerous and can escalate into something that we might not be able to handle. We've had him go after other people before. Luckily, he hasn't gotten anyone yet, but it's only a matter of time. What can we do? Amanda
  9. What does this look like?

    Hahahahhahaa. Either my mind is waaaaaaay in the gutter, or...well... And the white blotch in the first one is tweaking me out a little bit... Amanda
  10. Delite (Mouse) Due Date!

    Good to see Delite/Mouse. She was always one of my favorites, her and her foals. Will be keeping an eye on this thread and sending [[[HFV]]] to Delite and Hayden! Amanda
  11. Tazzin & Psaint are CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

    Oh my gosh, what an accomplishment!!! GO TEAM PSAINT!!!!!!!!!! Can I also have the link?? Amanda
  12. West Palm Beach, FL HCers?

    Anyone out there in that area? I'm heading down that way tomorrow and am looking for a place to rent a few horses and ride. Anyone know of a place? Amanda
  13. I got my Christmas Wish

    Every single second of this day has been wonderful, even though my mother has had to butt in to try and ruin it (of course). I didn't let her, and it's been amazing. Thank you to all of your *hugs*
  14. I got my Christmas Wish

    I just wanted to share this with the people who sent good thoughts my way last week when all of the stuff was happening. This morning, I had gifts under the tree from my "family". I was in shock, but tickled pink. I would have been happy to just share in the joy as the girls and my "parents" unwrapped their gifts. I got some beautiful things (including the new Harry Potter movie =D!!) My favorite thing from Beth (my "mom") and Vin (my "dad"), though, came after all the unwrapping. I went downstairs to see if they needed any help (and to show off that the clothing fit, haha) and we were just standing around chatting while I scratched Max. All of a sudden Beth wrapped her arms around me and told me how happy she was that I was there. Vinny came over and joined us, and I exclaimed that I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. I thanked them, and we stood like that for a moment. You know, I lived with my aunt and uncle for two years, and they said the same thing to me when I moved in, but I never felt it. It never resonated in my soul. It was never real. When you have two people (including one who hardly knows you - Vinny hadn't ever met me before I moved in) with their arms around you, telling you that they're happy you're here...there is nothing - nothing - more beautiful than that. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope that everyone's has been as happy as mine. Amanda
  15. Colleges...

    Bridgewater College as in Bridgewater State College in MA? I'm applying there too. Great teaching program!